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Jewish Messiah personal character revealed in ancient scroll, my best guess of his name

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posted on Sep, 4 2016 @ 03:44 AM
a reply to: ntech


If he is a young devote musician, as rebbe Nachman prophecy claims, he would be rather a nice and shy person and not the terrible world leader as many expect him to be. He might say infront of group of rabbis and some TV camera, you know I had dream/vision/heard God telling me this and that for the end times, we'd better prepare in this and that way to escape this and that cataclysm, I don't know how true it is but I have to share it with you and you decide for yourselves.

About the temple, it is clear the temple is being expected to come from heaven/space. There is now a chief priest appointed by Sanhedrin to do the sacrifice should the political circumstances and the Israeli government permit it.

As many say, including rabbis and the secret scroll, most people will be surprised and will say" is that the messiah?"

For me, from a Christian point of view, there is no problem because he would be the first one of the expected 144,000 young Jews to come before any antichrist and Second Coming of Jesus. The problem is, how the humanity to be helped, individually and collectively, before all of us die or worse, lose any faith anything good could ever happen on this planet, after 2000 years futile attempts of popes and kings to introduce the Christendom. If anything better is prepared by God thru his chosen people, what is the problem for the Christians to accept it? Or may be they never wanted the kingdom of God and love preached by Jesus?
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posted on Sep, 7 2016 @ 08:03 AM

posted on Sep, 7 2016 @ 08:53 AM
A number of related Biblical research published in Breaking Israel News, come to support the idea of a soon to arrive Messiah ben David, as soon as the year 5776 = 2016

What Does the Jewish Calendar Reveal About the Coming of the Messiah? Read more at

The article discusses the Jewish 7 year periods packed in 7x7 49 years followed by a 50th jubilee year. It is easy to estimate, although not stated directly, that the jubilee of 50 years after the liberation of Jerusalem comes in the next year, therefore that year starts on October 2, 2016 the Jewish New Year.

Recent Appearance of Dry Land in Sea of Galilee Named as Sign of Coming Messiah Read more at

Modern interpretation of the prophecy of drying of Galilee as precursor of Messiah's arrival
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posted on Sep, 7 2016 @ 10:55 AM
Glazerson (above) is explicit in his Bible code research that the Messiah ben David will arrive in the year 5776. Besides, the multiple other sources, some of which I quoted in this thread, speak of imminence in the Bblical prophetic understanding among the rabbis.

The Christians make a big mistake by disregarding the KNOWLEDGE of these people dedicated their lives to the research of the Bible. I already discussed in length the difference between the Christian expectations of one messiah Jesus Christ to come twice, and the Jewish expectations of two different messiahs (ben Joseph and ben David) to come at different time periods, with messiah ben Joseph to die in his mission ( that he is Jesus Christ, as rabbi Kaduri already said).

I wrote enough of the 144,000 and after them the birth (spiritual or physical) of the manchild. No it cannot be the baby Jesus because Jesus was not taken to heaven as baby, neither Mary was persecuted in the desert ALONE. That preterist view tries to disregard the writings of John 100 years AFTER the birth of Jesus, by making them null and void with a time jump of 100 years back in time. Why should John write it then? Isn't it written so we know what is to come in the future? Let alone the 144,000, the asteroids in the trumps, and the rest of the story, that never ever happened in historic time. How then the preterist view of chapter 12 only? It is not a book of the past, it is a book of the future. If we are to believe it at all.

With the arrival of messiah ben David, a new page of world history will start, the era of the 144,000 sealed by the seal of the living God (Revelation 7), followed by the Manchild of Revelation 12.

I already wrote a thread about a timeline of Revelation in which the war in heaven/space takes quite a long time. A new pause in prophecy perhaps longer than that of Daniel 70. We have a clear pause if we have a birth of the manchild near the moon (woman doesn't stand on earth), his rapture, followed by celestial war between all stars divided 2:1 in favor of God. Count how many trillions of stars there are, and how long time it will take to finish that war! During that time there is no persecution of the woman whatsoever. The dragon is not interested in persecuting the woman at that time. He starts the persecution only AFTER the war in heaven/space is lost and he is cast down to earth. If that is scheduled as preterist happening somewhere in the past, then we'd better cancel all of the Revelation book.
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posted on Sep, 7 2016 @ 01:25 PM
The war in heaven/space could continue hundreds, thousands or theoretically millions of years.
The messianic era of the expected Messiah ben David could fit exactly in that window of prophecy. No one ever said that Messiah ben David comes to exchange the expected Second Coming of Jesus at the end of the world. No one claims so among the Jews. They do not call him of "vicarius fillii dei" as some catholic in the middle ages preferred to call the popes. (today the popes are no more called in that way). The idea that Messiah ben David who is prophesied by all prophets, will be the antichrist, is absurd.

If there is an antichrist, it will be that world political leader who will attack Israel at that time (Gog and Magog war). There might be none though, if the time periods are different than one lifespan. I tend to believe that interpretation without pretending to be true, to hold "God's finger" (as some absurd catholic teaching claims).

Let we start making difference between teaching or doctrine that changes over time, between dogma, and between views or streams even within one and same church. Catholic church is more diverse than any other church. Thus we have hardliners who see the near future as sequence of Chastisement and Era of peace, both being long way from the End times. There are those who believe God's kingdom arrived (how could they pacify it with the two world wars?) So to pretend someone holds the full truth is not serious if there are more than one views of that truth even within the walls of the Vatican.

What I say is my own input and I believe it will be wide interpreted in the years to come. Not because I invented it for the first time (and that is true) but because the needs of the time will demand to explain from theological point of view the trillions of planets and worlds we get in touch by telescopes slowly but surely (they may get in touch with us instead)). And also the apparent delay of the Second Coming of Jesus, not with one year or with one generation but with 2 millenia followed by ...2 more or 200 more. It is not serious all those panicked devote and uninformed believers who in some cases bury themselves in caves (as in Russia) to spend time when they think the beast has already arrived.

God is above that level of thinking! He didn't create us for that kind of fear. If there was such thing, that someone could throw to hell people regardless of their good deeds made before God in good conscience, regardless of their good choices. God will provide a choice to humanity, different from the presented one by the doomsday prophets: choose death or choose the mark and go to hell. It is absurd to believe a merciful God will require such mass sacrifice, and it is said nowhere not even in the Revelation. Instead, we see several groups of people: the uncountable ones coming from the great tribulation, and another group of people standing on the sea of glass mixed with fire in Rev 14, who refused the mark and who are still not martyrs but praise God for the salvation with the song of Moses! Let alone the group of the 144,000 chosen ones who sing unknown song on Mt Zion. Strange how those groups escape the attention and instead end-time doctrines are built that paint everything dark, black and little white for the martyrs only. This is NOT what God's love is! Our interpretations are human, limited, changeable in time, not dogmas, and we have to correct them.

There is a need of a new doctrine (for lack of better wording) to deal with the issues of the Space War (Rev 12) as well as the 144,000 Jews, young male and innocent, who will play a vital crucial role in the world for all that long period between now and the End of the world (whatever it means, and that is yet another very long topic). I can help doing that, but I can't do it alone. Certainly not in the pages of that excellent forum. It needs a group of scholars, it needs extended research of may be years of all relevant Biblical texts, books will be written as result, not posts. Sorry but I did quite much already as a poster. I don;t see my role as internet preacher. The ideas are already posted online, and I believe the time of their further development has come with the arrival of Messiah ben David - or said otherwise the first one among the firstfruits 144,000.
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posted on Sep, 9 2016 @ 01:16 PM
Rabbi Glazerson discovers table after table with Bible codes that say the Messiah will arrive in 5776.
With 3+ weeks more remaining for fulfillment. I think the work of Glazerson is not his alone initiative. Those codes have been kept for centuries secret,a nd now they are revealed. Indeed with the help of software, but the software can discover the letters not to give the interpretation.

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 01:39 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

The Christians and especially the Catholics must understand the final count towards a new era. We were told enough of Fatima. Now we are told by the devote and proficient in Bible knowledge rabbis that messiah of the house of David (descendant of David) is going to appear soon. Moreover, some of them said he is already among us (in Israel, or in the diaspora?) That he has already appeared (not as a ghost but as a man of flesh and blood) to selected individuals in Israel, both in hi positions and common people. I forgot who said that,w as it rabbi Kaduri, the same who acknowledged Jesus Joshua as the messiah (of the house of Joseph).

The talk of Jewish prophetic rabbis is not equivalent to medieval and newer catholic prophecies, that frankly very rare fulfill if at all. (the French king was killed as predicted by St Margaret Mary's visions of Jesus). I am not going to discuss the two very different styles of approaching God's unfailing truths. We see the rabbis working mainly with the Bible, both as overt texts of prophecies, and as covert and recently revealed codes of words. If they talk now, something their predecessors didn't do for centuries, it is because they know for certain the time is now. Not given in a dream or vision, rather given as hard copy knowledge found in t he Bible. Or even physical evidence of meeting of the young messiah in person (suggested, not said explicitly by rabbi Kaduri).

The Christians are definitely not prepared for that. But no one will wait them to prepare, if they failed to read correctly the prophets of the Bible for 2000 years, who spoke of messiah ben David as a separate personage from messiah ben Joseph who was coming to die on the cross. The doctrine of exchanging the Jewish heritage and promises of God, with that of the Church, is one of the biggest errors of the Christian doctrine. It is nto a dogma, it is not ex cathedra, and let say it boldly, IT IS WRONG! Protestant denominations already say it for many decades.

I already said the hypothesis that messiah ben David being distant relative of Jesus, could technically be his direct or indirect descendant. Even if the majority of Christian leaders still rule out the wife of Jesus, (that is absurd to deny such big event with consequences for all of us, found in so many discovered books). Even in that case, Jude, Simon, James and John, the so called brothers or cousins of Jesus, were all married (only the younger apostle John wasn't married according to the tradition). If they were all married, their descendants carry the blood of Jesus thru his mother's lineage that leads also to king David. The chance messiah ben David to be some distant relative to the lineage of Jesus is not so slim. In other words, what so terrible if tomorrow we meet the distant relative of Jesus who will say hello, I am here to do the mission appointed by God, pretty much the way Jesus at the age of 12 said it in the temple. What s antichristic in that? If the popes for centuries called themselves "Vicarius Christi"? Messiah ben David won't call himself vicarius.

We have to be prepared for that mission, with or without the imminent danger of Nibiru coming (another set of prophecies come here). Because that mission is what God has appointed for our end times. As we read in the canonical text of the book of Revelation, it is clearly said of a mission of 144,000 young Jews sealed by the seal of the living God. What bigger proof than that, of the expected change of the word, before the time of Armageddon. We need that change, in order to have Christianity after our passing away.

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