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Major Warning for 2016 Bigger than 9/11. WW3. Gematria Encoding

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posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 01:23 AM
Warning this thread is not for the faint of heart or weak minded.

This one is going to be deep so strap your selves in. I don't even know where to begin, this has been such a long journey. My family and my life isn't not anything like other families. My life feels rigged, like I am the test subject of some great conspiracy to do with religion, specifically Christianity. Many very bizarre thing's happened to me throughout my life and especially this year. There has been a big plan set up around 33 years ago to do with proving whether God/Jesus is real. The government, church and Hollywood is all working together trying to put an end to this argument while discrediting prophets of the end and fulfilling their master plan. I hate to call my self one of those prophets but I asked for it.

I always knew something was off about my life. My parents being ultra hardcore Christians but my dad always was a bit weird. I now realize they knew about this plan and I was the test subject. I'm not sure how to explain it but through out my life there has been "staged events". Ever since I was very young I fell into sin, some of it was planned. My parents might know religious secrets and would never explain anything to me besides yes or no or even no explanation at all. Religion was always the answer because that's the side they always supported in this grand secret plan which I now realize. Literally everything has been rigged, elections and all. I never started figuring things out until after 9/11 happened.

I got hooked on conspiracies and Alex Jones, I just knew something was up about the whole event in 2001... those buildings literally vaporized. Everyone thought something bad was going to happen in 2000 but it wasn't until 2001. Funny how its always 1 year later and that's key to their deception which I will come back to later. So I sat back and dove through all the news, conspiracies, and arguments like a lot of ATSer's do. There's is so much truth to the conspiracies like you could never imagine. This is all about proving/disproving God while reducing populations in the process. All the fluoride, geoengineering, GMO's, and vaccines part of it. Unfortunately I have had a lot of fluoride and vaccines, maybe 15 or more... My parents always said it is good for me.. they were either deceived or they were doing what they were told. My whole life I've barely have had any dreams because of this nor could I hear the so-called inner (intuition)voice some people talk about.

Being concerned and all about the nature of the world and 9/11 I prayed for visions of the future, I had no idea what I was getting into... Then in 2009 on valentines day of all days, I was attacked on the street and didn't fight back(I don't believe in violence). Long story short I ended up in the hospital with a broken nose, shattered upper orbital, and severe concussion. The concussion was so bad I had a air bubble form somewhere in my brain. This air bubble would move randomly and I would almost pass out. I had no control over this so it would happen in my sleep as well and that is when I started getting the visions. The visions scared the sh*t out of me to say the least.

The first vision and most important of them all. I walked into my brothers south facing room for some reason to talk to him. There was a dog and a cat in the room as well and this is key because I never owned a cat or a dog at the time. I did have a dog before but the little guy passed away before the dream. This is where it gets crazy because I now have a dog and cat and it was not my idea to get them. My mom wanted them. It was weird though, the cat had different colored fur. It was totally black and was demonic in the dream which leads me to believe it is Halloween. The time seemed to be around 9pm west coast time, midnight east coast time. That classic orange glow outside from the street lamps with a chill in the air. Then the earthquakes began, car alarms were going haywire everywhere, radios acting haywire too and then it happened. The flash typical of a nuclear device going off to the south outside my brothers window. Absolutely blinding followed by searing heat which made me drop to the ground and I woke up. Never have I ever had such a vivid dream in my entire life. There were other dreams of the aftermath too. One of the aftermath dreams there appeared to be a hole in the living room roof, snow or ash raining down inside and most of the furniture appeared to be gone. It wasn't until summer 2016 that the part about the furniture missing became fulfilled. They progressively became less vivid until I stopped getting them altogether which correlated directly to the dizzy spells as the air bubble reabsorbed. After that I became a hardcore conspiracy theorist lurker.

There is so much evidence pointing to something this October 2016. This is the year they fulfill the Illuminati/Freemasons master plan. 9/11 was the half way marker and confirmation that they are going to finish the rest of the plan. There is so much predictive programming in Hollywood it's insane. They are either trying to warn us, say I told you so or they think we are too stupid to figure it out, perhaps all 3. The most key piece of Hollywood evidence I found comes from the first back to the future movie. There is so many 9/11 references it is unbelievable.

Marty's letter is meant to be read 30 years later. 30 years from the release date 1985 is 2015. Now remember nothing happened in 2000, it was 1 year later which means the actual warning is for 2016.

There is something else not really mentioned in that video. which is mentioned in this video.

These people are planning a major nuclear false flag for 2016. Multiple cities are going to be hit and the targets are in our face. Here is the video of the locations.

They think we're too stupid to figure it out. Just like how all the "targets" stores opened and then closed in Canada and became wallmarts. Wallmart = Mart Law, Martial law. The wall marts are the targets.

Mysterious deaths of celebrities also give very important clues because a lot of them are ritual sacrifices on key dates. There is a cult running things people and they are obsessed with gematria and numerology. Math is what describes the universe, and God created the universe so they think math is the language of God. Is this why Jews are so good at math? Jk but seriously we got to be aware of all this. I swear it is going to happen Oct 30-31. Sunday comes right beside Halloween this year along with it being the election year...

9 is God. The election is November 8th so count backwards 9 days and you get Sunday! Which brings me to this video

Gorillaz - 19-2000. 19-2000 = 1981 which is when I believe their master plan began.
The music in this song is horrible for a reason. The main focus being the video. Look at all the symbolism, pretty self explanatory.

Listen to all Pantera's music, pay close attention to the lyrics. So much information in their music of what they are planning to do.
Megadeth's new albums too. They like putting the truth in the heavy metal music because barely anyone listens to it anymore. This is heavy information after all.

This is where I began to research more into the occult and their plans.

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 01:24 AM
The Illuminati are obsessed with key numbers like 33. Contruction of the world trade centers began 1968, 33 years before they fell. 33 is the highest level in freemasonry and also the same age Jesus died. 3 being the God,son, and holy spirit. 33 is a mockery of the truth. The illuminati setup to discreadit Christians. Illuminati = Illumi-not-I = Not Illuminated. Hollywood specifically targets Christians to discreadit them and make them look stupid. Just like how they targeted me in 2016. 7 years after my concussion, 7 months away from October. Tempted me with fame and fortune from hollywood but I turned it down because they were trying to discredit me and my visions. I stayed honest even though it ment being horribly embarraced because im not going to subscribe to all the murder they are going to commit. They are literally trying to fullfill Revilations in the bible to kill the religion. Albert pike talked all about this a long long time ago.
They want to murder so many of us and so few of us can actually see this. They want the third world war! The nuclear false flag is October 30-31 2016!!! Just so happens to be when they all go on vacation. People have to be prepared spiritually and physically or we are doomed if we don't do both. The bible says nobody knows when Jesus will return so have faith but don't count on it. Their agenda is to feed the desperate into the camps to be chipped or killed. Expect the chips to contain cyanide and by taking the chip you indirectly subscribe to all the murder they commited which dooms you to eternal hell. By taking the chip you will never reach heaven/space either. A lot of the bible is duality and it has to be understood that it came from their limited language and understanding. Heaven to them very well could have ment space and spiritual heaven. Angels came from heaven, fallen ones from space and spiritual angels from actual heaven. Fallen angels(aliens) have bodies like we do and exist here. They very well might be manipulating our government. The atom is a good representation of heaven and hell. Electrons being heaven and the atom, hell. Electrons also being the secret to antigravity. God designed everything to be intuitive. We only need to look inside our selves for the answers.

Don't under estimate their technology either, the things they have in secret is beyond belief. They already figured out antigravity between 1890-1956. Everything has been rigged against us since for the master plan. They are blind with power, greed and the primal sin to conqure the earth for themselves. The NWO. It could be possible that off world forces are manipulating them too.

Check out this youtuber if you want to dig into some of the gematria they use.

Not saying all his stuff is right, he sort of "shotguns it" as a figure of speech. Key celeberties like Prince really stand out. He did say all we have to go by is prophecy now and right before he died his last tweet was "Just when you thought you were safe"
Also there are so many movies with predictive programming too like the purge: election year, X-men: Apocalypse and tomorrowland.

9/11 was not a joke so we need to take these warnings seriously. The last 100 years population and pollution exploded. They need the excuse of climate change to kill all of us meanwhile they kept tech secret from us that could have solved it. 90% of the earths population lives in the northern hemisphere, they can easily nuke the north and escape to the south because the radiation wont mix at the equator into the south.

October 2016 very well could be the conclusion to their master plan. Get ready, be prepared and pray because all hell is about to be unleashed. I recomend taking a little trip out of the cities, especially on those 2 days. Perhaps go to church on Sunday Oct 30 if anything(Alien rapture date?). Remember insanity is sanity. Stay safe.

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posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 01:55 AM
a reply to: AnonymousTi

Marty's letter is meant to be read 30 years later. 30 years from the release date 1985 is 2015. Now remember nothing happened in 2000, it was 1 year later which means the actual warning is for 2016.

Wow, just subtract a whole year to fit your theory!

Oh and nothing happened in 2000 you say?

How about the USS Cole bombing, was in October too!

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posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 02:00 AM
I meant regarding the whole Y2K thing. I wasn't aware of the USS Cole bombing then. I wasn't that old at the time.
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posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 02:01 AM
hold on let me get the popcorn ready this should be good!!

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 02:03 AM
9/11 wasn't a joke, so why shouldn't we look into some of these theories?

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 02:14 AM
a reply to: AnonymousTi

9/11 was a demolition of duality. Perfect pass to singularity.

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 02:18 AM
a reply to: residentofearth

True but I think they won't release the singularity just yet. Its like in the movie tomorrow land, when she touches the pin they end up in the utopia but they don't show how they got there(besides the pin).
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posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 02:31 AM
a reply to: AnonymousTi

I think the message is clear, collapse of the duality and rise of the singularity. They make fun of us, play a game, a matrix. Your only task is to leave the matrix.

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 02:34 AM
a reply to: residentofearth

But you can't ignore the 7.4 billion people on the earth. Releasing the singularity right now could be too dangerous in their view. I did hear there is going to be a internet take over on Oct 1st though. Maybe an attempt to control the information?
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posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 02:36 AM
a reply to: AnonymousTi

Message was shown years ago, nobody said everyone will see the light.

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 03:34 AM
a reply to: AnonymousTi

I was six when i kept telling and saying 36, 36.. The number related of my end, my death in repetitive dreams that are hauntingly accurate and feeling very real.

In October, is the last month I will be 36. I also read about some messed up thing that's supposed to happen in November of 2016.

My parents were the same way, I feel guided by an driven to a place and moved from Alaska to a extremely different environment, including culture shock. I was in a couple of accidents since last month, which I have seen while awake; insane visions. I'm kinda curious if my blood might be RH, I haven't had my blood drawn in years.

You, my friend; have said what I have been experiencing most my life and since 2000 I have felt that energy getting stronger a stronger every year that passes by. Thank you for the share and read. It's definitly going to be a unexplainable and intense 2016. This fall I've seen my Father buy 40-50 more guns, quiet, loving, scary smart man. He knows something is on the way, I'm getting ready next month to built a bunker on his land, concrete, steel, rebar like crazy.... WTF is going on?

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 04:47 AM
a reply to: AnonymousTi

There's a prediction thread somewhere on the internet pretty much every day but you have a captivating writing style and a keener logic flow than most people writing warnings like this. So many things are converging on the end of October, not to mention this farce of an election cycle which I've long suspected would be cancelled in favor of martial law and that Trump would drop out 10 days before the election...or directly after your predicted date. There isn't much I can do to change my fate either way and I'm not sure I'm even meant to try, but I will be extra wary that weekend and be ready to drop everything at a moment's notice and run to go be with my beloved best friend before the infrastructure gets shut down. I think staying loving and compassionate during the end times, if they happen, will be infinitely more important than any physical survival concerns and I don't muchly care what happens to me as long as I can be with my best friend and help as many people as I can along the way

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 04:53 AM
a reply to: AnonymousTi

So, don't eat yellow snow?

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posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 05:44 AM
a reply to: AnonymousTi

9 is God. The election is November 8th so count backwards 9 days and you get Sunday! Which brings me to this video

Does god only deal with the US - whats special about US elections?

33 is the highest level in freemasonry

That you know of...dont be surprised if there are more degrees

Here is the video of the locations.

WHat cities are they?

So much information in their music of what they are planning to do. Megadeth's new albums too. They like putting the truth in the heavy metal music because barely anyone listens to it anymore.

Why would they put "SO MUCH" secret information into groups that "people dont listen to anymore"
Seems kind of self-defeating - what the point?

Contruction of the world trade centers began 1968

Did it?

When construction of the World Trade enter (WTC) commenced in 1967--two 110-story towers surging 1,250-feet skyward--it was the tallest building project ever attempted in the world to date.

Perhaps go to church on Sunday Oct 30 if anything(Alien rapture date?)

So you're recommending that people get raptured by the alien OT gods...
Why would you even be using the bible if its so corrupted?
Yahweh = Satan. They have you worshiping evil.

You have some snippets of truth mixed with I wont say, falsehoods, lets just say you have been misled.

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 05:51 AM
a reply to: AnonymousTi

True but I think they won't release the singularity just yet

Which of the following singularities would that be? How have they tested or kept it hidden so well,
I'm starting to suspect you have been watching too much Sci-Fi?

Natural sciences
Gravitational singularity, a region in spacetime in which tidal gravitational forces become infinite Initial singularity, the gravitational singularity of infinite density before quantum fluctuations that caused the Big Bang and subsequent inflation that created the Universe

Mechanical singularity, a position or configuration of a mechanism or a machine where the subsequent behavior cannot be predicted

Penrose–Hawking singularity theorems, theorems in general relativity theory about when gravitation produces singularities such as black holes

Prandtl–Glauert singularity, the point at which a sudden drop in air pressure occurs

Singularity (climate), a weather phenomenon associated with a specific calendar date

Van Hove singularity in the density of states of a material

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 06:12 AM
Pantera used symbolism?

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 06:48 AM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

You missed his point which is that this is all conspiracy counterfeiting God. So no, there is nothing about God and the US election according to him.

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 09:06 AM
a reply to: 4003fireglo

I never looked into pantera's symbolism but definitely look at their lyrics, pretty interesting.

posted on Aug, 28 2016 @ 09:23 AM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

The elections have been rigged for a long time. They seem to almost directly correlate to the stock market

I agree with you, it could be possible there are higher levels than 33 in freemasonry but I just decided to go with whats most well known.

I think the reason they put truths into heavy metal is that they might find the light. People that come from bad situations usually listen to heavy metal.

The cities are in the video I posted where it flashes the maps of the earth and certain areas are burning/bleeding.

The bible says only 1 third of the angels fell, so maybe perhaps not all the extraterrestrials are evil. They may have helped guide the progress of our planet. Im not saying I know everything but it could be possible that there is a galactic "prime directive". The earth could be undergoing this final test between good and evil.

The trade center start date I found on wikipedia says 1968. Perhaps its off a little bit but it is still close.

I'm mainly thinking the gravitational singularity, that's been kept secret out of most schools curriculum. Also might tie into the mechanical one but the main one being gravity.

Damn, picked my thread apart xD Its cool though. I am not claiming I know everything but this is something I believe we got to watch out for.

Also found this interesting video I'd like to add.
And this video.
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