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A space journal

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posted on Aug, 9 2016 @ 01:06 AM
I took my journey to another universe, i do that sometimes, it makes the story in my mind a lot more fun..

He sat down, a cringy kind of man.. With his back against the wall;" one bottle of bourbon " was all he shouted..
His name ever uncertain, his title on the other hand was not just another space pirate..
The ladies on the station let him know he was not unheard of.. He had no interest in buying a bit of love.. He was searching for another tale to be told..

A blonde peculiar lady, walked by.. She smiled and that was the invite;" Please, sit down " So she did, he asked a couple of formal questions, to get inside her mind.. Just to get her relaxed;

She told a lovers tale, on a spaceship.. It passed many stars and many planets.. She found her true love inside this spaceship, they shared everything they had, their innocence or their lust.. It really doesnt matter.. What did matter she was born in a place where things are different.. Where you live your life simple, and everything is provided.. He on the other hand, saw himself as Don Juan, he took all he wanted and gave nothing back.. So she sat one day after many stars and planets had gone by and asked the wild man;" Do you want a child? " He didnt know the answer, he thought for a few days, and replied;" Yes i want to have a child" but he wanted it to become the man he was in his homeworld "

Her love was neverending, so she gave up her home to move away with him, until she realized.. She couldnt let her child be born in a world like this.. She tried to explain, like a parent to a child.. The differences, but he would not listen, in his world he was free and she was the captive..

Her tears filled the sky, and she tried to sing him a lullaby.. ;" Please, please, move to my planet.. I cant let my child grow up in a planet like this! "
He refused, so she traveled through the stars only to find her way home..

The space pirate looked at her and said;" Your love was for a child, can you see yourself growing old with one? "

And the space pirate closed his notebook and thanked her..

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