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The consequences for the peoples freedoms after the german "terror" attacks

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posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 09:19 AM
As i said when it happened, the "security" officials will be rewarded for their failures. After the "terror" attacks of mental ill people that have been in psychological treatment before their attacks. We mustn´t forget that all the time n o t h i n g happened in germany with muslim terrorism. Maybe you can count the killer of some GI´s in Frankfurt as muslim terrorism, but even that looked more like an act of revenge of the perpetrator((Ex-Yugoslavian) than a terror attack.

And after those three attacks in a short period of time n o t h i n g happened anymore. The show is over, now it´s time to reap what "they" sowed. They sowed fear and reap tools to undermine what is called democracy. Let´s say to destroy the last civil rights.

Let´s first have a look when all that started, that stuff with those "terror-packages" that cut our freedoms here in germany. DRUMMROLL.... it´s 2001! Some of you will remember what happened in 2001
Some say 2001 and the event that happened there was the starting signal to create the so called New World Order, a system that makes even Orwell rotate in his tomb like a freaking whirlwind.

2001, after 9/11 for sure - Former Interiour Minister Otto Schily who "offered" us, the german people, those "wonderful" gifts. Weeks after 9/11 they "only" go for muslims with laws to forbid associations with religious objectives(imho not that wrong, but they only go for muslims, not all cults).

2002 - Here it begins to get "interesting", Big Brother wakes up.The perpetrator is again Otto Schily. The powers of the secret services became extended massively. The Verfassungsschutz(BfV, "Protection of the Constitution"[what an evil joke]) is allowed now to gather informations from telecommunications companies, the postal service and the Banksters. Personal data is allowed now to be stored way longer than before(who really believes that "they" don´t do things that are not allowed???). The BKA(German Federal Criminal Office) got more powers for information procurement too. Those regulations are temporally limited and, for sure, became extended and expanded in 2006 and again in 2011. We mustn´t forget that those "gifts" hit ALL german people. And as we know now, never any terrorists!

2002 - Rasterfahndung - Dragnet Investigations. "Preventively" , after the 9/11 events, the personal data of more than E I G H T! million people( we don´t have that much muslims here, so who do they go for in reality?) were gathered and stored. 1600, from more than 8 million german citizen, got examined closer... W I T H O U T A N Y R E S U L T S!

2003 - Toughening up the criminal laws. The anti terror laws become tightened. The sentences for such deeds raised.(But who decides what terrorism is and who is a terrorist?)

2004 - Counter-Terrorism Centre was set up. Goals are to fight the muslim terrorism(and not maybe other terrorism too, like nazi terror). In this center officials of the police, the federal police and the secret wervices work together. Critics critize the removal of the separation between police forces and secret services. Don´t forget, this is germany and we remember our past!
2004 too - Immigration law. Every foreigner that is marked as a terrorist can be deported now way easier than before. I bet lunatics like Erdogan love such laws...

2005 - Aviation Security Act. Damn it, now i have to try to translate that with my english. I hope you understand at least a bit xD First of all, it`s 2005, in 2001 planes flew into some towers... Look at the years before, what they did to "prevent" the german people from planes taken as bombs... For one year it was allowed to the Bundeswehr(germany army) to shoot down fully loaded passenger jets, to prevent an attack. After one year this law was found invalid by the German Federal Constitutional Court, because it´s against the protection of human dignity and because it is not allowed for the german army to act on domestic ground. Not with military weapons. They are allowed to be called if "exceptional situations of cataclysmic extent" happen. what means natural desasters, but not to play police or similiar on german ground.

2005 - Biometric Passport. Passports need a digitalized photo rom now on, in 2007 a digital fingerprint was added as a rule. To make the tracing easier for the "security" officials...

2006 - Counterterrorism File. This database was used by 38! "security agencies in germany, for the exchange of information about "possible" terrorists, german citizens. Not only civil rights campaigners were "not amused", but also the secret services that didn´t want to share their informations. In 2003 parts of that counterterrorism file were declared unconstitutional and it had to be "improved" in 2014.

2006 - Telecommunications data retention/data preservation. The law contains the preservation of communication data from telephone, mailing, internet connections aswell as mobile phone location informations for six months(who believes that "they" ever delete something???). Tens of thousands of german people filed a lawsuit against that law. In 2010 the Federal Constitutional Court toppled the law and ordered to delete any preserved data. In 2015 "they" decided a new data preservation that will come into force in 2017.

2008 - BKA(German Federal Criminal Office) Law. It´s allowed now, "under certain conditions", to spy online on peoples computers, their harddiscs and whatever.

2009 - Sentences for taking part in terror trainings. And the spreading of how to craft explosives is forbidden now.

2011 - National Center of Cyber Defense. The name says it all, it´s allegedly against cyber criminality.

2011 - Extending and expanding of the anti-terror laws. Now secret services are allowed to gather informations about ones bank account informations and flight data.

2012 - Extremism and Counterterrorism Center. It´s goals are to fight righwing extremism, leftwing extremism, foreigner extemism and espionage.

2015 - Counterterrorism laws extended again. Till 2021. And again the laws get tightened. Now the officials are allowed to collect islamists passports. Not nazi terrorists or whatever other terrorists... And the funding of terrorism is forbidden now(what a joke again, the west creates and funds terrorism itself).

2016 - The next counterterrorism package . Including better exchange of informations with foreign secret services. German people now are forced to show their ID when they want to buy a sim card for their mobile phone(who is the terrorist now?). The federal police is allowed now to use undercover agents.

Now you know how they secure our western lifestyle, our liberties and freedoms. With destroying exactly them. With doing the work for the terrorists. Could those ominous terrorists everywhere have a better tool to reach their goals than the western "security" officials???
But this is not the end, now we come to the demands that are made by those Falcons, Neocons, Law and Order gurus since the first and last attacks in germany. The demands of those who scream loudest and spread fear whenever it is possible for them.

Will be continued in several minutes, thanks for your patience

posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 09:23 AM
A "funny" thing is, the official propaganda organ isn´t talking about three attacks anymore, it´s only two left. Since we know now that the munich attacker was a rightwinger terrorist(aka lunatic, verifiable mental ill, etc...), they only say in the news here now: ....after the attacks in Ansbach and Würzburg... No word anymore about the turkish hating guy with iranian roots that named himself David. Because it´s only terrorism if it´s muslim terrorism, as we can see again.

Lets look at the "coincidences" with the Bundeswehr in the Munich shooting case. Right before and while the shooting there was an exercise(linked the video of the police spokesman stating this in an earlier thread) of exactly that parts of the Bundeswehr that "our" defense minist"ress" Ursula von der Leyen(qualified for this job- 0%) wanted to call for action on domestic german ground, to act as a kind of police.

Exactly the helicopter squadron, that medic squadron and that military squadron. Such a coincidence. You must know that the Big Brothers try to make the use of the Bundeswehr on domestic ground legal since decades. Sooner or later the army will be used against the own (maybe protesting)people, that´s why we don´t want this here, again.

Ah, and yesterday we had to read that at the munich events the police helicopters were "missing", not ready for use, because there are not enough helikopters the police owns... What should tell us this? Right, we N E E D the Bundeswehr on domestic ground, otherwise we aren´t secure anymore...

Lets have a closer look to the "security concept" of "our" interiour minister De Maiziere of the CDU. Why are german interiour ministers the most unconstituional individuals that exist? The only thing that makes sense is the demand for more cops. Because over the last decades the politicians destroyed a lot with saving money. There are parts of germany the police needs more than three hours, if they even come nowadays. But is that really against terrorism, or should it be normal that enough cops are there for the whole country?

Delinquent foreigners should be deported faster now. The tolerance on foreigners that are duty-bound to leave the country should be shortened, if they show "impudence or awkward behaviour". Who ever decides what that is... This is just election campaign behaviour to not lose too much voters to the righwingers, nothing else. Sounds like the "establishment" wants to kiss the a$$ of the rightwingers, for fishing votes.

And now it becomes more interesting again, because it´s against all german citizen again, which are put under general suspicion to be potential terrorists again!

There, for sure, is the internet they want to go for, more and more, because there are last places of freedom and liberty, the freedom of speach and expression left in that damned interwebz stuff...

"Challenge Cyberspace. The Internet mustn´t be a secure place for criminals". This is more important for him than asylum- or gun laws(we have enough gun laws here, but i wanted to show that spying on people is more important for him).

Encrypted Chats, 400 more officials to hack encrypted chats(and whatever else).

Cyber investigators for the darknet... booohoo.. the evil darknet. Thats since years is full of police and secret service investigators, you would have a better chance to ask at the next police station to buy guns or explosives by asking some cops there and come away with this, than to try this in the "darknet". But hey, some more spies can´t be wrong for Big Brother...

"Social" Media activities of refugees(sure, only them...). Sure, they all use their real names("they" don´t even know the real names of a lot of the refugees) and have all facebook or whatever antisocial media accounts, and share everything there. What is with them that don´t like facebook and stuff and don´t have accounts? Terrorists? To be observed for the rest of their lifes? Ah, and they demand the investigations of refugees cell phones. Maybe they find some terror videos or stuff there. If not, i can show them wehre to download such stuff, let´s start with LiveLeak... That should be evidence? For what? Using the Internet?

Sympathy advertising in the internet. Again the question, who decides now, or later, what this exactly is. Maybe being critical is the next terrorism...

Data protectionists under fire. After a bomb threat in Dortmund it would have been way easier for the "security" officials to investigate in this case, if data protectionists hadn´t prevented that cameras were installed in that area. So we need cameras everywhere, for the reason that "security" officials can watch those videos when something happened, when it is too late? And sure, those who want to protect us from a system that (is) could easily be used against the german people are the bogeymans in this scenarion, the data protectionists. Yep, kill the messenger...

Intelligent technologies and facial recognition. The public space and spots like trainstations should be observed with way more cameras, following his wishes. And with techologies that can recognize if bags or people didn´t move for a while, or similiar. Big Brother at it´s finest, everywhere in the public space...

Observing of flight passengers data. He wants that all "security" agencies can use all of the data.

After the Telecommunications data retention was relaunched last year, now they want to expand it. Till today messengers like Skype, Whatsapp and E-Mails are not allowed to observe(but who believes that "they" only do what is allowed...). De Maiziere demands:
"It mustn´t make any difference to criminals if they call somebody by telephone, if they use the voice telephony of their messengers, if they write posts or communicate via social media".

Don´t forget, ALL german citizens are potential "criminals", as he calls it here. Because all that "security" stuff cuts the freedom and liberty of ALL of us german citizens, hits ALL of us, to "save our freedoms and liberties", allegedly.
What else is to say than that all these "security" instruments are not thought to fight terrorism, but to defend the rich and their puppets if the people rise up. Imho! Bceause nothing of all that prevented europe from terror attacks, ask France! And even there you don´t have to show your ID to buy a sim card for your phone, same as in Israel. And i bet the officials in Israel know how to handle terrorism.

Somebody may find it strange that all the years nothing happened in germany, and then, as if somebody pushed a green light button, we have some strange "terror" attacks in germany, in a short period of time. Those three, for the officials now only two, attacks are over and it is quiet again as all the years before(before what, 9/11???).
The only ones that are loud and become rewarded are those unconstitutional law and order freaks, i call them feared people. They tell us we shall not be feared and live our lives as before, but at the same time they act like little girls and if we really were in a war with thousands of dead citizens everyday. And their media spreads the terror fear 24/7, even if there is nothing to fear.

will be continued in several minutes

posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 09:25 AM
One could find it strange that the three attackers had mental problems, were in psychological treatment before the attacks, were on psychological drugs, right as patsies that are used in every second spy movie, to do things they don´t even know about and never wanted to do. Or like people that are controlled by others, spurred on, worked up by others in the background, as known from secret services and whatever other criminal organisations.

One could find it maybe strange that there was an exercise of exactly that parts of the Bundeswehr going on, that almost were ordered to take action on domestic ground, against our constitution(if they use weapons). Or that all the "security" efforts didn´t help to prevent from terrorism. There is more radicals, extremists and terrorists than before 9/11! The more "security", "offered" by "our" "security" officials, the more dangerous our world becomes. Could it maybe be that it is exactly B E C A U S E of that system that becomes installed, and is ironically called democracy yet?

I have to stop somewhere, but there is so much more to say, and i guess a lot i forgot while writing this here. I hope you could follow my words and thoughts a bit, because of my not so well english.

For me, i can see a 1984ish system became born on 9/11, and it grows. All that anti terror crap is not to prevent terror, those who profit from that terror, "our" "security" officials, law and order freaks, big brothers, need that terror to have reasons to raise that 1984ish system in the western world. Just read 1984 and compare it to our world today. Its almost as if "they" really used it as a blueprint!

Imho, it is like i said before, there is a, in comparison to the rest of the earths citizens, small circle that is very rich and because of that powerful. And T H E Y try to prepare a secure world for themselves, but sell it to us as if it would be for the people. They use their politician puppets to reach their goals, maybe they told those puppets that they would be saved too when SHTF, when the masses rise up against those criminals. That would explain the behaviour of politicians! Let´s say with the next upcoming bankster crisis. But we know these rich and powerful individuals lie and play foul for their own profits, so they only will try to save themselves and will leave their puppets for the masses...

We, the people, are the potential terrorists, criminals, those who need to be observed, as we can see and as the officials prove again and again with their actions and words, exactly since 9/11. We don´t nedd terror and terrorists to destroy our way to live our lifes as we knew it, this work is done by "some democracy, liberty and freedom loving" Big Brothers, and they use every kind of trick and foulplay to reach their goals...

posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 09:28 AM
Will be back later, that took me some hours, more than expected, real life calls

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posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 09:30 AM
A nice summary! I may remember wrong, but didn´t you always need an ID to register the simcard? I remember filling out a form with adresses, even for the prepaid ones.

I also noticed, anonym croatian cards won´t work anymore in germany. Until 2015 it was not a problem to activate them in germany and even use them. I used them frequently for private GSM projects. Lately they stopped working all together

posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 09:33 AM
2015/16 - Open the immigration flood gates and have an excuse to tighten the noose juuust a bit more. You guys are well on your way to an American level of invasion of your privacy and restriction of your Rights.

posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 10:06 AM

originally posted by: verschickter
A nice summary! I may remember wrong, but didn´t you always need an ID to register the simcard? I remember filling out a form with adresses, even for the prepaid ones.

I also noticed, anonym croatian cards won´t work anymore in germany. Until 2015 it was not a problem to activate them in germany and even use them. I used them frequently for private GSM projects. Lately they stopped working all together

I have several minutes while eating, before i have to leave to buy food and stuff.

That with the sim cards, they tried it once, nobody cared about it. I knew(and know ) everytime where i could buy sim cards without showing my ID. I mean, i am not a terrorists, so my phone doesn`t need to be observed. And if they have no name, they don´t know who they observe or at least, they don´t have any evidence. There is anyways a problem with spoken words, they have to prove that i didn´t just lie... They just want to observe as many of us, it´s not against criminality or terrorism.

At the time where you had to unlock your sim with a name and an address, everybody just used fantasy names and addresses. I remember once i had to call at a provider to unlock a sim, i gave that girl my fake name and fake addresss, she laughed a bit and whispered: At least use a street that fits with the postal code... Done like said, changed the fantasy street to a real street in that area, but i never lived there. She was fine with it. It´s just senseless, and not a tool to prevent people from terror attacks. I bet real terrorsists don´t even use spyPhones and the internet for planning terrorist acts. And to leave millions of tracks that could a) be faked or b) a real terrorist never would leave...

posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 10:14 AM

originally posted by: DAVID64
2015/16 - Open the immigration flood gates and have an excuse to tighten the noose juuust a bit more. You guys are well on your way to an American level of invasion of your privacy and restriction of your Rights.

It´s maybe because we are the US american outpost that has to be an US american outpost, because of the occupation after WWII. Btw, the russians were the first that left us alone and handle our things by ourselves again, followed by the other allies, only the US americans never left us alone.

Check this, the Four D´s of Occupation . Wew are right in the middle of europe, next to the "evil russians", how geopolitically perfect is this for a nation like the US? At least that much that they renew their atomic weapons here now, that we germans are not allowed to have, and nobody here wants them.

posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 10:14 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter
Slow down and take your time eating. We don´t run away. I just now saw your second post.
On that front, I fight since at least the early 2000 against TCPA (now called trusted computing) and the Vorratsdatenspeicherung, that they try to push trough since at least a decade.

I remember times when the only thing to fear was the Telekoms IP/customer lists that was erased after 90 days anyways.
I also remember being called a paranoid in the early 2000s because (as a member of CCC) I was informed about such stuff early and seeked to make it public. With success, to some extend.

Of course, NOW... nobody pads me on the shoulder and admits I(we) were right, all the time.
"If you have nothing to hide..." was a very popular sentence back then.

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posted on Aug, 13 2016 @ 11:09 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Have your head the latest thing that they want to be able to take away your license for non-related crimes and offenses?
So if a Father does not pay rent for the children, they would be able to take his license away.

That´s another bull# law because it only hurts those, who have to earn money. Those who have enough can spend money on a taxi for a month and wont be hurt. Draconian.

posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 02:54 AM
a reply to: verschickter

You were a member of the Chaos Computer Club, NICE!!!!
I love this guys, how they show the people how "secure" every new "security" tool like digital fingerprints or similiar is, have to laugh when they show in videos how to hack those tools in seconds, with some glue and stuff xD

And the other thing, that taking away the driver license. Think about one that couldn´t pay... lets say a fine of 400 Euros. Now you go to jail if you can´t pay, but our jails are full of tramps, footpads, sitting their for not being able to pay the fine for maybe crossing the road at a red traffic light, or riding a bike without lights, for fare dodging in the metro etc. Now they have to change something, they aren´t even able to build enough homes for the people, to build an airport, a Philharmony, so they will have problems to build new jails.

So they the weirdest things, just to show some action. There is this imaginary guy now, can´t pay those 400 Euro, instead of putting him into jail they take away his driving licence. Most people need their cars to do their jobs, to reach them. So, now he becomes unemployed and finds no new job, because he has no driving licence.
If this guy ever again will be able to pay anything???

And everybody pays for his driving licence, in germany it is up to 3000 Euros, wouldn´t it be robbery to take away ones driving licence? For not being able to pay the maintenance of his child maybe, or for smoking a "sportscigarette"...

How would it be the other way around, everytime a politician is caught lying, everytime a rich is caught doing criminal or antisocial things, we take something away they need?
In a short period of time all politicians and bonzes would be broken and running around naked, crying 24 hours...

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posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 04:08 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter
Still at the CCC but not so active anymore (If you work in research and development, it somehow conflicts with each other...)

I love this guys, how they show the people how "secure" every new "security" tool like digital fingerprints or similiar is, have to laugh when they show in videos how to hack those tools in seconds, with some glue and stuff xD

Thank you for the kind words, we do what we can to make the public aware. Last time yesterday:

Back to topic. Yes indeed, I heard driving licenses today are not cheap. The next thing is, what about the people without a license? Isn´t it unjustice? Even if it´s just an optional punishment, it violates the principle of "gleichstellung". What are we germans without our cars, anyways?
"Heiligs Bleche aber au`!".

Yeah the sportscigarettes...
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posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 04:42 AM
a reply to: verschickter
Ha, didn´t think of that thing with the ones who don´t have a driving licence.
Maybe they get taken away their shoes???

Funny thing is, as i live in the middle of cologne, i never needed a car, it´s more obstructive to have one in the city, no parking spots and all the tickets one has to pay then, if you need to park somewhere, then the taxes and all that. I prefer a bike or my feet, but you are right, who on earth should race with 200km/h about our Autobahn, if nobody has a driving licence anymore?

And for that CCC thing - People nowadays are to trusting to the new technologies. You know, that people that click every button that opens somewhere in the web, without reading first what it is for. Or how they use their real names, addresses plus Photos on social media and think anything will be secure and that all that has no consequences, or could have consequences in the future. People even post when they go for vacation, then they load up pics from the beach in "Mallorca" so the burglars can be sure that nobody is at home when they go to do their "jobs"...

Because of a good buddy i was one of the first in my acquaintance that could use the internet. Nobody had an internet access at that time, but my buddy had one, and a second computer. So i had e-mail addresses from day one, but believe me, i never used it for more than for signing up to forums like ATS, for example, or to make comments on newspapers forums. Never ever did something personal, like writing personal letters via e-mail, in the web, never did online banking, never left my real name in the web, no pics, nothing. If i search the web for myself, i find nothing!

Because i learned, from the first hours one could access the web, that nothing in this web can be secure. I know that everything i write or do can be traced back to my internet contract, that one has to sign with his real name, that is enough! "They" have enough materials for creating a profile about me, i don´t have to feed them voluntary...

posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 05:12 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter
Like the current PolemonGo addicts. Most don´t even know what they agree too.
It´s nice when the kids have fun but they don´t see what they give up for it.

I´m not proud of it but I had a distress with two girls at the university who talked # about me.
So I took care off her GMX and the other one had hotmail. Printed all their emails on the public printer out and hung it at the blackboard for everyone to see.

Their problem was they were not only talking # about me but everyone else. Had they talked to each other in private, nothing would have happened. That day, her life was an open book.

Her male friends threatened me after, I asked them if they want to be next. Left me alone the entire time.
And this was not classical hacking/cracking. It was simple social engineering.

Now they spill everything private voluntary. How the world changes.

posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 08:51 AM
a reply to: verschickter
That made me laugh

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