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Obama Guns and Religion Speech Review in Light of Current Flap

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posted on Aug, 2 2016 @ 06:02 PM
I wanted some of us to look back on this Obama speech, which isn't half bad really, and consider if Islam were in the crosshairs here and not christianity. Especially now in the current climate, with its current flaps ect. We are seeing here speech directed at one religion, the primary religion of the country this man is president of. This sort of speech would get Mr Obama in grave trouble if it were given in any number of Muslim nations and were about the Koran. Here though we appreciate free speech and christians are expected to honor it.

Anyway look at the reaction Trump is getting for his flap. For pointing out that the Captains mother didn't speak.....which is as legit a challenge as anything Obama brought up in his speech. Where are all the libs that have been harping for decades about fundamentalist Christianity "treatment" of women?

What did Trump say that Obama didn't? As far as a reasoned criticism of a religion? Nothing.

In this vid Khan talks about a moral stand needing to be taken regardless of the political consequences. Which really would amount something his religion hasn't had to suffer in this country. Criticizing his religion in this country has been nothing but a big ol bowl of consequences.

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posted on Aug, 2 2016 @ 06:40 PM
a reply to: Logarock

I heard something on the radio earlier today that was on a slightly different topic but I think applies here.

In short, it's Hitler's fault.

Essentially, the Western world saw first hand how the majority could treat the minority. Death camps, etc. Fortunately the West summoned the strength and resolve to defeat Hitler and his army. However, the West was left traumatized and live in constant fear of becoming (or even being unjustly being labeled) racists, bigots or imperialists.

That fear at times prevents the West from taking on groups like ISIS head on. It is why some people will go to great lengths to disconnect the common thread between too many of the modern day terrorist attacks. It seems that making the distinction that "not all Muslims are terrorists" or "there are some other evil people/groups out there that have nothing to do with Islam" isn't enough. We can not acknowledge that the common thread these days is, in fact, a pledge of allegiance to Mohammed (even if Mohammed himself may not approve of what is going on with a minority of his followers).

Its the reason why Piss Christ is called art but drawing a depiction of Mohammed is "asking for trouble."

Its the reason why we hear so much about allegedly racist cops, yet almost never hear about a black on white crime with seemingly racial overtones being charged as a hate crime. (Side note, I hate that "hate crime" is a thing in our system but that is for another thread).

It's why (as wacky as we may be sometimes) an essentially law and order nation simply looks the other way as people enter the country illegally and we don't put any real effort into securing our borders... for fear of being called racists.

Its why Merkel (especially Merkel) turns a blind eye to all the chaos that is taking place in Germany and Europe and insists on maintaining wide open borders to unchecked and unvetted people.

Although Osama bin Laden is the current boogey-man, when someone wants to really insult someone, they call that person a "Hitler."

The horrors Hitler and company performed have traumatized the West to the point where we will not allow ourselves to do what many people know is necessary.

When I was in High School I got into a fist fight with the school bully. It was over him throwing an egg at me during lunch on Halloween. People (especially his former victims) were very happy about it and I thought I was happy about it at the time as well. However, as time went by I realized that since I'd taken up boxing for many months before, I used the egg as an excuse to prove myself (to others or to myself or whatever). Ultimately, in retrospect I realized that I should not have gotten into that fight. However, I'm not so traumatized about it that I would not defend myself or my family with fisticuffs if need be.

posted on Aug, 2 2016 @ 06:42 PM
Lets see:
Obama - Use anything for the political agenda
Trump - speaks out against radical Muslims (except the word radical is conveniently omitted)
Khan - possibly a pay per view event @ the DNC
Everyone - forgets what group the son was fighting against
Europe - Closing ,or have closed , down the borders (or at least debating it)(re: France , Belgium , Greece , Cyprus)
Trump - Nothing new see the above statement
Khan - The above statements makes the entire situation irrelevant , and possibly a matter of hypocrisy on his part.

The number one responsibility of ANY country's leadership is to protect the people and the country. Some European countries get it. Obama never will

"Just words , just speeches" Dang I love using his own words against him.
Not to mention , "the world is a safer place now than it has ever been"

posted on Aug, 2 2016 @ 07:28 PM
I'm still trying to figure out where in these comments that Trump made is it disparaging to veterans or gold star parents...

He did totally fluff himself up, but I didn't hear anything disrespectful.

posted on Aug, 2 2016 @ 09:05 PM

originally posted by: projectvxn
I'm still trying to figure out where in these comments that Trump made is it disparaging to veterans or gold star parents...

He did totally fluff himself up, but I didn't hear anything disrespectful.

The need to respond to Liberal/Democrat attacks with anything that falls within the limits of what is considered Politically Incorrect not possible to speak, even when 100% correct, is doing a fantastic job of tearing the country apart... Can't DARE mention that Mr. Khan's company did Hillary's taxes for years. Can't DARE mention the website he took offline since the uproar following the DNC. It can be viewed via the Wayback Machine with a search for "".

Nothing is implied as to his website (by me) other than to point out that it advertises his expertise in international law, including "E2 Treaty Investor and EB5 Investor Services and Immigration Services." Anyone curious can easily find the definitions with just a cursory web search.

My main point is that he was hardly a random someone the Democrats happened upon and wanted to provide the venue to tell his story. Imo his appearance was, sadly, much more about him and the opportunity for the Democrats to take a jab at Trump that could only be partially responded to than it was about the service and sacrifice of his son.

In order to stay on topic:

I forced myself to sit through this video again. Unlike a lot of Americans, I've read "Dreams From My Father" and it isn't hard to be left with the feeling that the man formed a deep disdain for his white grandparents in particular and the US in general.

His opinions of Christianity mean less to me than his actions. I won't be Grubered on that one.
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posted on Aug, 4 2016 @ 06:03 PM

originally posted by: eluryh22
a reply to: Logarock

I heard something on the radio earlier today that was on a slightly different topic but I think applies here.

In short, it's Hitler's fault.

Well Hitler's boy Gerbils would certainly be proud of how the press is being used as a wing of the establishment. So would Linin.

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