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The App Called Life

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posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 12:51 AM
Forget all of the theories about life, death and creation. Just imagine for a moment that the world we live in just isn't what we think it is. The how, why and where we come from maybe as obvious as it seems.

The symbiotic existence in which we live has design, intelligence and purpose. Everything around us fits somehow. In nature there is an answer for everything and a general reason for existing with a relationship among many co existing factors.

Our entire planetary system works in unison and proves that the largest body is a mere replica of the tiniest fraction. if we compare the atom, the cell and our mighty universe we can see the same basic design. All of these things somehow work in cohesive fashion, but how ? How can all of us and everything around us have the same basic blueprint and function as well as it does ?

Is it possible that our existence is merely an app ? If so who or what created it ? Is this why we all have different thoughts and all look different, have interactions and relationships, to make the app more interesting ? Are we the final evolutionary version of the final app, the one that hasn't been outdated yet ? Are we an app created by nature itself or something else ?

If we step back and look at our planet just to observe, we see humans, animals and all living things just roaming around, all with a different purpose and task at hand. We create, consume and destroy all at the same time. Are we and our whole solar syatem just a functioning existence floating in space or are we the hottest app in "cyberspace" ?
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posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 03:06 AM
The idea that we are living in a "VR" is an old one. I pose you this... If it is perceptively identical.... Does it make a difference?

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 03:42 AM
a reply to: beeyotch It might look like an app, but the reality is quite more complicated. Any full system, or being has different aspects in its corporation. If we look at the universe as a being, we could spot the same corporation as in any other being, small or huge, observable or not. Intelligence or logic is one part of it. Exactly one twelfth from the whole corporation. We as humans are highly occupied in exploring our imminent surroundings by the way of the intelligence. So we mostly see the logical part of things and sadly ignore the other eleven aspects. The binary code of the universe is not the creation itself, is just a part. It represents the glory of the universe, but to reach that glory there is steps and steps to be taken. We should not ignore that ones, nevermind they are hindered by our intent of perceiving intellectually. The true picture can only arise after merging the aspects of creation. The doors of perception, if you will. Yogi were and still are obsessed with that task. Mastering Rajas, you master that skill. I don't blame the yogi for their Art, neither I support them. There's valor and wisdom there, full with presence, yet a big sacrifice of emotional expense. I prefer martial arts, as a path, it's quite more humane and affordable for a beings with the needs as such, as human ones. Meaning sex, exploration of rules, freedoms and morals, taking part in the living game by the will and the choice between the vice and honor. Western schools have also their paths, quite different than eastern but the aim is always the same. Expand the mind, lose the singularity of cognition, see clear, find Ra, the centering point. Yet in the hoax world we are entangled, that might turn to be a tough job.


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