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Hi ATSizens. Whatcha doing?

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posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 01:34 PM
Quite a lot going on lately, so I thought I ask: how are you?
Doing okay? I struggle a bit lately. Feel like I am waiting for "it" to happen quite a while now. Funny thing is that I couldn't even tell what "it" could be.
The Damocles sword just keeps hanging.

I know it's incredible stupid, but gawd I'd love for a huge game changer to just zapp in and boom, we finally find out the truth, about what UFOs really are, even if all those strange zigzagging lights turn out to be natural phenomena like the Hessdalen Lights.
Or to really crack the speed of light. Or time travelling.
I don't know maybe it's a social shift or whatever.
My guts just tell me something is in the air, but I truly can't sniff out what. Can you?
While at the same time I'm a bit overwhelmed by what actually does happen. Refugees, BLM, the craziest election ever, Turkey Coup, Syria, Brexit... But none of that is "it", right?

If I could wish for what "it" should be, it would be a huge UFO fleet, one that ironically brings democracy to all of the world. Enforce elections about content, not people. Because I somehow still believe, We The People would make the right decisions, despite of what media tells me.
We just don't care as much anymore, because nobody listens to us.

How about you? Do you still have a dream?
I do. Equality, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness will one day be more than just ideals.
Even if you probably couldn't find two people agreeing on what "happiness" is. But that is the point, right?
Individuals vs Zombies.
Finally living without a mask of conformity.

Me for example I am utterly bored by most "entertainment", free time activities, social media. I am a dreamer, I paint, I write, play guitar, yet I am very jealous about it, I don't want to share it, expose it to the eyes of strangers.
Which is funny, because at the same time, we are never alone.

Due to certain events I feel we are all having our own guardian trolls following us wherever we go, knowing everything we think. Some call them angels, ancestors, spirits... doesn't matter, right, they're here for us. A part of us. Wouldn't it be lovely if the awakening would be us realising our true potential through them? Achieving a real symbiotic relationship with the other?
Apart from all dogma and ancient fiction.

Yeah I know I went all over the place with this OP. But that's because I am genuinely interested in what is important to you? How are you coping with life, love and other catastrophes? What's going on in your life?
Not specifics of course just in general, how do you feel?
Whatcha doing?

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 01:39 PM
link sound like a real gem.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 01:50 PM

originally posted by: Peeple
How are you coping with life, love and other catastrophes? What's going on in your life?
Not specifics of course just in general, how do you feel?
Whatcha doing?

Lost my best mate and working partner 3 months ago, been finding solace through intimacy with female friends who also loved him deeply. Been escaping in parties and intoxication, only working enough to pay to play because even work reminds my of my loss.
Went to a minor injury unit at a local hospital today after having something in my eye causing irritation since last week, kept me awake all last night as eye baths didn't shift it. Got treated, foreign body removed and now my right eye has stopped it's 24hr tears of physical damage....curse the socialist healthcare system though, bastards, I only waited 15 minutes to be treated and they didn't ask me for any money after the 40 minutes or so they worked on my eye...Bastards! Why the # should taxes pay for me to be fixed, or anyone else?!

They should have charged me £100 at least for that, evil socialist NHS!

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 01:57 PM
Feeling decent I guess.

A game changer would be nice! Living through threat of fear is no way to live (fear of: being poor, being employed, being like the "in crowd", imminent war, environmental collapse, the spooky foreigners, my own government, lone wolfs, being labeled a 'racist', etc.)

There have been so little announcement in the field of technology that I am starting to wonder... is something going on? Like there is a time table for when those announcements will be made.

Any of the following will be welcome: room temperature superconductor, nuclear fusion reactor, "anti-gravity" (in quotes, as it is more like "not allowing gravity to form" than making an opposite force), quantum computing, and, yeah, UFO/aliens.

We really need to be more like Star Trek--true visionary there (Roddenberry). Nuclear fusion restarts everything. Everything will run on electricity. We will go to the stars. I figure if we go to the stars there is no need to fight over where your dead prophet walked anymore.

Get me off this rock! Willing to peel potatoes or make coffee. Heck, scrub toilets with my laser wand!

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 02:00 PM
a reply to: grainofsand

Sorry for your loss. And also sorry for not having more to offer than this platitude.

Is your NHS rant expression of "self-destructive" feelings you're experiencing?
I know from my self how life changing experiences can really mess up ones mind.
You loved him, he knows that even if he is gone now. Which makes him a part of you. Treat yourself well, for him.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 02:07 PM
I'm fine. Killing time at a Barnes & Noble before I have to go play mom taxi. Our home is so far north there's no point driving back there after I'm off work, so I come here and spend time writing ... or I`m supposed to be. I need to do some polish work and that's best achieved on my desktop not this tablet with its micro-keyboard which is far too easy to fat-foinger on.

So I'm playing forum games today and getting ready to go over and pick up the kiddo.
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posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 02:07 PM

You're so adorable.

Will we live to see a bright new future? Like you said all the fears are pretty crippling. Do you think we can unite as a species without revolution? Will maybe this environmental collapse be the big wake up call?
I somehow think, we won't. Sad as it is, but it looks like we are splitting up more and more. Building walls and other stupid things.

What do you think could be going on? Technology wise?

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 02:13 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

Ha, I always thought you're a guy?!

A writer and a mom? That's pretty cool. Seems like you're lucky, having someone who needs you, that's what we ladies need, right?
I am thinking about getting rats, just so I can build them the nicest cage and cook healthy stuff for them...
Yeah I know: I'm pathetic. But just for myself it's just all so overwhelmingly pointless.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 02:15 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Waiting for the other shoe to drop... I liked your Damocles Sword reference, seemed appropriate.

I'm doing well, thanks for asking. Also ready for the next "chapter" and some positive change. There is still so much to be determined, but I think the next couple of months will be telling. I hope I live long enough to make a big impact in this world and help the "underdogs" or people who don't have the resources or opportunity to rise about their circumstances. My #1 goal in life is to leave a positive legacy behind and to change lives for the better while I'm here. I feel like I've done this to a certain extent, but I want to help a lot more people. I see so many people struggling every single day. I feel that I am in a position to be able to make a difference, and that's what I'm trying to do

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 02:21 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Ah I was just 'tongue in cheek' taking the piss that evil socialist healthcare fixed me again, this being ATS n all!
Thanks for the gentle words, I'm getting into a better place in my psyche...and you know what, an ATS member has been the best help for me because she was not in the social grief bubble I've been in so her words have all been selfless without me needing to offer support back.

Everyone in my social circles was affected, it was sudden, tragic, and involved days of searching by my wide group of friends before we found a body to mourn.
ATS is more social than we realise sometimes

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 02:30 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Aside from a cold and some memories coming and going time to time causing minor pains at the heart(oh, but not much at all!) I would have to say things are going well. In college studying, well studying something it seems so difficult to decide on a future despite having that future decided already. Though that future may just be a dream; to get married in a church(despite not being religious) to a girl/woman(I imagine her with dark hair and like heavy metal as I), having three children within the decade and eventually coming to own a house and a big yard. Just a fantasy.

Ah, but life is beautiful I think despite any amount of failures we must all rise up to the challenge and recognize the joy in life.

Thanks for asking

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 02:31 PM
a reply to: FamCore

And if not the next couple of months, than there is still hope for the next couple of years, centuries....
I am just paralysed a bit, by all of it, impatient, all those nagging feelings. I just want it all and I want it now, but nothing happens. Or at least nothing alleviative.

Funny part is I admire people like you, but all I do is complain. In theory I know every single person you can help is already making a big difference, but I just don't. I would want something big, you know, global. It's silly and actually exactly what is paralysing me. I just wasn't able to make the step from realising the problem to overcoming it, yet.
I hope yet.

I love people rooting for the underdog. I wish you all the best for your endeavours. Hopefully I'll get my ass up and join your "team of helpers" soon.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 02:39 PM
a reply to: grainofsand

Happy to read that.

a reply to: ksiezyc

Oh gosh do I feel old reading that. May all your dreams come true, even better than you imagine it.
Funny thing is that never changes, or ends, the "deciding for the future". As long as you live.
I imagine even close to retirement you will have to decide how you want to shape that phase of your life.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 02:39 PM
Kind of a tough situation all around..

Speaking on technology, I've begun to truly understand the wisdom of withholding further levels from the mass market and general public. However, I don't see a corresponding effort to bring our people to the point where such things wouldn't be so destructive. Quite the opposite, sadly.

So, I've been moving towards items that may not be as impactful, but can still be fun and ideally, generate some kind of income. Health issues make it difficult, but I no longer have such a weight on my shoulders and that is somewhat refreshing. In a sense, it has shifted to my heart, but that's not too bad.

I don't think changes, big changes, can happen without revolution inherently. But, revolution doesn't always include violence. Perhaps witnessing a massive shift in our maturity without violence will be the best indicator that actual growth is occuring. As it stands now, I just see more of the same with slightly different labels.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 02:43 PM
a reply to: Peeple

I am sure you are not old at all! I am sure something good will come to be, now whether it is what I now dream or something else is left to be seen.

I'm not sure what it is that most people do after retiring. Depends on the situation, the money saved, the pension, but overall I am unaware.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 03:01 PM
a reply to: Peeple

The three pillars of nuclear fusion are the following: nuclear fusion (duh), power storage, and probably power transmission. Storage and fusion go hand in hand. You turn on a fusion device and it generating electricity every second of the day and right now usage is cyclic. So you balance load until there is a need and it can be put on the power grid.

The news about all these technologies has dropped off. I mean really… nothing. Almost like TPTB said “Too soon!” Maybe it is all politics. But it is not just news here in the US. Australia is far ahead of the US on power storage and no news from there either. So I do not know what is happening. I do know a couple fusion reactors are shut down for upgrades. I know the graphene battery will not happen until next year. It really seems that next year is the year. But that shouldn’t mean “stop releasing updates.”

Twiddling thumbs until next year I guess. Oh, and working on soul (empathy, forgiveness, blind rage, you know, the normal stuff!)

Yes, we should see this start. It will be chaos to those that do not know what an isotope is and the fat cows thinking their wealth is safe. We are already seeing the death of oil start. And that is because They told each other nuclear fusion is coming. But they forgot to tell us.
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posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 03:04 PM
a reply to: ksiezyc

Haha no what I meant is life is always changing, there's no point where you can say "goal achieved" and that's it.
I am currently waiting for school to start next spring go full nerd and become a programmer.
2nd carrier because the 1st was overwhelmingly boring, lots of money can't compensate that.
So just chill you'll be good, even if the decision is not the best, the next is just around the corner and then the next...

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 03:12 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Well yes it is changing, but arguably retirement is the very moment when you can say "goal achieved" because that is when the individual rests. Of course resting is not necessarily resting, but not working for money, but instead around the house or whatnot.

Programming, a great field, but not one I could get into due to my lack of knowledge in the sciences. What was your first career if you don't mind my asking?

Yes yes, we fall and we fail and we do the wrong thing, but we will always get up to try again.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 03:12 PM
a reply to: Peeple

If I could wish for what "it" should be, it would be a huge UFO fleet, one that ironically brings democracy to all of the world. Enforce elections about content, not people.

Enforcing their will on us won't work either. Thats what we got now. The trick is to live your life as though what you hope happens is happening, because on your little tiny level you made it happen.

That will be your legacy then. That you didn't succumb to the assholes or become one yourself.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 03:19 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Plotting world domina-. . . . . er . . . nothing much.

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