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The Script Writer

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posted on Aug, 20 2016 @ 10:32 PM
note:An earth bound form of destructive/negative energy in the Order of the Nine Angles. Associated with rites of sacrifice

Long ago and far away, there lived an entity who went by the name Script Keeper, I refer to him as Abatu. Little did people know of this 'godlike' being, save the few. The more that Abatu wrote, the easier it became for him to control his imprisoned minions.
Abatu's specialty was enhancing the lives of many only to suck them dry with every swipe of it's ink pen as it dripped off the emparched pages woven in time.

The day was nearing towards Abatu's demise, it could not be ignored or dismissed any longer. Yet, the longer Abatu drew this out, the more difficult and skewed the words it wrote became. The world as though on fire, looked nothing as it once did. Confusion grew, and people turned on each other in their own, self deluded madness. The last Time of Times was upon the Planet, and soon all would end leaving nothing but the residue of a dream which was but is not.

Part I.
The entity i call Abatu, existed nowhere yet everywhere. It pondered on the reality it had forcefully created against Wisdom's will. This thought entity knew nothing else, save what it desired in it's own mind. Abatu created all that you see, from the edge of the Earth to the depths of the Sea. But without Wisdom it could do nothing but sit in continuous contemplation of itself, and why it existed at all. The great sadness it felt like an ocean overwhelmed by tears. The darkness within it so evil, there was no heat that could quench it's fire.

It lived souly for itself, for it knew no other way of being. Enraged with anger, it sought day and night the innocence of those who knew it not, trapped in this mirrored hell seemingly forever. If only they knew, she thought to herself... Raeya knew, for she had awakened from the dream and longed to go home back to where she belonged. Back to where true Peace existed outside of this subliminally deranged place. She stood at the top of the hill looking down upon the City lights, and it's people so blinded by it. Did they question any of it? Did the world seem odd to anyone but herself and the few she'd met along the way?

Part II.
As Raeya walked quietly along the well worn and beaten path, she came across a piece of parchment laying at the side of the road. It's appearance was ripped and slightly burned on the edges. The words she could not make out, were some type of dialect she'd never seen before. As she leaned down to pick it up, the heat coming off it made her drop it suddenly. What the... she said. What are you, that you'd be so warm as to burn my hand upon your touch? She leaned down once more and studied the ripped piece of parchment, with great curiosity.

Raeya knew a Man who studied ancient languages, and thought she'd give him a call. If anyone knew what this said, it was Dr.Flint, so with ever such care, she picked up the corner of the parchment and placed it into her bag then rushed home with great enthusiasm. Being only 4:30 in the afternoon, she figured Dr.Flint would still be at the University, so she eagerly picked up the phone upon flying through the door of her house.
Hello, Dr.Flint's office how may i help you? Said the Secretary. Hi I'm trying to get ahold of the Dr., said Raeya hurriedly. Is he still around? Why yes he is, please let me put you on hold one moment. Good thought Raeya, he's still there! She'd carefully taken out her treasure and gently laid it onto her dining room table, still amazed at the heat it held.

Hello Dr. Flint here, how may i be of service? he said. Hi Dean, said Raeya, I've got something to tell you, and i'm wickedly excited about it, can we do lunch sometime? Say tomorrow? Dean laughed, as he knew Raeya well and her enthusiasm was like no other he had ever met. Ok ok, what do you have for me this time my girl? This is nothing like you've seen, I felt this crazy burning sensation upon picking it up. The words on this parchment look foreign, ancient even. I can't for the life of me figure out what it says and well... I knew you would be the guy to ask she said smiling.
How does...hmmm... 2:30 tomorrow afternoon sound? I've got an hour to burn before my seminar, said the Dr. Perfect she said! I'd love that Thankyou Dean! See you then! She hung up the phone swiftly and looked for a container to place the parchment in. She'd found many items over the years and always showed Dr.Flint first. It wasn't long before they fast became friends through their love of the mysterious and unladen. However she'd found more often than not, findings that ended up being little more than a dead end. So this was big this new find, and Raeya couldn't wait to find out what it meant.

Part III.
Raeya in all her Wisdom, rose early Friday morning. She kept thinking about what she'd found and what mysteries might be discovered deep within it's written symbols. She sat and ate some toast and two eggs sunny side up for breakfast, as she stared intentively at her find. She discovered one thing that had changed however, the old tattered parchment no longer burned when she touched it, but the burn marks still on the edges of it's torn remains.

She dressed herself in joggers and a light t-shirt, grabbed her runners and headed for the front stairs where she sat tying up her laces watching blistfully as the sun rose high in the easter skies. She looked at the time, 7am. Right she thought, i'll go do a few jogs around the park down at lakeside drive then take a look online to see if i can't find something that resembles this thing.

Hot after her run, she made her way up the driveway to her cottage style house in the suburbs. She liked it here, it was always so quiet and she loved to listen to the beautiful sounds of the Starlings early in the morning while she sipped her sweet organic tea, silently watching the world wake up.

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posted on Aug, 20 2016 @ 10:33 PM
Part IV.
It was getting close to 2:00pm so Raeya gathered up her things and headed out towards the cafe where she and Dr.Flint always met to discuss new theories and share their findings. Upon her arrival she noted she was 15 minutes early so grabbed a nice window seat table keeping the parchment in her bag close by.

Dean! she smiled upon seeing the Dr. it's so good to finally meet up again, it's been a few weeks already. Dean smiled widely giving Raeya a giant hug. You could see the crease lines around his light sea blue hued eyes, and that weathered look that always made him look so sophisticated and wise. Now, he said, lets sit down and take a look at this amazing parchment you keep talking about shall we? as he tosseled his thick blonde hair back with his hand, in anticipation.

Raeya carefully pulled the box from her bag, and placed it onto the table in front of Dr.Flint, removing the lid and revealing the contents. Dean stared at the parchment with curiosity, pulled out his magnify glass and took a closer look. Well, he said, i must say this is past interesting. He squinted his eyes, as though memorizing every pattern; every symbol. I've never seen anything like it, you've found something rather unique and possibly quite rare indeed, Raeya. He reached for his glasses and placed them on his face, then looked up at Raeya and half smiled, eyebrow cocked, 'Where did you say you found this again'?

Part V.
This may be the most incredible find of our time, said Dean. Would you mind if we went back to the laboratory and took a closer look Raeya? Not at all she replied. You know what, lets take lunch with us she stated matter of factly, as she walked towards the Counter and ordered 2 ham and cheese sandwiches and a couple of piping hot coffee's to go.
Back at the Lab Dr. Flint placed the parchment out flat onto a steel table, then began to do some tests with a very expensive light machine. You see that Raeya, he said, pointing to the corner of the parchment. That my dear, is what is called spontaneous combustion! Whatever type of ionic charge happened to this, was pretty damn powerful. Powerful enough to burn your hand, which means it couldn't have happened too long before you found it, whatever it was that did this. Dean suddenly jumped up of his chair and grabbed his paperwork.

Oh damn! I forgot I have to give a Seminar in 5 minutes! Raeya would you stay here for a while, i'd like to continue with this afterwards, give me an hour or so would you please? Oh course responded Raeya, i'll stay here and hold the fort, mind if I use your Computer? i'd like to do a bit more research while i'm waiting for you. Not at all he replied, "you go right ahead he shouted" while running out the door and madly down the hallway towards room 102.

Part VI.
to be cont'd.
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posted on Aug, 21 2016 @ 12:51 AM
Fascinating! Can't wait to read more!!!!

posted on Aug, 21 2016 @ 01:45 AM
a reply to: awareness10


posted on Aug, 21 2016 @ 05:12 AM
a reply to: awareness10

Waiting in anticipation!

posted on Aug, 21 2016 @ 06:17 AM
a reply to: Night Star

Thankyou Star! I will see what i can come up with next!

posted on Aug, 21 2016 @ 06:18 AM
a reply to: Quantum12

Thankyou for that, im glad you read it again, i changed a couple of things

posted on Aug, 21 2016 @ 06:18 AM
a reply to: JinMI

jin! way cool you're up!


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