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Reconsider your day

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posted on Aug, 3 2016 @ 11:11 PM
Ive seen all to many becoming clowns of amusement just cause nature gave them a gift.. But maybe the clowns of amusement fills the void the human race lacks, maybe just maybe, the ones who you talk about today or tomorrow are because you are empty vessels deep down inside..
Somehow when they arent clowns, the human race strongly advice and give forth a humanitarian message;" Its your obligation to make the monkeys strive ".

If you ask the clown;" What do you love about your work. " Im gonna bet many of them will say;" I love to see people smile. "
The clowns you are talking about, maybe just maybe, instead of a smile... Are actually giving you something to talk about..
Cause if you look at your day, did you ever reconsider if you did anything more than just.. Get up, do a routines day of work and then go to sleep..

Maybe just maybe, the clowns you love and hate.. Gives you a purpose a meaning.. Cause after all, most people love a story to follow..

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