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Western Children need to use their imagination more!!

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posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 02:19 PM

kids these days aren't lacking imagination because they use computers...

You're literally just jealous and upset of a delusional lifestyle that doesn't even really exist on anything but the news.

Your OP is cringey as hell. You literally lacked imagination, those activities are basic freaking activities, so what, you were active? Congratulations on not being fat, that doesn't mean you have imagination.

I took Karate, and you don't see me pointing at that as even the most basic achievement. Teaching myself physics and calculus and crafting rockets and art projects from material I learned on the god-damned internet is an achievement. My business is online because I was born in this generation and I'm very successful from it. I still snowboard and watch movies, does it not count unless I run down the street with a hoop-stick?

posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 05:07 PM

originally posted by: verschickter
a reply to: Freija
Don't get the wrong impression my youth was all about fist fights and brawls.

I didn't and don't get the same mistaken impression about mine. I've never been in a fight in my life or hit anyone ever in anger except my ex-husband one time about twenty-five years ago that I still feel bad about even though he barely felt it and even that came out of his playful teasing, holding me down and tickling and pinching me until I couldn't breathe that all went too far. He was 6'3" to my 5'7", 60 or 70 pounds heavier and 10x stronger so I didn't do much damage. I slugged him square in the chest with a fist as hard as I could that barely got his attention and he laughed the whole thing off as fun and playful. That's the only time I've ever been pushed to violence or felt rage against anyone.

As a child, I was a continuous target of bullying and physical assault with two standout episodes in the in the 4th and 10th grades. One caused my family to move out of state and sent me to psychiatrists and the second put me in the hospital and had the cops involved. Both were homo/trans phobic attacks by gangs of boys because I was somewhere in-between genders at the time and that didn't go over too well when I was growing up.

Talk about picking on the weakest kid possible (or a girl) so your code of ethics seems like a fantasy to me. Things got better as I got older but didn't really let up until my senior year but by then, I was like 90% a girl socially and in appearance and it was no longer cool to mess with me physically except for some occasional rude pushing and shoving by insecure jock types and constantly having my books knocked to the ground which I'm convinced turned into a school sport. I came out of all this okay but it took me a long time to trust or feel comfortable and safe around men but I finally got over that too. Ah yes, "the good ol' days". /s

Seems we`re of the same age if you were around 10 years old, in 69.

I'm about five years older than you.

I don't shake my head at the kids, you take me to seriously. In the end, the parents (the generation we parented) are to blame, not the kids, because they raise them.
And we raised those parents...

I think you're giving parents far too much credit or blame. They only contribute so much and when society and culture changes so rapidly and so radically, whose fault is that? We don't live in the same world we used to and can't expect our children to have the same experiences.

I see it also as a local thing. We were into kickboxing so we had our place to let of the steam and thatś where the idea came from. In order to "protect the weaker", there have to be bad apples, by logic...

Sounds like some machismo crap which is fine and noble but we've obviously had some very different experiences.

I am also not entertaining the idea that beating us in school and at home is the right thing to to.
"Beating" some "sense" into one does simply not work.

Well, I never advocated for such things either. In my day, bullying and getting your ass kicked was considered normal and a healthy part of character building. Yes, it did make me tough and turned me into a survivor but not without scars, both physical and mental and it just doesn't work that way anymore. I did say that a little adversity does help build character and strength but noted that even these ideas seem old-fashioned in today's world.

posted on Sep, 4 2016 @ 07:57 AM
a reply to: Freija

I think you're giving parents far too much credit or blame. They only contribute so much and when society and culture changes so rapidly and so radically, whose fault is that?

Of course it´s mainly the parents fault. We as adults make up the greatest part of society and culture, the kids to a smaller degree, too. I don´t "blame" anyone alone on it. Of course they make up their own mind and will not always share the same views as their parents and that´s good. But we as parents have to give them a perspective on life.
At best, different perspectives.

Let me tell you a story about a boy who had no father because he bailed, mother did not care and if there was something to eat it was processed food. This happened years ago. When he got together with my wife´s sister and we invited them over to a dinner, he said he never ate so good in his life. That it was actually the first time someone cooked for him. With cooking he ment cooking, not tossing something into the microwave or mixing together water and powder.

He was 24 years old and because of the sugary stuff and bad mouth hygenie, had his 3rd teeth already. He never learned how to greet (he just looks away when he gives you the hand) and can´t get anything done to the end, because no one teached it to him. They were almost always alone and guess what, the TV parented them.
I could go on with some more cases I personally know. Believe me, it IS mainly the parents fault.

Sounds like some machismo crap which is fine and noble but we've obviously had some very different experiences.

I myself was always pushed as a child, I was schooled 5 1/2 years old because my parents wanted it that way. Guess who was the weakest in class? Regardless what I acomplished, it was never enough! I was called names by my father I would not dare to write here. I was beaten up for no reason and my little sister was a professional, in construing a situation where I would get a beat up, just for her laughs. You know what he used to say?
"A punch on the back of the head, gives you a greater horizont" (translated).

So, if you have read my posts before and are still with me now...
I ask you again, if you see my reasons for being the way I am as "machismo" as you paint me.
Are you still thinking I blame the parents to much?

Where does it come from...
...that I care so much what others think about me?
...that I can´t look away when others are in the same situation?

Although I know the reasons since some years, it´s very hard to change yourself. This is my point, I hope I wrote it in an understandable way.

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