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The Poltergiest phenomenon

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posted on Jun, 20 2003 @ 12:59 AM
The word Poltergeist is German for 'Noisy Spirit' and this particular phenomenon has been recorded for many years. This is probably the most destructive and terrifying of all paranormal activity. Poltergeist are known to have attempted communication audibly or by writing, even though most messages are malicious. Children have been known to have been attacked or maimed by unseen forces, and also injured by flying projectiles. Houses have been plagued with a constant pelting of small rocks and stones.

.... The Unexplained Poltergeist phenomenon ...

Here are some famous unexplained poltergiest cases throughout the world :

Case 1: In the Atlanta home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson; blood appeared on the walls and floors. The blood eventually vanished just as mysteriously as it appeared. A sample of the blood was taken to a local scientific establishment and analysed only to reveal that the blood was human type, group 'O'. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are both blood type 'A'. To this date no rational explanation has been found.

Case 2: In 1889, the Dagg family in Quebec, Canada, were plagued by a disruptive spirit. An eleven year old girl called, Dinah, who had been adopted was physically attacked by an unseen force and she claimed that time to time it would speak to her. This had allegedly taken place on more than one occasion. When Dinah asked if anyone was there she often heard a reply. A visitor went with Dinah to the wood shed where Dinah had claimed to have heard the strange voice. Again when Dinah asked, 'is anyone there' a voice of an old man could clearly be heard, speaking of obscenities. The voice said, 'I am the devil, get out or I'll break your neck'. The following day a crowd of people gathered to hear the strange voice speak. They were not disappointed, however, some were embarrassed when the voice started revealing intimate secrets about their private lives.

Case 3: In 1977, in Enfield, London, a rasping male voice was heard coming from another eleven year old girl and the most astonishing claim was that her vocal cords were not being used. The voice claimed to be of a dead man who once lived at the house. Again the voice was abusive. Through the aid of research, it was established that the man in question did in fact die in the house.

Case 4: A poltergeist infested house in Ireland, the unseen force communicated using rapping sounds. One of the founders of the Society of Psychical Research (SPR), Sir William Barrett, discovered that the rapping noises responded to his mental requests. He would think of a number then ask the poltergeist to knock that many times. He tried this four times and each time was successful. This apparent ability of spirits to communicate by rapping led to the development of table tilting (typtology).

Case 5: In 1995, the Manchester Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Team (MAPIT), investigated a poltergeist case in Rochdale, UK. The most astonishing thing was that the poltergeist activity continued to take place throughout the night even though the focus (adolescent) and her family were removed from the building.

posted on Jun, 21 2003 @ 12:45 AM
Has any one ever experienced any type of poltergeist activity in their house?

posted on Jun, 21 2003 @ 12:54 AM
Has anyone ever charted known poltergeists on a map & compared their prevalence to geomagnetic patterns?

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