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Homeland Security Memos found Online (from ATSNN)

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posted on Jan, 21 2005 @ 09:50 AM
Ever wondered just what the Homeland Security Office was up to?

Found online, here are Homeland Security morning briefs that, through an error in website security, made their way into the public eye.

The briefings are from September of last year to January of this year. (They contain no classified information but were generally intended to remain secret. )

From what I gather, someone gave Cryptome some of the documents as PDF after having discovered them online, and even after the original website fixed their error, continued to locate and gather up the files by using Google caches.

An article posted on CNN's news site (and from where I found the link) cited them in regards with Canadian/US border cooperation, and the fact that there have been many individuals kept from traveling into the US due to Terrorism concerns.

But here you will find much more than that.

19 January 2005. In response to an inquiry: Cryptome received from A. most of the files below in PDF format, converted them to HTML and published on 17 January. The next day a person pointed out many of these plus a few others were available in Google caches. Cryptome found numerous HTML conversions in the Google caches, although none of the original PDFs were accessible.

The original Google source site, appears to have been withdrawn. This is, was, DoE's "Energy Assurance" site, and many of its Web offerings remain online as cached files.

The cached HTMLs remain available on Google; search on "homeland security operations morning brief" and at the bottom of the search results click on "repeat the search with the omitted results included.

Here's a tally of the PDFs Cryptome received and the Google-cached HTMLs:"

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Most of these are denial of entry events. But I have wondered: just how many incidents DO take place? For all the Yellow Alerts/Orange Alerts etc that's kept us in a state of fear for four years, there seems to be (happily) a little that's actually happened since 911. Is this due to there not being any true continuing threat? Or only because of the deligent efforts of Homeland Security?

With these questions in mind, I found this an intriguing read, if only to get a glimpse into what IS the atmosphere that Homeland Security is dealing with that we know little about.

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