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Wickr, Mr Robot and the CryptoWars 2.0

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posted on Aug, 31 2016 @ 07:11 PM
There are many solutions when it comes to needing a secure way to talk to friends and family. For most people we just want our words to be our business and not just easily swept up by Global Surveillance Systems.

You may have seen the recent Mr Robot episode were the 2 characters use a crypto app to communicate with one another in a very secure way. Once again the people behind Mr Robot have shown solid technology and solutions, used in the real world today.

There is one application that so far has been found to be a great way to communicate with friends. This application is called “Wickr”.

Wickr is easy to use and to setup. If you combine Wickr with a VPN service, you will have a much more secure and anonymous connection to your friends and family. Using VPN's that have no logs is the best way to go.

The Software is available for all platforms and has been described in a leaked DHS document to be one of the few programs that create an anonymous message transport because of its End-to-End encryption and its ability to never store information outside of the users device. All information that traverses the network is highly encrypted and also has the ability to self destruct given a set time frame.
Image below is a screen shot of the doc area that explains there Wickr assessment.
You can read the very informative document in full here provided by the Intercept vert-messaging-apps/

Specifications for the software

*Wickr username, application ID and device ID are cryptographically hashed with multiple rounds of salted SHA256;
*Data at rest and in transit is encrypted with AES256;
*As part of Perfect Forward Secrecy, each message has a new encryption key that is deleted as soon as message is decrypted;
*Message encryption keys are encrypted with a key produced using ECDHE;
*Messages are bound to both the receiver’s application and device;
*No password or password hashes ever leave user device;
*All user content is forensically wiped from the device after it expires;
*Your UDID (Unique Device Identifier) is never uploaded to our servers so you are always anonymous to us;
*Wickr’s Secure Shredder forensically erases all deleted data on your device so it cannot be recovered;
*All user communications are cleared of any metadata.
~ Confirm Wickr's Privacy by reading there statement to law enforcement below


There is a huge amount of demonizing going on right now by the powers that be about covert messaging apps and all of it is pure BS. Read the intercepts take on this.

The Big Secret That Makes the FBI’s Anti-Encryption Campaign a Big Lie

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posted on Aug, 31 2016 @ 08:59 PM
AFAIK, Wickr still has some problems not least of which is that they haven't documented how users' identities are verfied by other users. The problem here is that the app might be vulnerable to MITM attacks. I believe Signal gets a better rating from the EFF for that reason and because Signal's code is open source — essentially Wickr is something of a black box technology — and that's worrisome in light of some of the bugs that have been caught like unencrypted passwords found in memory not only after the user had authenticated (to the app) but after the app was closed.

posted on Sep, 1 2016 @ 06:07 AM
There is no perfect encryption system, you need proper trust and thats very hard to establish and lets not forget that if we can exchange enough information to securely establish both sets of identity securely then we'd use that route.

As said above both the fact its possible to use MITM and the source codes not available to have a look over both are a worry as is the fact that by now i'd expect a visit or two from the spooks to make requests with NSL's or whatever their government uses.

posted on Sep, 1 2016 @ 08:14 PM
Yes what you both have said is accurate and may be occurring. The main reason for the thread was to give people an introduction into the world of CryptoApps to allowing them to understand how things work and to lean more. Thank you in your response for it is helping in this process.

Yes it is true, MITM is always a real question and auditing the code is paramount.
This example is mainly unique because of the attention it got from the DHS and that it is easy to get the hang of for people to experiment with. The security features also provide a good entry into secure message drops.
It is always best to send all text over the wire in PGP/GPG form as to create another layer of strong encryption, for secure read of the data or information.
Also when using any type of security or anon type application, or network platform, it is always good practice to place a Log-less VPN service that you trust. Trust only thought testing and security audits from community members and from the corp between you and the type of technology at play.

Did you guys get a chance to read the going dark doc from this thread? If so whats your take on it?

I See the link for the image showing the assessment has been removed. To read the DHS's assessments of Wickr and all of the other popular, crypto messaging apps go to page 8 in the going dark document from this tread.
On Wickr : encrypt0rdie
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posted on Sep, 1 2016 @ 08:32 PM
a reply to: 3ncrypt0Rdie
The Working Intercept link for the Document about covert messaging applications is located here.
Going Dark Covert Message

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posted on Mar, 17 2017 @ 02:11 PM
a reply to: 3ncrypt0Rdie

This is maintenance for the thread some links needed to be replaced with working links and new updated information posted.

Going Dark Covert Messaging Apps Scroll down to page 8 for program features and comparison from the DHS

View or Download here (backup link): going-dark-covert-messaging-apps.pdf

Update: Law Enforcement Guidelines (updated)

We will always notify you of any third party requests for your information unless legally unable to do so. We require a subpoena before handing over the contents of your communication, however, because of the nature of our technology, the contents of your communication will be undecipherable if obtained.

UPDATE 2/15/17 Wickr, the encrypted messaging app, finally goes open source -source/

Always to remember to 3NCRYPT0RD1E
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posted on Mar, 17 2017 @ 07:07 PM
This is quite the software you can setup a user account ahead of time for friends or family and not login to it for very long periods of time, until needed.

This App works very well across many encryption and anonymity networks. ATS users can secure there communications using this application opening a secure channel, that uses very secure technology to encrypt your messages for your family and friends to receive.

I recommend this because it is simple to use and will give anyone using it a good degree confidence in authentic digital messaging.

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