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preparing for disaster... need reputable store.

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posted on Aug, 23 2016 @ 04:44 PM

originally posted by: Azureblue

originally posted by: Maxatoria
If you plan on spending any time in the basement remember that what goes in must come out so sanitary fittings and a good supply of loo roll will probably be your best investment and also if you're cooking below ground ventilation is very important as well, its the little things that will catch you out so why not practice spending a few days underground and seeing where you fail and thus fix those problems and repeat until you feel happy.

If you're going to include females in the bunker do consider 'the time of the month' and chocolate into your plan as well

So hopefully, there is a lady or ladies who have put thought and time into researching suitable 'technology'
to use or this issue so might there be some recommendations for this area of hygiene?

Will send you a pm

posted on Aug, 26 2016 @ 10:06 AM

Will also give you some good ideas.

posted on Aug, 27 2016 @ 07:29 PM
I don't know if this deserves a thread of its own so I'm putting it here. You have to decide on a trigger point. My current trigger point is when the main stream media start reporting on fighting in Crimea/Ukraine. This may change in a few months as the geopolitical situation changes. I am prepped for 6 months without any other input, so with what I can grow and perhaps buy in between I reckon I have at least a year. No matter how prepped you are you are probably going to make a run for the stores when you realize your cash might not be worth anything in a few days to buy last minute items or more of the same stuff you have.

I agree with the early posts about beans and rice. Dry beans last for years too and you can get a lot more in a small place.

Get storage containers like these

Buy oxygen absorbers and moisture absorbers like these: WBRAU

Fill the container with bags of rice and bags of beans and put a couple of absorbers in between each layer. Run a bead or silicone solastic around the top of the storage container and clamp the lid down. It should last 5-10 years without going stale and even then you can still eat it.

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