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Librarian and his books

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posted on Sep, 1 2016 @ 12:19 PM
There was once a librarian in a majestic library in a faraway land. He sought no fame nor fortune, and only but a few things put him to shame, most likely cause he never cared for what anyone else thought of him.. Rounded glasses, and a boat tie. Simple chinos in vast colors touching above his ankle with the blazer on top.. It was him somehow, maybe he looked kinda funny.. He was a nice person, with a good heart, but with a strong will that bowed for no one.
Most questions he was asked where mostly;" Where does this book lie?" And he pointed it out.. And they headed in the right way, they didnt need more direction.. Their own sense of heart and soul, provided them with answers no one really needed to be told..
Follow your heart was the lesson the librarian told on this day..

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