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Massive New Leak From Edward Snowden Expected Soon

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posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 09:16 AM

originally posted by: JacKatMtn

originally posted by: olaru12
a reply to: elementalgrove

At least once the information is dumped people will be given a second chance.

But can you trust the information.

A guy who gave up his normal life to inform the folks in the US, to the dishonesty and shady dealings of it's own government?

Forgive me if I put a bit more weight on the material that this guy has to offer...


Now now, you must know that only information published by the Democratic Party can be trusted.
Take your pills and come back when you are properly medicated. If you have run out of pills, please use the substitute method of watching CNN for 24 hrs straight.

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posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 09:28 AM

originally posted by: Tempter

originally posted by: elouina
Thought you may want to see this.

What a stupid thing to say, #2.

"Some tweets have a private meeting" Ugh, what? What the # did you tweet if for you twat?

He tweeted it because he's in a situation where half the worlds governments are out to get him, and every internet communication is a chance for him to get himself caught.
It's not like he can just post to myspace from his cell phone- or text his friends by number.
He needed to make sure someone got that piece of information- and he had to do it in such a way that the person getting the information couldn't possibly be singled out as the recipient. That makes it private.

Maybe it's the password to a dead drop he left behind.

For all we know, he's got *several* people still working at the NSA on his side. Can you imagine the situation they're in?

Just picture it.
They could be in a situation where their superiors *know* that they're helping snowden, but their superiors are keeping a whole team of spooks on them to try and get snowden.
Only any inside help wouldn't know for sure if their cover is blown or not.
Keeping up appearances in an environment where you don't know who is friend or foe, but everyone around you is brilliantly devious... without making any mistakes, covering every track while never getting a wink of sleep, knowing full well your life is over at any moment.

Snowden must have bags under his eyes the size of craters after three years of exile. Imagine how anyone stateside trying to help him must feel.

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 09:33 AM

originally posted by: McGinty
a reply to: pl3bscheese

Timing is always key. Why now?

If the leaks are about Hilary and depict events that happened some time ago, then why wait 'til now?

Could it be be because it's so late in the electoral race?

If they'd been released before Hilary's selection then the Dems could've selected another candidate. The damage would've been solely on Hilary, whereas now it is the Dem party that is sunk in terms of this election.

The counter argument is that they could've left the release until even closer the election - that perhaps the Dems may still have time to recover.

The number one question here is motive: Is it to keep a 'potentially' crooked Hilary out, or is it to get a 'potentially' already sold-out Trump in.

Holding onto the leak until now suggests to me that it's more about sinking the Dems, so that Trump gets in.

Btw, Great publicity for the Oliver Stone movie coming out in September...just saying

Or it could be that this really is a 'dead mans switch' and the people who want him dead decided that calling his bluff was necessary and a risk worth taking to ensure Hillary is not defeated.

Point being, we just don't know.

Personally, I think this is to do with the book being released and using the limelight of the presidential race to maximise profit.
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posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 09:48 AM

He needed to make sure someone got that piece of information- and he had to do it in such a way that the person getting the information couldn't possibly be singled out as the recipient. That makes it private.

There are ways to do this that don't include posting it for the world to see, and he more than most, is trained specifically to use those methods. I don't believe for a moment he could not have secured a more private way to do this. I am pretty sure he wanted it publically known. Why is the question - publicity? A "Hey look.. I'm still trying to break America's secrets!" message to Russia? Not sure.. but he wanted it seen.

Or perhaps it was the opposite.. an actually fairly unsecure, not all that important thing he was passing along.. and he felt that it was the easier way to let someone know than jumping through a bunch of security hoops.

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 11:42 AM
a reply to: UKTruth

He must be off his "joy" QUICK!! WE HAVE A DOWNER HERE!! POLICE!! lol!!

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 12:04 PM
All the surmission (is that a word?) that he's doing this for publicity for a movie or book is silly. Anything 'Snowden' will do plenty well without any help whatsoever.

The reason that Snowden is still in play is that he has massive amounts of information about people who have a lot to lose if he releases it. He had years to plan this, and took jobs to facilitate his acquiring as much info as possible.

Imagine the NSA's dilemma - oh ****, he knows more than we do about ourselves, because we don't have time to read it and he did... the files he gave Greenwald were categorized so thoroughly that it was obvious to GG that Snowden had read every one of them.

Imagine what he's got on the Clintons and their Foundation, both the RNC and the DNC, everyone in Congress that the NSA was spying on, which is everyone, past Presidents, present Presidents.... every bank in the world, every bit of drug money laundering and civilian bombing. Every war crime of which there are hundreds, every hacked government official, every bit of clear evidence that the U.S. government is not legitimate but instead a rogue force for pure evil. He may very well have the 9-11 files and hopefully the MJ-12 files, too.

And he has friends still working back home in the 'Family' who sympathize with him and also took an oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

It's a perfect stalemate and the next move is always his. He's not doing anything for publicity, he's doing it to take down Goliath.

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 12:11 PM

Many Americans just din't get that in Brazil the waters are filthy with viruses, etc. Any Satanist knows that this is atmosphere for the Devil himself/herself. There is alot of spells being casted in Rio as we speak. And the Olympic Games are really ritualistic procedures that promote the idea of a New World Order. They are most certainly organized distractions from pertinent news stories. The Olympics have many times been timed in such a way to distract people from world problems and domestic failures. There have been historically documented cases of bloody events, wars and government cover-ups that happen during the games and the Rio games have already been marked as hazardous for the people of Brazil, and the athletes that are going to compete. Many people can remember the World’s real first taste of modern terrorism was associated with the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich Germany. On September 5th 1972, a terrorist group known as “Black September” infiltrated the Olympic Village in Munich and took eleven Israeli athletes hostage. The event came to be known as the “Munich Massacre.” It was the first real global exposure to terrorism.
The occult signatures of the terrorist raid at the time were compelling. The Black September group killed 11 Israelis. September is the 9th month and the Olympics ended on September 11th, 1972. There were 121 countries participating. If you divide 121 by 11, you get 11. Twenty-nine years later, the United States was attacked when two planes hit the Twin Towers in New York and another plane hit the Pentagon. The 1980 Moscow Games were boycotted by more than 60 nations led by the United States, in protest of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan. At the 1996 Atlanta Games, a bomb went off in Atlanta’s Centennial Park during the Summer Olympic Games. Two people died and 111 were injured. At first, authorities had few leads as to who detonated a forty pound pipe bomb, the largest in history, but were later able to tie Eric Robert Rudolph to the subsequent bombings of two abortion clinics and a lesbian bar. When the spirit of the Olympic Games is compromised with political infighting and paranoia, there always seems to be some sort of scandal or tragedy that winds up in the headlines. The Olympics have always tried to sanitize their agenda by saying it is all about the competitive nature of the world and that even when the world is facing grave threats from the war on terrorism, there can be a gathering of our finest athletes fighting for their countries in sporting events that are peaceful and patriotic.

Every Olympic outing has by coincidence or even synchronicity has signaled the beginning of a destructive cycle, which puts into question if the opening ceremonies are rituals to open up the world to chaos. The games in Rio have been literally plagued with problems that certainly have been cause for alarm. The first glaring problem is that Brazil has been plagued with the Zika virus and so the danger for infection has loomed and the athletes could be vulnerable to the disease. Olympic swimmers are also facing dangers as the waters that they will be swimming in are considered dangerously polluted. Hundreds of Olympic athletes will go for gold in polluted venues like Guanabara Bay and Lagoa Stadium. A recent AP report suggests anyone who ingests more than three tablespoons of the stuff is going to contract a virus, and even those who stick to the sand at Copacabana Beach may not be safe either. A 16 month investigation reveals Rio’s water is chock full of Rota virus; it also contains high levels of bacteria and fecal material, which, if ingested, can cause a variety of diseases including cholera and dysentery. However, the president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, insists the athletes will be safe.

Experts are making seemingly absurd suggestions to the athletes forced to swim in this water. Don’t put your head under water; don’t allow any of it to come in contact with your skin, surely easier said than done. The idea that athletes will be able to brave the cesspool of disease is wishful thinking. Rio has been called the murder capitol of the world, and some people believe that the security will not be enough and that some foreigners may be killed. Just a day before the games a man claiming to be a Russian diplomat shot a carjacker and killed him on a busy street close to the Olympic park. Critics of the art that was produced by the Olympic committee say that the logo looks like a bomb and that this has created talk about a possible terrorist attack. There was also a bad omen in the fact that the mascot, a jaguar named Juma was shot and killed during a torch relay. The female jaguar was photographed in the town of Manaus as the torch passed through on its way to Rio, and the whole thing went off without a hitch. But according to reports, shortly after the ceremony the sedated big cat, normally captive at a zoo, bolted for freedom as it was being placed back in its cage. When Juma approached a soldier, he fired the fatal shot.

The opening and closing ceremonies of past Olympic shows have been filled with dazzling special effects and occult overtones that wish to sell you on a globalist ideal. In the book, Philosophy of Olympism by Russian author Ljubodrag Simonovic, The Olympics have always been a ritualistic demonstration of what is to be the ideal New World Order. It is an example of how the elite gather together to watch the finest athletes risk their lives, and push themselves to the limit for unknown government officials who offer rewards as a symbol of the militaristic socialist order. Every aspect of mysticism and occult symbolism is produced to mesmerize the observer and to desensitize them to the idea of Globalism. “While around the world tens of thousands of athletes sacrifice their health and lives for the achievement of Olympic medals and, thus, try to take themselves out of the ghetto of poverty, in which they die from hunger and diseases, the gentlemen from the IOC together with their families stay in five-star hotels, in which only one night costs several thousand dollars, are arranged legendary feasts and receptions. Millions of dollars yearly are expended on the “representative” gatherings, for the world elite of power, which uses the Olympic Games as the means of the creation of the New World Order”– Ljubodrag Simonovic

It is not accidental that the founder of the modern Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, found his spiritual motherland in Fascist Germany. He believed that the games should reflect the ideals fascist socialist state where races compete for superiority and where mankind can see the thrill of gladiatorial combat for the masters of global control. Philosophers have always noted that the idea of World Order will be sold to the proletariat as an ideology that promotes nobility and nationalism similar to the pageantry that the Nazis used to mesmerized the German citizenry. During the Olympics, people become enamored with the bread and circus and cheer on the gladiators in the coliseum. When a gladiator becomes victorious, the flag of his country is hoisted in the air. Arguably, the athlete who wins can be metaphorically seen as a warrior – the warrior who makes the regime proud. The warrior serves the monarchy that sees itself as the greater power as if divine and favored by the God they worship. The Olympics are all about symbolic significance only!

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 12:12 PM
It breeds the notions warriors fighting for the world dominance and a regime that becomes synonymous with religious and government authority. The overtly military protection of the games is a simile of what will be unified police forces with a militaristic framework that will be implemented in the United States.

A representative of the U.N. Human Rights Council, who on the tail-end of touring the U.S., endorsed a little-known and yet highly controversial practice by the Justice Department to effect a federal takeover of local police and corrections departments. The consent decrees are already being implemented in Newark, New Jersey; Miami, Florida; Los Angeles, California; Ferguson, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; and other municipalities. Here’s how it works: the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice files a lawsuit in federal court against a city, county, or state, alleging constitutional and civil rights violations by the police or at a corrections facility. It is done under 42 U.S.C. § 14141, a section of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, granting the attorney general the power to prosecute law enforcement misconduct. The municipality then simply agrees to the judicial finding — without contest — and the result is a wide-reaching federal court order that imposes onerous regulations on local police. As we predicted, the recent shootings in Dallas and the war on police has given Barack Obama the impetus to move forward with a United Nations mandate to pursue the federal takeover of local police right under Congress’ nose and the clincher is Congress seems to be oblivious.

The Olympics of course again fulfill the mission of being a distraction from this move. In fact, the pageantry that we see today at the Olympics were always meant to be ceremony and ritual to distract from the problems of the world. After all, it is an unknown fact that the modern Olympic Games as we see them today were devised by Adolf Hitler in order to engender faith in German superiority and Aryan might. The Olympics were a perfect arena for the Nazi propaganda machine, which was unsurpassed at staging elaborate public spectacles and rallies. Choreographed pageantry, record-breaking athletic feats, and warm German hospitality made the 1936 Olympic Games memorable for athletes and spectators. Behind the facade, however, a ruthless dictatorship persecuted its enemies and rearmed for war to acquire new “living space” for the “Aryan master race.” Concerted propaganda efforts continued well after the Olympics with the international release in 1938 of Olympia, Leni Riefenstahl’s controversial film documentary of the Games. This film enshrined forever the pageantry and mystical overtones of the games that to this day has been a tool to propagate the ideal of a World Order. It was Riefenstahl that had the Olympic rings carved into a stone altar at the ancient Greek city of Delphi, spawning the myth that they were a symbol dating more than two millennia. The torch relay is so ingrained in the modern choreography that most people today assume it was a revival of a pagan tradition unaware that it was actually concocted for Hitler’s Games in Berlin. Hitler was also instrumental in creating symbolic Illuminated architecture for the games. All Illuminated symbols for a World Order.

Hitler had openly challenged the churches and the secret societies by using certain esoteric imagery to conjure a mystical trance over the world. Hitler commented: “All the supposed abominations, the skeletons and death’s heads, the coffins and the mysteries, are mere bogeys for children. But there is one dangerous element and that is the element I have copied from them. They form a sort of priestly nobility. They have developed an esoteric doctrine not merely formulated, but imparted through the symbols and mysteries in degrees of initiation. The hierarchical organization and the initiation through symbolic rites, that is to say, without bothering the brain but by working on the imagination through magic and the symbols of a cult, all this has a dangerous element, and the element I have taken over. Don’t you see that our party must be of this character? An Order that is what it has to be an Order, the hierarchical Order of a secular priesthood… Ourselves or the Freemasons or the Church there is room for one of the three and no more… We are the strongest of the three and shall get rid of the other two”—Adolf Hitler

Hitler knew that the Olympic Games were the perfect venue for the darkest ritualism. The modern Olympics have always been a massive psychological operation, to desensitize and literally demonstrate what a New World Order consists of. The Olympics play an integral part in occult and conspiratorial history. Since the times of Hitler, the secret societal elite have used The Olympic Games as an advertisement for a one world government. Now, however, the lofty ideas of the globalists is to sift the human material and remove from the planet those that they deem inferior. If the metaphor of the Olympics is seen as a microcosm of the affairs happening today on the planet, we now can surmise the task ahead is to distinguish the legacy rhetoric from the impending and complex reality of a globalist psy-op that could be lead to the erasure of many people as the whole concept of population control was hatched in the Agenda 21 and Rio+ 20 Summits. After all, the participants are limping through Olympics knowing full well of the toxic environment they are competing in. The world will be watching, as the model world they have created is dying. Culling has become a spectator sport.

August 7, 2016

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 12:34 PM
Much ado about nothin...


posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 12:53 PM
I thought Snowden was a shill. Then why this thread is on top of ATS? Sheeplies around or what?

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posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 02:05 PM
I have read through this entire thread, so if I missed this info can someone link it for me? The premise of the OP is that new leaks will happen soon...from whom, where, and when is this timetable of "soon" attributable?

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 02:06 PM

originally posted by: xtradimensions
I have read through this entire thread, so if I missed this info can someone link it for me? The premise of the OP is that new leaks will happen soon...from whom, where, and when is this timetable of "soon" attributable?

Good questions, but nobody knows if there will even be a leak let alone when and what.

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 02:09 PM

originally posted by: ratskin32
I thought Snowden was a shill. Then why this thread is on top of ATS? Sheeplies around or what?

Well you thought wrong.
And is was the site owner SkepticOverlord that made the thread.. are you calling him a sheep, good luck with that
oh and welcome to ATS

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 02:15 PM
Gotcha. I thought maybe I had missed the link to an interview or Twitter post where Assange or associates mentioned a timetable for the next leak. So, this entire thread is speculation that a big leak might happen soon likely based on Snowden's recent cryptic tweets and possibly Assange's recent interviews where he says he has lots more info. I suppose now we wait and see what happens next, if anything. a reply to: UKTruth

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posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 02:39 PM
Ok people, looking around about the date in the insurance file I found an article (June 2016) where there is an explanation about the information dump that is coming in the near future.

The insurance file posted in this thread is the real deal, this file was released back in June with a first encryption key available but the second key HAS NOT been released. This data dump seems to be in relation to Hillary Clinton and the release of the insurance file is in character with other instances where WikiLeaks made important data dumps.

This means that the impending release is not a bluff by Assange, if a insurance file is released be sure the data is near.

As for the impending leak, we may have to wait a little more. Sorry for the disappointment, but the info will come soon enough.

WikiLeaks Recently Released a Torrent Titled “WikiLeaks Insurance”

On Friday morning, WikiLeaks made a big announcement. “Protect our coming publications,” WikiLeaks wrote on its Twitter account. It provided a link for where people could download a torrent file called WIKILEAKS INSURANCE 2016-06-03. The file is listed as being 88 Gb. An insurance file is typically an unredacted version of a file that WikiLeaks is planning to release.

WikiLeaks posts insurance files as a type of “deadman’s switch.” Downloaders get an encryption key, but they need a second one before they can actually unlock the file. The insurance file operates as a type of backup. If anything happens to WikiLeaks, the second key is released, giving everyone access to the file.

On a Reddit thread about the drop, posters theorized that the file was likely 88 GB (gigabytes) not 88 Gb (gigabits). The 88 GB size would be a huge size and might indicate that the file includes videos and other larger documents. Or, as one person on Reddit theorized, it may contain some junk files to fill up space, or it may actually be more than 88 GB if any files are compressed. What’s in the file is all speculation, since no one has the second key to decrypt the file.

WikiLeaks Has Released Insurance Files Before

This isn’t the first time that WikiLeaks has posted an insurance file. Sometimes, the encrypted insurance file has far more sensitive, non-redacted information that governments and others would not want released. That’s why the insurance file provides incentive that allows WikiLeaks to move forward on a planned announcement or file drop.

In February 2012, for example, WikiLeaks released an insurance file. In an interview about the insurance file with Eric Scmidt, Julian Assange said: “We openly distribute … encrypted backups of materials that we view are highly sensitive that we are to publish in the coming year… So that there is very little possibility that that material, even if we are completely wiped out, will be taken from the historical record… Ideally, we will never reveal the key… Because there is things, like, … redactions sometimes need to be done on this material.”

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 02:48 PM
a reply to: efabian

But I thought this was about Snowden, not WikiLeaks?
Still interesting points though as it confirms the second WikiLeaks dump is on the way.

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posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 02:49 PM
a reply to: efabian

I have seen a second key! Now I need to find it again.

But I do need to mention, that first hash may have been a checksum.

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 02:53 PM
By the way - it's worth pointing out that Clinton took this weekend off campaigning. I thought it odd when I heard she had withdrawn from campaigning for a couple of days... I wonder is this information linked in anyway... i.e. is she behind the scenes with advisors planning her mitigation?

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 02:55 PM

originally posted by: Spacespider

originally posted by: ratskin32
I thought Snowden was a shill. Then why this thread is on top of ATS? Sheeplies around or what?

Well you thought wrong.
And is was the site owner SkepticOverlord that made the thread.. are you calling him a sheep, good luck with that
oh and welcome to ATS

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posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 02:56 PM

originally posted by: elouina
This is everything that I can see on the FEC webside for Clear the Record. I can't fnd mention of payments for all those people. Efavian, how many people are there?

I don't think they should be paying those people... Let me go research this.

Clear The Record FEC

Info is there, under "other disbursements". From what I can notice, by itself the info is not very damming. But if you dig a little in the pattern of the names of companies, people and addresses one can find many previously unnoticed things.
For example, there is clear evidence of substantial payments to a "persuasion training agency" as to propaganda and disinfo writer services which when viewed as a whole you can deduce the validity of the "Hillary shill force".

Another thing is, that by matching the addresses of people and questionable companies, one can find some possible money laundering as you just deduced in your post. Plus, maybe one can find instances where the committee worked fundraising in conjunction with the Hillary campaign if one can match the dates. (I did see some fundraising "consulting" fees and a venue or two)

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