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I ask you to vote anyway - but for NONE of them

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posted on Aug, 20 2016 @ 04:48 AM
As far as I fully agree that no thinking being on this planet could EVER vote for Hillary Clinton I also think that voting for Donald Trump would be a bad mistake, too. A billionaire who's answer when asked about HIS lobbyism activity is: "The people just love me!" ?? Nah, no way.

So what to do else? Vote for any other party that most Americans ignored for eons? I don't think that's a good idea either. Why? Because I firmly believe that the so called "democratic system" in the Western world (and beyond) is not democratic at all. And because I think that criminal liars are always attracted by power, wealth and influence. Their egos and selfishness drives them there. You will never meet REALLY trustworthy people in these position of much power. They sometimes SEEM to be nice (Obama) but behind the mask they are always the same ugly puppets to their masters and follow the same agenda all day long.

Not voting at all? Then YOU lose your influence totally. The others would decide what happens next. And you know that this won't change anything.

So what's the deal? What can you do?

We MUST bring down this pseudo-democratical system completely. There is no other choice. And the only way achieving this is talking to as many other people as possible about it - opening their eyes and seeding the idea of a NEW system which is created by us people for us people. In my vision of this new system there is NO ONE "above" us to decide for us. Instead we all become part of a HUGE political network which gives all of us a tiny portion of power. Everyone can decide what happens locally or on a national scale and beyond. But no one deserves a LOT of power at all.

But we're not there yet. First step: make others see that it is required to have a political revolution and that "patching" the current system is a complete waste of time. Take down the system peacefully. How? First we must refuse to follow this system in a legal way. What I did here in Germany for the last two election periods is that I made my vote invalid intentionally. And I always write these words on the back of my voting form:

"Where is my choice to say: 'I want none of them?' As long as you won't give me a voice to tell that none of these choices is a good one for me I will write this. We need a truely democratic system made by the people for the people. And until this day has come I will give you this invalid vote. Which COUNTS. As an invalid vote."

If invalid votes were the majority then the election would be void. This would be the day to enforce a change of the system...

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posted on Aug, 20 2016 @ 08:13 AM
I'm with you.

I always vote in order to maintain eligibility for jury duty. I encourage ATS members to do the same. Whether you agree with particular ATS members or not on certain issues, I would think most of us agree that ATS members overall tend to be critical thinkers. I believe the US needs more people like that on juries. Maybe I watch too much true crime TV shows, but it seems like a lot of people are convicted of serious crimes based on circumstantial evidence. Prosecutors offer up a likely suspect, show how they could have done it, give a possible motive, make a lot of innuendos and bring up witnesses to impugn the character of the defendant, and basically get a conviction based on smoke and mirrors. If I'm going to send someone to jail for a couple of decades, I need something more than the testimony of a jailhouse snitch trying to reduce his sentence.

I believe we need people on juries who understand the concept of jury nullification and aren't afraid to employ it. I'm not going to convict someone of breaking a law that the government had no authority to make in the first place. Where in the Constitution is the Federal Government given the authority to outlaw a plant? What gives the government the authority to tax you for the rain that falls on your roof?

I will not vote for Clinton or Trump. After examining their positions, I can't see my way clear to vote for Johnson or Stein either. Last two elections, I wrote in Ron Paul. I think he's too old to take the chair now. At this point, I'm thinking I may write in Rand Paul, hoping he's at least half the man his father was. He has no chance of winning, so my vote may be wasted at the ballot box, but I can still make my vote count in the jury box.

posted on Aug, 20 2016 @ 08:55 AM
Well, sure the government makes many laws that we will never even know or understand why they have been made in the first place. Most of the business the government does is intentionally kept complex and impenetrable for us because they want to keep the majority of citizens out of this business and the current system running.

But why the hell is the goverment like that? Anyone could easily see that here something is going totally wrong. The ones in power abuse everything they can in oder to keep us locked away in their kind of work-all-day-buy-our-stuff-and-dont-ask prison that seems impossible to escape from. This is the major reason why many of us are already seriously frustrated but have no clue what to do. As a "solution" they vote for another devil instead. Seeing the whole picture makes clear: the ones who think they stand "above" us will never do what's in the majority's best interest but ONLY what serves them.

It's pretty crazy how long this has been going on. Although I see myself onboard of the "critical thinker" ship I had not realized what's really going on for a long time! The whole "voting" system that is in place for most so called "democratic" countries is nothing more than a pretty tricky delusion to make us believe that we still have a choice of what's happening on a larger scale. But we know that most things happening after each and every election are not the things that were promised during they "showtime". How long will people fall for this?

And also look at Bernie Sanders. Now he endorses Hillary Clinton. How perverted is that if you have thought HE is the change everyone is longing for. Anyone who really believed that he makes a difference is now beaten straight into his / her face. Sanders is also not working on our behalfs but only on his own. How can someone who seemed like a real counter-player to Clinton finally endorse her? This is the point where I think most should realize that there is no choice at all. That everything is rigged from the beginning. And the "players" in this game only act out their roles and perform their very expensive soap each time - and most people fall for it. Insane.

But having said that - I firmly believe that the wind of change is already blowing and it will only be a matter of time when a critical mass has awakend and is ready to bring the change themselves. However I also hope they (we) won't chose the violent way!

We need TRUE democracy and a system for all of us that is easy to understand and focused on true values in life - not money and power!
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posted on Aug, 20 2016 @ 12:48 PM
a reply to: mrMasterJoe
"True democracy" is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
Is that really the system you would prefer?
If you can't find someone of the over 100 people running for president for which to vote----perhaps you should examine your standards.

posted on Aug, 20 2016 @ 04:45 PM
a reply to: diggindirt

You mentality is screwed up. I am sorry for that.

So for you people are only made up of wolves and sheep? Really?
In this case I would say the sheep outnumber the wolves a hundredfold. So?

And more importantly: it's about deciding on topics not about killing each other. Got it?

100 egomaniacs to choose from which want to control us!
You know, following your logic they are ALL wolves. No thank you.

Wake up, man!

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