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The irony.

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posted on Aug, 31 2016 @ 02:43 AM
Before anyone replies, I expect them to read the full post, please. Because that was part of the reason, why it so many people got me wrong. Some may have participated in a thread yesterday, about me helping a friend on YT.

It escalated pretty quick, at the end, I/We were called "asshole", "judas", "stalker", "the worst"....
This could have been avoided partly by me. I should have worded my post the other way and be more careful, with the translations that google gave me. One of the first sentences of the thread was:

"....I don´t want to be responsible for the #storm"
If people got the idea, I posted this topic on ATS, because I want YOU to start a #storm, then it was misunderstood. The reason why I wrote this was to give an explanation, why I will be very sparse with informations about the incident.

Now here is what happened, I hope this time people take time to read and keep in mind I have to translate everything. Some verbs might have a different usage, in terms of how heavy one is "maltreated", what translates to "misshandelt" in german. That also translates back to "rape". So I hope you get my point and keep that in mind when you read the following.

A friend got offended stalked,maltreated,harassed by a young girl and she also made death threats. He had videos on his YT-account where one could see street signs. He also has kids, but not on video on the channel. She followed him around making serious threats. He decided to go to the police because he really feared her. If you would be able to read, what she wrote, none of you would have reacted like you did. But I could not post to much information to protect her (since I know #storming is a crime, duh!).

In his desperate, he called me up and asked me for help ("look into your email"), if I can find out who she is, because he decided contacting the police. He asked me if I can find out a little bit about her, so he actually has more in his hands but a screenshot from youtube. The idea was he would be taken more seriously, then. I, myself, I know the offical procedure with IP, ISP and so on. I know it but the above was the reason.

So I did a quick google search, with the informations she slipped in the comments. It was an instant hit because the company, she´s going to work for put it on their website, with name and picture. The same zip code that was visible on the website, showed up in a result down the page with her last name. A really unique one. After clicking on the result, it redirected me to a online telephone book where all her relatives. That´s how I got my informations, I did not even went to the second page because I had enough.

Now, the irony, I am the stalker now? When all I did was a google search? It was clear from the beginning that he would go to the police. I realized later, when a member wrote it, that some got the idea he would hunt her down. Yes, that´s the only thing I can understand the critics.

But now let´s get to the POINT of this thread.
The point was to show that, regardless if you´re sitting behind a screen, when you stalk and harass someone, it´s a crime.

-Now a member wrote: What if she stole the identity?
My answer: What difference does it make? The police will sort it out and if she really got victim of identity theft, the issue will be cleared, also in favor of the girl, who´s identity would have been stolen, then.

-Some members came along the line "there is a block and report function on YT".
My answer: Yes there is, I don´t know if my friend knows this. What difference would it make? YT will delete her account and the posts with all the evidence. She will make another account and start all over OR make her threats come true, silent.

-Some said we should "man up".
My answer: Due to the circumstances that I only later revealed the threats, when I realized people get it all wrong, I can understand the reaction somehow.

-Some said it´s a crime, what I was doing:
The polices answer: No, using a search machine is not a crime. Collecting informations is not a crime. Using the information to harm her, that would be a crime.

What shocks me a little bit was that many members on this thread, were fine with the idea that you can do what you want to others, because it´s the internet. If you harass one to that extend, I give a # about the medium it´s delivered. Because in the end, I was the bad guy, and the girl was given absolution. WTF.

He went to the police, filed the "complain" (you know what I mean). He brought up the printed stuff I sent him. They appreciated the work but said the screenshots would have been enough. We were not sure about that, so we made sure we have "something".

Very much was lost in translation. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
edit on 31-8-2016 by verschickter because: paragraphs fixed.

posted on Aug, 31 2016 @ 02:58 AM
There is always two side of a coin, and usually its one side who takes pride to another level.
It escalated cause someone imagined a scenario..

Nowadays i do like this;" Whatever you believe, think feel, is up to you.. What you do is another thing "

posted on Aug, 31 2016 @ 04:52 AM
a reply to: verschickter

Link to original thread please, the one you mention in this rant. I missed it and need the context to understand this one



posted on Aug, 31 2016 @ 05:19 AM
a reply to: corblimeyguvnor
The thread got deleted after it escalated, while I was typing responses to the most ugly comments, but I wanted to make the above clear, that I´m not a stalker or "doxxer". Around ten members were in the thread bashing on me. Some more might have seen it, judging by the amount stars some comments got.

One or two members got my point, the rest totally misunderstood me and spinned it on me.

posted on Aug, 31 2016 @ 06:39 AM
The ironing. . I bloody hate it too..

Oh.. that's not what you meant, I didn't read the post but now I have, I remember you.. your the stalker guy.

just joking.. who gives a sh!t.. no one will even remember you in a week.

posted on Aug, 31 2016 @ 10:45 AM
I'm sorry that it escalated yesterday, as I was responding to your last comment to me, I noticed the thread got 404'd.

I think it was nice that you made a PSA about being careful what you put on the internet, but as I said yesterday I could see, based on the wording, why some people assumed you and your friend had other intentions.

It could have came off as a vague threat, etc...

But if you were just trying to help your friend gather information for a potential police case, then you did nothing too creepy or even illegal.

Sometimes its a lost in translation thing.

Hope you're having a better day.


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