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Quite simply, I forgive you

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posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 11:32 AM
I forgive you and you do not know why,
You made a decision that caused me to cry,
I was angry and sad at the dark black sky;

There was thunder and hail and rain,
Overwhelming my senses with pain,
Must you do that to me again and again;

When will this madness ever end,
Will it be around the next bend,
How will my heart and soul mend;

Deep down inside I have to find,
Some kind of peace of mind,
Jealousy and greed are not very kind;

You speak of forgiveness and love,
Perhaps you just need a shove,
The hand of a silky glove;

I found the place, Deep in space,
It was not covered in lace,
Somewhat out of place,
The mirror was in the face;

Quite simply, I forgive you,
You do not know what you do,
Not out of spite, with terrible might,
There will be peace for me tonight.


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