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The Robot and the Hat...

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posted on Aug, 8 2016 @ 09:15 AM

The robot wearing a hat was tired of his live being a slave in the house he worked at. All day long he cleaned and served food. This was not the life for him.

One day when his owner left for work the robot decided to put on his hat and check out New York City. He opened the door and this was the first time sunlight entered his tin brain. "Wow this is amazing I wonder if I can get tan in this tin can I live in."

Off he went on 47th and Broadway, right in the heart of Times Square. Thousands of people he saw walking the streets. He even stopped at some man yelling about religion.

The people were shocked to see a robot on the streets. All of a sudden hundreds of people surrounded the robot with the hat. He was the happiest robot in the world. He told the people his story, "I was a house cleaner and cook for 10 years and now i am free."

He was standing in front of a major news station. They quickly brought out their cameras to interview this strange robot. The robot told jokes and made everyone laugh, he even told how he was locked in a house for 10 years.

His owner happened to see a robot on the news. The man said to him self "that looks like my hat and looks like my robot."

The man ran down to the station and scolded the poor robot. Well the people were not happy about this. They secretly took the robot and moved him to a secret city where he lives happy and free.

So if you ever see a robot in a hat on your streets you know where he came from...
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