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Infinity Fate Fear and Love, attempted explanation

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posted on Aug, 10 2016 @ 11:38 AM
Infinity. The end all be all, right, the beginning and the end, the eternal, the most might of all thngs because it includes all things. Infinity is Ego. Literally. You and I, the chair im sitting, in, the keyboard, computer, these words and my ideas, all exist as miniscule portions of infinity.

What is the only thing that can stop and end everything? zero. Nirvana. Whereas Infinity exists because its the egos exertion that it knows better that can do things right, its its natural tendency to go on and on forever...

whereas Zero is to be caught up, to be completed. Ego runs away from zero, runs and runs and runs ending up going straight back into zeros arms. Zero is the concept of Jesus Christ. By humbling ourselves, by letting go of our connections to infinity, we open ourselves up to recieving zero.

We do this by creating a metaphysical construct holding, as best as we can imagine, everything in infinity. Thoughts words concepts meanings awareness physicality space, literally everything. Then, one at a time, we must release each thing, get rid of the concept of it, get rid of your preconception of it, get rid of your bias to it. Systematically work down from the highest order to the lowest.

It's impossible for us to actually be able to conceptualize all things in infinity, just as much as it is to be able to conceptualize zero, but you wanna know a secret? Everything in infinity already exists, without need of you to bring it into existence. There is no need to Become anything at all, everything already is. Being a part of infinity when we run away from infinity we seperate ourselves from it intrinsically, metaphysically and align ourselves with zero.

Just as the dr light was able to exist as pure ndarkness even though his body and his whoile physical being is light, sotoo is it with us and zero. When we seperate from infinity, Zero comes to us as we run towards it. at this point, infinity starts rearing its ugly head.Jesus christ claimed to be The Way, the Truth and the Life. He made it to where heaven is an inevitability, but he did NOT make it to where wedont have to try for our salvation, its an effort of cooperation...

See in Infinity you can go one of two ways. Up or Down, for all of infinity. Now, knowing that zero exists outside f and all around infinity we can know that both positivty and negativity are an illusion, but since we are living here as a part of the illusion the illusion is 'real' to us, and thus matters to us exactly which path we take as the human race.Theres the path of Fear, and the Path of Love. We can descend through miles and miles of # and glass and festering corruption and ever increasing sickness and depravity, or we can follow the natural human tendency to rise, to uplift, to uphold and choose Love.

Again, both Fear and Love end in Zero, there is no other way, but because we exist as part of infnity we can either choose one of two actions good or bad...Right now the human race is being led down the path of fear by a handful of corrupt evil mother#ers who have made a pact with ego itself, forfeiting any chance they had of salvation except by the most extreme mercy for the chance to throw the rest of humanity under the bus for their own gain...TPTB, led by Ego, is an insanely vicous cruel and unrepentant slavedriver who refuses to cut the slightest bit of slack...Thing under their rule will only change for the worse, this is guaranteed. We can let them keep prodding us towards the slaughter we can keep shuffling along or we can rise together and say "# the dumb #, moving on" And then, united, we can go about fixing this mess that they have made of our world....

I mean, given the choice between good and bad, who chooses bad? Good is by its nature the best bet. There are no bad choices my brethren, and everything is axactly as it is meant to be. However, just because things are as they are meant to be, doesnt m,ean they are as they should be...

For instance, fate vs Destiny. Destiny is immutable, indefinable and inescapable. Destiny is the flow of what IS happening, regardless of what that IS actually, is. Fate is what happens when judgement comes in, when we start differentiating between good and bad. Whereas Destiny IS, Fate is defining what that IS should be. Fate is determinging theres a lot of starving people and deciding something should be done about it. Theres always room for growth, and theres always more room to fall... My bretheren the path of fear serves its purpose, without Fear and ego nothing would be here for it is from fear and in ego that infinity twisted itself away from zero(Literally!) These serve as motivators that we can use to recognize a deficiency and then begin to repair it....

Anyway, thats it for now. Thanks you guys for hearing my exhortations, I just pray that it desnt fall upon stony ears and stony hearts.

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posted on Aug, 10 2016 @ 02:33 PM
Zero and infinity are one and the same. Add all real numbers (both positive and negative) together and you will get zero. We can't begin to comprehend infinity, we can't begin to comprehend zero (nothing) either, maybe because "the first shall be last and the last shall be first" or "as above so below", they both imply that what is above (infinity) is the same as what's below (zero).

posted on Aug, 10 2016 @ 05:26 PM
reply to: 3NL1GHT3N3D1

Yep, you got it^^

They are the same, but, they are different from our perspective. The difference is an illusion, but since we ourselves are illusions, well, illusions are real for us. We can clearly feel the effects of Good and evil, + and -, beneficial and detractor. Add and subtract? These illusions are what is real for us as illusions. Therefore, should it not be our primary focus to ascend through the positive, which is good and beneficial for all, rather then descend through negative?

Mind you, it is our focus to ascend through positive with regards to our needs, physical, mental, emotional, informational, causal, and temporal, eg hunger thirst comfort security, truth etc. To truly ascend, one cannot go either up or down, because that is dwelling purely in infinity both mind and body. Infinity/Zero is all positive and negative numbers coexisting. From our limited perspective which is completely unable to grasp this we perceive it as collapsing internally, all the numbers canceling out with their counterparts, and this is why before now in science they thought zero was nothing and infinity was everything. Which, is true, so far is it goes, but since they exist together at the exact same scal, this result is the realmof the father that jesus spoke of. Transcendent, purely indescribable beyone any method of communication or transferring intent.

It has got to be experienced. Here's how: Firstly, you create a concept in your head that contains every quantifiable Thing you can imagine from the most abstract to the most concrete, numbers thoughts concepts ideas words everything. These are all the positive numbers. Again, we cant hold all of infinity in our head as only a part of infinity, but that's ok, you only have to do it as much as you are conceivably capable of. Then, rid yourself of all your ideas about things, al of your conceptions, your thoughts and feelings about all of these things you have in your head. Get rid of everything that you can. This is the negative numbers. When positive and negative numbers meet in our minds, they cancel out to zero due t our limited awareness, but they actually combine with each other and create something that cannot be grasped by the human mind alone. It can, however, be Experienced firsthand. When you do this, the process of canceling out to zero, at the same exact time you are building up that __ that is the coexistence. This is Jesus Christ, Zero, coming to us in the same measure that we come to him. He comes to us more and fills the gap for us, for when we can no longer proceed, when we have reached our limitation of perception of infinity/zero He goes the rest of the way through us because we have built him up in us, and The Father will recognize us as holy in his sight because of this, and will give us a seat at the table.

This is what the Tale of Dr light was all about. Though your body and brain is physical, our mind is capable of transcending a stairwat to heaven, and I believe this is 'It' the real deal. For those that are familiar, it matches perfectly with the scripture that Jesus Christ is quoted to have said, for whatever that's worth. I know , The bible right, but still it has a bunch of the most basic truths a person needs in there all kinda twisted up and misquoted a bit, but considering the fact that these gems come from the biggest pile of steaming crap it is really quite miraculous...

Anyway, though, our minds are capable of hosting Zero. When We do this, because our bodies are physical, it means that infinity and zero will be coexisting in the same place. When this happens, they cancel/combine into ____ which can only be experienced directly and cannot be related. This is the seat at the fathers table, because Jesus come to and through us, dressus us resplendently in infinity and feeds us from the Truth(gives us pure objectivity) and transcends us...

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