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EBEphobia//dream induced, media induced, darkness induced

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posted on Jan, 20 2005 @ 08:18 PM
It seems now, when I read all those posts, not all as 100%, but enough for me to see it clear, humans have some kind of fear and it is mainly intrinsic from alien life forms, greys at the first place, then reptiles, respectively and all those other aliens, even nordic races makes my heart beat vault.
Why is that?
Also unexplainable nightmares with alien invasion very common thing, in abduction cases fear from dark can induce it maybe.
I know I have that kind of phobia, I know I have that kind of dreams, never good aliens in there. Not significantly often, but from time to time I was having those pictures in my head, Trying to hide in the rubbles, and they search for each of us with their all seeing beams, a lot of them in the sky, pretty like in the Chronicles of Riddick, but film came later.
Is this pre cog dream? or is this part of the history of this planet, or some othe planet where we came from? Mars planet V?
In the movie Sphere, they pictured it nice, when psychologist said that ultimate terror and panic is expected reaction when meeting another inteligent life form, why the line in the movie was this kind, did the writer had some research on that in this way?

posted on Jan, 21 2005 @ 08:36 PM
It seems there is no edit button for the first post...
I wanted to correct a few things. Fear of aliens goes with human civilization, not only ET from other planets, but from all sort of creatures, which are not human.But This fear is somehow big, some people thought this new wave of alien movies, video games, and so on was trying to adapt people on alien existance, but fear stayed on the same level, even became stronger.
So what are the main sources for that fear, is it induced by the media, with or without behind story? Many people have those nightmares, with alien invasion as a topic, this invasion is very interesting thing, when or if happens. I think fear is induced by the alien presence near this planet, it is correlated with civilization progress, science progress also, some people connected and I agree with our first radio transmissions coming of those forces, maybe recon first, then cavalry is what we should expect, bible is telling of this will happen.
They are hear in this system at least, and we are not ready, so how should person who is suffering from this fear fight it? Probably milions pages about this have been written, and no valid answer, I am just curious why is so strong resistance to accept it, and all of you refuse to accept and believe, you want to believe but that is not the same. I want to earn million dollars, but it is not the same as earning million dollars. Wanting and knowing is not the same.
Trust your fear, research your fear, and fear will vanish. For now we have one more problem to deal with, that is mutual disbelief, for example I saw an UFO, and when someone else telling me he saw, I tend to think he is a liar, and there are a lot of disinfo on this field, all that disinfo in fact is proving that thisi is real not imagination.
Also good thread appeared in the meanwhile Why do I fear greys? This is telling something is real in the problem, They can inflict fear and all those mind control thingy which they plant into abductees.
We also don't want to know how vulnerable we are from the sky, there is nothing to save us if someone is aproaching. Totaly opened to the outer space, while securing the borders between the states. This and night sky and nightmares and everyone just trying not to see that.


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