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Clinton Campaign Now Outspending Trump on Ads -- $52 Million to 0

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posted on Aug, 9 2016 @ 08:28 PM
Why spend when you know you've won.

posted on Aug, 9 2016 @ 09:01 PM

originally posted by: Sillyolme

You never rest in this game. You never assume you've got it all sewn up. ,she's not going to rest on her laurels when she's got such an amazing lead.
She's smart to keep up the momentum.

She is flopping everyday, rent a crowds, photo shopped campaign pics,
no crowds, no enthusiasm. Every day a new scandal...all her own.

Just wait till she has to face the real word, where she is asked questions
non scripted, and gets called on the carpet for her misdeeds.

Oh, one last thing about polls....they dont need to be accurate
at all till it gets close to the election, then they tighten up.

She is not really in the lead.....

posted on Aug, 10 2016 @ 04:07 AM
Advertising is nothing more than a science to arrest
human intelligence long enough so uninformed voters
can be persuaded. It's nothing morethan a resource
to convert the ignorant.

It reminds me of how most of my family had no idea
who Obama was,but after witnessing the future Hope
& Change president on the idiot box, they were off to
the races.

Samuel L. Jackson in several interviews stated he
voted for Obama BECAUSE HE'S BLACK. Proof positive
for a select element in our nation advertising
does work.

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