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Old Taos Courthouse

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posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 08:39 AM
I had been to the old Plaza Courthouse one day,‭ ‬to look for the Office of the County
Historical Society.

I didn‭’‬t know or find out until later,‭ ‬that there had been several fires that had burned the

Plaza,‭ ‬including the Upstairs of that Courthouse.

As I got to the top of the Stairs,‭ ‬I felt Choked,‭ ‬like I couldn‭’‬t breathe,‭ ‬as if there was

Smoke and a large amount of people‭ ‬coming at me,‭ ‬trying to get out of the Building.

I had to go back down and outside to breathe again.‭ ‬I have to admit that it did frighten


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