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Apex predator mentality of society vs The Sun or The Grass.

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posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 12:15 PM
Challenging our environment is how we have grown,ethics aren't in play until money is involved.

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 12:17 PM
I never said anything about herbivores... Herbivores juat take whats given and they give when they are eaten.

I was talking about enulating the most basic libks in the food chain, the bottom that supports the entire structure.

I mean, the apex predator is top dog, and he keeps taking from the excess of takers. He exists to keep regulation, and to Dominate.

Whereas the herbivores just eat and breed. The human ones slave away, yo jobs to egos, yo mind and money.

Lets look at the sun. He doesnt take anything from his environment, he works entirely off what he already has. He pours out light, which bears lifebeating nutrients and energy, to all things equally. He shines his light in all directions equally. Big wonder the most 'primitive' societies practiced sun worship. Even then, though, violence perpetrated and corrupted.

Let's look at grass. He works with the light the sun gives him and the nutrients in the soil. He feed everybody in some manner, provides oxygen for the entore world and absorbs carbon dioxide.reply to: Specimen

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 12:47 PM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

They practiced Sun Worship because they thought if they didn't, they wouldn't have any more crops, but the Sun is a life taker as well, because one day, it will kill everything on this planet.

And whose really in control of the chain if it didn't have time to grow...The predator? The next few links below it maybe....Or maybe the first link in the chain that they all depend on...The grass, that will eventually swallow all the links in the chain to become part of it when they are dead?

You were asking about why don't we practice tricks or behaviors that lower parts of the food chain, like staying still as rock, or just run much faster? Instead of vying for pieces of meet that two predators fight over...It just the way it is.

Human have the best of both worlds, we can eat pretty much everything on this planet, wether it its a plant life or meat . And both tiers of the food chain still fight for dominance when it comes to mating rituals, then hunting. It far more common to see herbivores fight over sex, then predators.

Most carnivores or the ones at the top of the chain, don't want the competition unless they actually have too...Greats whites are one of the largest sharks, but they hunt by ambushing their prey, while a tiger or bull shark would just dart and chase their prey. True the Orca a step higher on the ladder, but that because of it size, speed, and having the intelligence to throw it weight around make it that much deadly.

Also, wasn't Hitler a vegetarian?
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posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 06:22 PM
No, I was asking that, wouldn't it be better if instead of emulating the imperfect system of nature, the 'law of the jungle' the 'eat or be eaten' mandate, 'eye for an eye' , the cycle of aggression and revenge, dominance and pain, if we instead emulated the shining example, in this case quite literally? I mean, yeah the sun will eventually bloat up in its death throes and swallow venus and mercury as well as blasting earth to #. But that's millions of years from now, and in the meantime, its existence is central to our survival. We would die without the sun, and never would have been here if not for the sun.

My question is, shouldn't we all be suns? Taking only what we need so we can freely give, having freely received. The sun did not choose to be born any more than you or I. He shines his light, as is his lot, freely and without reserve. He doesn't say, 'oh those pesky humans don't get no light today' or 'hehe, immana burn thos *ckers' No, he pours out his rays overflowing with life bearing energy.

Can't we al be like grass? receiving those nutrients in the world around us necessary for our survival, doing no harm, supporting any and all comers? the grass doesn't discriminate any more than the sun.

If we all were to emulate the bottom link of the food chain, im saying, then we would have peace on earth. There would be abundance for all, because all would take only what they needed and would Give back joyeously. These peoples would work together to olve the problems facing them, realizing that to be divided could easily mean death, or worse, slavery.

The way it currently is, human society perfectly imitates the food chain. You got your apex predator, right, the evil scumbags who have been manipulating to enslave the human race since its very conception. These are your bankers, these are the ones who have engineered the bio plague that is the cancerous human plague society. These feed on other predators and herbivores almost exclusively but they also eat other parasites. Almost as a rule, they leave supporters alone.

You got your regular predators. These are your politicians, your street thugs, your burglars and your mob bosses, crooked cops and storeowners, etc. They feed on the herbivores, but they can subsist off of the supporters like sun and grass.

You got your herbivores. This is the mass of humanity, currently. Whether they realize the size and scope of the cancerous and vile society they live in, these are the ones that shuffle forward with the cattleprod, heads bent low and tail between their legs. Whether theyre too scared, too weak, too ignorant, these are the ones that let crimes and travesties happen, because nothing can match the travesty that is their life within the engineered cancerous constructs of societal ego worship.

You got your parasites. The bankers go here a well, but you also got your con artists, your big multimillonair pastors, your child rapists and serial killers. Scum. Bottomfeeders. These take and take, and their preffered method is to take everything the victim owns by breaking their spirit, their will, and then mercilessly raping their souls.

And, finally, you got your supporters. These are the ones who, in a sick ad twisted world, bravely shine their light with joy and courage, bravely singing their song so that others might be inspired by them to go on to do works of their own. These are your artists, your dreamers, the gypsies and the warrior-folk. These are they, whom bring light to a dark world. Like the sun, like the grass, these take only what they need and give far more in return. These are the ones who have opened themselves up to the divine and let it pour through them, spilling beauty and love, hope and kindness, wisdom and peace...

This is the reason things are so #ed up today, to be quite frank: With the gift of consciousness, the apex parasites of humanity manipulated and schemed their way into power(some say aliens, I don't know) using the power of MEMES to infect society with sick, dark, twisted and vile imagery and ideas. The herbivores, weak and ignorant, turn into predators, become even more docile sheep, or turn into supporters based on the apex parasites influence. The predators are the ones who stupidly give in to their vile instincts, letting it run through them like filthy tap water. The apex predator is more selective, more intelligent with his darkness. while the apex parasite is the master of darkness.

these and their ilk, FAR outnumber the supporters of the world. There are simply way to many not good people, too many bad people, and more than enough evil people that henceforth its all the supporters could do, to support themselves and those close to them.

A supporter, though, cannot be content to do for one and ones own, because a supporter realizes, we are stronger together. A supporter knows, that beauty and grace, love and light are their own reward. These are the 'magical' people, the ones who walk through despair and leave behind them a trail of hope woven from light. aptly named, Light Workers, children of grace, the people of the sun.

Hark, and listen to their call "This world, is enough for us all. We can live, content and in harmony with each other and All. W can create beautifully, and give freely because we have all received freely. Who can say, they came into this world of their own volition? Who can say, I made the heavens and the earth, the sun and the stars? Let Him Reign, for his is Just. We can live in peace with each other. With Love, trust, and communication, the path forward is revealed."

If we copuld all take the hint from mr sun and mr grass, and replace our deseased society, get rid of the predators ad parasites and herbivores, transformed into links that support the entire chain, instead of adding their weight to it? can we not carry our own weight? the reason humanity is in such dire straights, is because we have to shoulder that burden together, for we are all humans, such is our lot. If we all work together, we will find our yoke is light and our work carefree. If we can be content in the satisfaction of being, and respect all other beings, and Help all other beings, truly I say to you :
Nothing Will Stop Us.

Can we not yearn for a better tomorrow? a tomorrow filled with light and laughter, of prosperity and goodwill for ALL BEINGS? because the road were headed down, all I can see ahead is darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth, and desperate wailing. We MUST change the coure, before it becomes too late.

I am here today because our window is not yet closed, WE CAN CHANGE. We can still fix this. Its not Too late.

Together we can create a better world.

I know it,, with the totality of my being. I am more sure of this than I am of my own life.

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 09:22 PM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

If only it were that easy, and the world just flocked like bird of a feather. But it not.

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 11:51 PM

originally posted by: LucidWarrior
Mankind, as a whole, emulates the apex predator. The goal is to be the biggest, the baddest, the smartest or the most powerfulll or for those in lower paradigms, who has the most stuff etc. Why?

Why is it that, upon perceiving a power differential tipped in the observers favor, the gut reaction of most human beings is to dominate, to assimilate? To use power as a blunt force weapon to force power away from those who have less.

Would it not be better if, instead, mankind emulated, the botoom of the food chain? Y'know, the sun, the grass, algea and plankton?

These links take almost nthing from their environments, and give with the totality of their being. If mankind could structure themselves this way, Violence would be seen as #ing retarded, which it is. Why force power away from this individual with your power, when you can use your power to elevate this individual, so that from your shared platform you can use each other to ascend to glorious heights?

In essence, I am asking- why violence? why greed, why hatred, when it has been proven since the dawn of history that these traits do nothing except bring more and more negativity?

Why not Cooperation, collaberation, trust respect and faith?

Is it REALLY too much todreamof? if so, why?!

All life is consuming things, be it other life, raw materials, etc. Everything that makes up a plant is taken from the ground around it and the air it exists in. That's how we deplete soil, by growing too many crops on it which literally suck all the nutrients out of the soil. Similar to over fishing the sea or wiping out too many deer/bison/etc. They also take C02 from the atmosphere. We see that as a good thing because to us it's a waste product, but it's just perspective. Sunlight is simply used as the energy source to build the plant, but just like us humans their structure comes from the food they consume, in the form of soil and gas.

Plenty of plants, and fungus, bacteria, etc only survive by feasting on decaying and dead life. There are whole species of beings that live on specific animals, us humans have a few that prey only upon us.

I think your issue is with perspective and classification. Greed is the expression of a desire to fulfill ones needs, something that every single form of life does. Seeing humans and their behavior as being somehow apart or different than all other life is a false perspective and won't lead to any understanding.

If you were to stand on a medieval battlefield, smelling the decaying bodies and spilled bowels of the soldiers, hearing the clash of metal on metal, metal on bone, or the screams of dying and killing men, it would seem incredibly violent. Your perspective gives you knowledge that these sights, sounds, and smells are negative.

If you were hovering above and all the men looked as small as ants it might not look so violent. It might look interesting. Natural even. You're too far away to view the blood, smell the gore, or hear the sound. You are disconnected from what that situation actually is. The meaning is gone and all you see is dots moving towards dots then stopping and then more moving.

Kind of like what we observe when looking at the smallest of creatures on this planet do battle. If you were as small as a microbe, and somehow had the perspective of a microbe to know what types of stimuli are negative and which are positive, you might not feel that the planet is some sort of harmonious place. You might be sitting in your microbe version of a house wondering about why the world outside is so incredibly violent, because as a microbe the world is still incredibly violent. They have seen battles with casualty numbers that would dwarf the combined total of the human race.

Back to a human again, you look up at the stars as see these things as beautiful and majestic. Now you are huge, bigger than a galaxy and time passes for you in proportion. Now you look around and the universe if full of violence, constant explosions and collisions, perpetual destruction.

It's all just perspective, if there actually IS anything unique about us humans it's our belief in being unique

posted on Aug, 6 2016 @ 01:15 AM
Perhaps Terrence summed it up best (below) when he said that we are currently in a war between two major philosophy's that are in contradiction with one another. Hopefully before demand outstrips supply we will recover from the affliction caused by a lifetime of television commercials and realise that happiness results from sharing and caring for one another.

"Today's battle is between capitalism and democracy. Democracy says everyone has an innate worth that most be honoured. Capitalism says, those who die with the most toys, win."

By the late Terence McKenna

posted on Aug, 6 2016 @ 01:28 AM
I suspect it is necessary, because we have gone down a road of challenging nature in the name of individual consciousness, rebuilding our environment and ourselves to mimic the natural world.

Nature -but better (we say). Birds that fly, gazelles that run fast, but made of metal and completely under our conscious control. Caves completely engineered by us, to fit our preferences; prairies of manicured lawns and purposefully chosen flowers.

With all this, we run into the problem of population control.
We have to mimic that as well. Nature does it with predators, illness and disease, climate changes, drought, etc.
We've found ways to avoid all that, so- now we must kill each other and have a well developed hostile/violent nature to ensure that population is kept down and the gene pool continues to develop in a positive way.
We need wars and murderers.

Why have only humans developed this individual ego growth ?
Perhaps it is the soul parasites we are that have chosen those vehicles to use as hosts, particularly because of their opposable thumbs and upright walking abilities....

posted on Aug, 6 2016 @ 01:44 PM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

Humans are hierarchical animals.
Nuff said.

posted on Aug, 7 2016 @ 06:06 PM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

Yeah I see what you mean. It's hard to change someone's view point to yours because what they see you don't. What you see they don't.

posted on Aug, 8 2016 @ 07:21 AM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

What's that saying about the Liberty Tree?

The majority of people wanting change go about it in a civilized way, most protests tend to be civilized to a degree and the organizers want that because a violent cause always loses support, at least in the more civilized world that is.

We actively do change the world for the better from a humans perspective, we really have came a long way. From a westerners perspective we've had booms of human achievement every now and then that tend to effect us the most. Chivalry for instance brought a lot of law and order to the lower classes and thus safety, it brought about a much more inclusive society and the benefits that brings such as more food, social works and stronger industry. When the Catholic church began to have schisms and whole nations began committing heresy it brought about a new way of thinking, it's probably not a coincidence not too long after Europe had it's Renaissance a time of working out or "remembering" things that the Catholic church probably knew and the Greeks and Romans, Egyptians etc practised. I'm talking about construction, sciences such as chemistry and advanced mathematics. Then we've had the last 200 or so years with the Industrial revolution and the liberty it has brought. Universal suffrage and human rights comes to mind, plus one man can feed thousands with a John Deere tractor or a few dozen people could clothe a city with the right machines.

Most conflict is due to a lack of understanding, communication... We've never been so far away from an apex-predator mentality as a people after all we are living in a age of communication and understanding. It really is all about perspective.

Now, individually we need sustenance and with so many people and the methods of sustaining ourselves is having a drastic effect on the planet, we have a lot of mouths to feed, water and power these days and we seem to squabble about so much that a damn good percentage of this planet do not even get the basics while the rest bathe in a lavish consumerist lifestyle. Humanity has a disease in it's midst and it's a big problem, the planet can no longer keep up with our ways.

From you're perspective grass does no harm, from my perspective it was something that found a niche in nature when everything else was failing. The last thing all those animals and creatures would have wanted would be a new plant on the scene replacing lands that was once food to them. Grass was a cataclysmic change to the Earth's surface and just like humans you can now find the stuff practically everywhere.

In terms of perspective everything everywhere is existing in a state of conflict, everything in existence owes it's existence to something that once was. In a nutshell the universe is chaos, organized chaos. Now that shouldn't bring despair, on the contrary. We humans are unique in that so far as we know we are the only living thing that can see the order from chaos, what looks like total utter uncontrolled madness has become very orderly from our perspective. We've got so good at seeing the order of things we know how to predict how even atoms decay and how long.

Personally I think we need to embrace or ability to see, our foresight and understanding can be utterly astounding at times. We've already eclipsed nature and then some with our progress, I don't think we should try and emulate her any more I'd personally see it as futile. We are the gods of yesterday and we should act like them too. To be cliché, we've already ate the apple and it's too late, however we are in a very unique position to be the gardeners of a poor and tired Eden.

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