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**BREAKING** FBI uncovered tens of thousands more documents in Clinton email probe

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posted on Aug, 25 2016 @ 05:27 PM

originally posted by: shooterbrody
a reply to: butcherguy


I want people like you to say that she is awesome and needs to be elected when EVERYONE can see that she failed to keep records of her work, which is what the Federal Records Act is all about. She utterly failed at that simple task, which means.... Instead of deleting work related emails, you print them out to be archived. Is that hard to get?

This 1000 times.

Negligent or incompetent, make your choice.

It was documented decades ago (1996 - 2001). Historians were "disappointed" that the Clintons weren't using the federal government computer systems for their personal communications. The Historians felt that all minute details should be archived in order that future generations could understand what factors came in to play.
But no-one made a formal warning or court order.
All sides knew what was going on.

(post by TrumpIsARussianAsset removed for a serious terms and conditions violation)

posted on Aug, 27 2016 @ 07:47 AM

originally posted by: Sillyolme
a reply to: mahatche

I can get a good idea from people, from the news,. I don't have to talk to everybody.
They're bored with the whole thing.
They're especially bored with the claims made that there's something in there. Some crime thats going to magically come to light within these e mails when the only thing she did was have a machine that wasn't sanctioned by the government. This is all about hardware. What a crock. No one except the republicans who want control of the government cares anymore.listen to the journalists. It's like " oatmeal for breakfast . . . Again???"
I heard two just yesterday say it. They're bored with the story.

Yea, the claims that there may be something in there....and by that, I'm guessing you mean the tens of thousands of files she deleted to hide from investigators? What kind of lunatic would have unanswered questions under those circumstances?

We are selecting a person to fill the most important role in the world, these emails may contain important information. For example the time that Hillary discussed the Iraq war as a business opportunity for JPMorgan and Exxon. I hate the republicans, but I also hate corrupt warhawks who have us on the brink of WW3. The men my age are going to be the ones who fight and die. I need to know what she's about. You're full of it if you think only a republican can find value in knowing how the most powerful woman on earth operates.

Stop towing party lines. This election is to important to not care.
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