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24‭ ‬Hour Flu (An NDE Experience)

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posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 08:35 AM
When I had been in the‭ ‬2nd‭ ‬year of living here,‭ ‬I had become violently ill with a‭ ‬24‭ ‬hour
Stomach Flu Bug.

I NDE‭’‬d to the most Beautiful Hospital Setting that didn‭’‬t feel like a Hospital at all.

The beds were on Pedestals colored of Pastels‭; ‬Golds,‭ ‬Whites,‭ ‬Silvers,‭ ‬Purples and

Pinks.‭ ‬The‭ ‬Bed Linens were of brightest White.

Normally,‭ ‬I am Terrified of Hospitals of any kind,‭ ‬but not this time.

The Doctors and Nurses wore White Robes tied with Golden Cords.

The man in the bed next to me was Billy.‭ ‬We looked right at each other,‭ ‬clasped hands,

held tight for a bit,‭ ‬he smiled slightly,‭ ‬looked away,‭ ‬dropped my hand and I was back in

my own bed at home again.

I returned well again,‭ ‬healed of my illness.

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