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Porpoises flee killer Dolphines

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posted on Jan, 21 2005 @ 02:41 AM
Okay, It appears there is allot of speculation as to why this is occuring, you can read more it of it here...

Allot of strange things are going on through out the world,Whales/Squids/ beaching them selfs...whats next?
I have no clue, however to many of these events in a short period of time.
Any thoughts that could explain why?... right now it's a guess

posted on Jan, 21 2005 @ 10:20 AM
Dolphins, tho 'cute', are carnivorous mammals. As such, they should not be expected to not kill stuff.

Ever seen a pod of migrant orca on the prowl? There was a documentary about orcas on some wildlife channel not to long ago. Part of it showed a pod of these transient orcas hunting. They came upon a mother whale and its calf. They gave chase and surrounded it. The calf and mother maintained close proximity, not leavinga gap between them. The orcas started to force themselves between the mother and small calf. Eventually they seperated. The process took a long long time. The mother, unable to do anything once they were seperated, swam off, abandoning the calf. The exhasted calf faced the orcas along. They attacked, by trying to drown it. They'd rush and push out of the water in gangs jumping onto it, pushing it under the water. THis too went on for a long period of time. The impacts and shoving and drowning attemps started to result in blood loss, lots. Finally, the calf was suffocated/drowned.

The result? The orcas ate the tounge and the flesh of the lower jaw. Nothing else.

They were't doing it out of hunger. They were showing their killer pups how to attack and keeping up their own skills.

Violent little beasts no?

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