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males univited...the story of a forbidden squierll

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posted on Aug, 9 2016 @ 02:21 PM
Adjii Jhii and her little side kick misty jeeque were skipping along singing having the best day!
Little did they know a violent squierrel, jealouse of their loving and happy times...
...was making plans of his get even for everyone not noticing how cute he is...
...he looked at misty's shorts and stocking feet, baby blue top with a magenta bow around her neck and the adoration her eyes contained for her dear heroine A. J...wearing a lovely fuschia and navy blue and baby blue ribbons on their ankles.
along walked a painted blob...(ocean creature?) "what this has nothing to do with anything!?"...
!She has a say!..." okay, I'm leaving..?" the voice of reason, interrupted from a differing story line, sanial shells and pigs blood...
So the crazy squirreell... yes yes.. ribbing his hands to egther like a sh#t fly....was going for revenge...
All he ever wanted was a companion to skip along with being merry...side by side smiling and he ran into the pathway to be hit by the ocean creatures carriages front right wheell, setting his spirit free!....still no tears...?

"sad sad sasdddd''..the two dear youngones sang..excited to attend a squreeill burial.. they both took the sack s off of their staffs and one brought food and beverages the other brought wonderful doll clothing of the softest and most fine fiber.
so the squierrl was nicly decorated...
"whats missing here?" one lokked at the other... they thought in unison...a Wife!
together with the help of a friendly elemental...(watching evertything the whole tome, time) they gathered sticks a stone and one flower and one leaf...some sort off tree needles too(medicine) and the cutest little wife was created...clothed in petals, Kshna.
"still something is missing" the two now three thought...hmmmm "sturdy book bag the two will have to share." they buried squirrel man and his bride with the book bhag and put a cross on top of the mound...."a curse against true love to any and al lthat disturbe their slumber in the world of dreams..." the elemental whispered...
the tow frienda misty and and A.J...were quiet happy for being good girls...they received a kiss by the water spirit dragon elemental(tome) and went to play and eat and be in friends.. all tjhre three ..

posted on Aug, 10 2016 @ 07:53 AM
This is the happiest story I have read on ATS. It is a great change of pace compared to a lot of what gets posted in the short story forum (that is not a critique of you specifically, Peppy).

I love the motivation of the antagonist:

making plans of his get even for everyone not noticing how cute he is... 

Your stories take us into other realities. How does one become aware of such things?
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posted on Aug, 10 2016 @ 02:38 PM
a reply to: Profusion my dad is a product from the 60's..lots of fasting? and eating well as a child..overactive imagination...doesn't matter I'm nearing death every day...(walking between the veil) so any way just because someone says they wish to die doesn't mean you should randomly poisen products in the store so to try to kil
l themj.


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