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Feditary-Operating under RAPS

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posted on Aug, 19 2016 @ 09:33 PM
Donbill-"I need some cofco. You want anything?"

Scodo-"Yeah, I'll take a cup. Thanks."


Donbill-"And of course it beeps when I get up....."

Scodo-"It's from a planet. Don't worry about it."

Donbill-"Which one?"

Scodo-"Earth One. Hey, hold on. It's says 'Rapid Authentication Protocol Systems, Red.' Is that.....?

Donbill-"RAPS Red?!?!"

Scodo-"Yeah but it's from Earth One. They trying to give us orders again?"

Donbill-"Cofco has to wait. ONE, I AM OPERATING UNDER RAPS!"

One-"Bridge, Alert, we are under RAPS. Terminate breakers. I need two rappers in the hood, NOW! Start RAPping!"

Donbill-"It's red, from Earth One!"

One-"Rappers, hold! We are under red RAPS from Earth One?"

Donbill-"Sir, yes Sir!"

One-"No, we are not! RAPpers, stay out of the hood! We don't take orders from Earth One. The Feditary is independent. Recon, get me a secure light with the Lead Ship."

Donbill-"One, this is from one of our Recon Sats. It's not from Earth One. It's from one of ours ABOUT Earth One."

One-"And it's red? Coming under RAPS?"

Donbill-"Sir, yes sir."

One-"Does that make sense to ANYBODY on the bridge? Anybody? RAPpers, get back to the hood. Recon, I want that secure light with the Lead Ship. I think we have a broken system but let's stay under RAPS.

Freddar-"One, dual codes are entered. We have the red glass."

One-"Break the glass."


Freddar-"RECON! 498762LamorHexelBizer97Sing!"

Donbill-"Confirm. Verifying. Scodo, 498762LamorHexelBizer97Sing."

Scodo-"You got it."

Donbill-"One, we have a red light. I'm shining it. ..... Ahhh, One, message reads 'RAPS Red, Earth One, Cancel for RAPS Purple.'

One-"Are you kidding me? What is this? Is there a purple? Is this a drill? What kind of asteroid makes a drill like this?"

Donbill-"One, Lead Ship has us in a queue. I have no purp.....wait. I just got a purple. RAPS, purple, Earth One from our Recon."

One-"Did you say the Lead Ship....? HOOD! HOOD! Come on! You two, back in the hood! Recon, we're in a Comm queue??"

Donbill-"Sir, yes sir. Umm, I have no idea what's going on."

Freddar-"Purple glass. I'm breaking it."


Freddar-"RECON, wow, this is really long."

One-"Hand it to RECON! Hand it, Hand it to RECON!"

Freddar-"That's not....., that isn't how......"

One-"Do you need help?"

Freddar-"No, sir."

Donbill-"Have you lost your chips? One gives you an order and you just.....give me that. One, I'm jumping protocols. Give me a moment."

One-"Very good, Comms."

Donbill-"One, message reads 'RAPS Purple, Earth One Recon. Earth One Shields deactivated. Earth One destroyed. 3213 June 13 Thursday. Stealth detected. Advise all Lords.' End of message.

One-"That's.......I don't know what that is. One less headache if it's real but the Lords won't over look it. Comms, are we still in a queue for the Lead Ship? We're really in a queue?"

Donbill-"Sir, we're still in a queue. I don't ever recall this happening. It makes me think it's real. It has to be Tripidions, right?"

One-"Who else would do this? Alright bridge, listen up. We are Feditary and the Feditary is independent from Earth One. Unfortunately, the Tripidions and Earth One do not have regard for our independence. Assuming this is a real event, in a normal universe, this would make our existence far easier. However, I doubt the Lords will disregard this."

Ellhen-Sir, we can't even beat the Tripidions. If they have a weapon that can destroy planets now, how are we........."

One-"I know. Comms, take the ship to yellow alert until we hear from the Lead Ship. I want everyone on this ship in station gear in case we have to go red. Hopefully, this is just some ridiculous drill to test loyalty. If it is, we are going to pass that test. If this is all real, we will advance with respect. We will not warp away. Not even from a Tripidion. We are Feditary. If we die, it will be with honor and respect. They might even bless us."

Donbill-"One, yellow alert activated. Everyone who is off duty, dress in station gear and stand by for a red alert."


This is a very rough early draft that tries to explain some back story about the complexity of the Feditary, the mysterious demise of Earth One in the year 3213, the hostility that exists between humans and Tripidions and the heavy friction between the Feditary and Earth One.

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