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Who do you hate some people for being "famous" and why?

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posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 03:55 PM
I have some their quotes over the years on my computers at my house, and I was reading some of them and they seem to have some "problems", especially Brian. Let me give you guys a short little PG-13 sample of what I mean. Now, I'm asking myself "Why am I CRAZY about them again?"

Example 1: (This was at a Special for their "Black & Blue" CD)
Brian: "I'm grateful for my family, my career, my wife, and..."
Nick: "What about your dogs??"
Brian: "I was getting to that!"

Example 2: (On their MTV Diary, also promoting the same CD)
"I'm not a flyer...i'm petrified of heights!" - Brian.
"I can't stand flying, but I guess I picked the wrong profession to be in to not like flying." - AJ.
"I can't stand flying. I have to do it but I can't stand it." - Nick.
(Yet, they flew on sky diving boards for their mellinum tour as well as over crowd, I know b/c I was there!)

Example 3: (Interview before a show or something)
Reporter: "What do you do before a show?"
AJ: "We sacrifice a duck."
Howie: "No we don't."

Example 4: "When you see fans lined up against the gate, it kinda inspires." - Kevin.(This is also from the "Diary Special" they were in a Hotel in Downtown Rio(the famous city there), Brazil) What do these girls inspire him to do, I wonder?

Example 5: (Note: They were on the Crown Prince of Jordon's plane to travel around the world for Promo-stuff in about 100 hours for their Diary and then they were going to have their MTV Live Special, they LOVE his toliet!)

"So where's the to- That's the toilet! Holy sh*t! 'Rok get in here and check out the toilet!" AJ, talking about the toilet on the "Backstreet Plane" they used to do the 100 hour around the world tour.(MTV's Diary)

Example 6:"The coolest thing I think about the plane was the little Star Trek doors, because the doors all recessed into the walls... And you could hit a button and you'd hear the pressure just :::pffff::: you know, and they'd, they'd go back ::: Laughs ::: so we had fun, like trying to break those things, you know we kept hitting them and they'd open and we'd close them..." – Brian talking to the audience about the plane.

Example 7: Vey Random, "odd" quotes:

"Bri mixes together weird flavours of ice cream. Would anyone else put chocolate chip mint on top of pineapple sherbet and then put caramel sauce on it all? Yuck!" - Nick

"When I sing this song (Lay Down Beside Me) I want everybody in the audience to picture me standing right next to you...COMPLETLY NAKED!" - Johnny aka AJ

"...And now fellas we're heading to Capetown, South America and Brian and Howie -" AJ before Kevin interrupts him"
South Africa, you dummy! South Africa, you dilldo!" Kevin on AJ's mistake.
"Kevin. Kevin just called me a dilldo." AJ (MTV's Diary)

"No... Yeah... Wait... HUH?" -Nick

"Welcome to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Sorry Mr. Rogers couldn't be here today. I'll be taking his place!" -AJ

"If we've been to a scary movie or something and we're sharing a room, and the lights are off when we walk in, Nick will go 'It's dark in here, isn't it?' And he's not trying to be funny he means it!" -Brian

Let me know what you think, because I think they are somewhere inbetween crazy, horney, and really nice, so do you think celebs. are crazy? Any other quotes you can find to prove or disprove this notion? Tell me please?

What's even sadder is I have about 23 pages of this kinda stuff + what's in my Sig.
Plus today, I worked 8 hours, so I feel like a big brain "stupified" me. Sorry,and as always I think so FAST I forget words.
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posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 10:30 PM
Trust me, I know, since when did I become so "perky"? But I think one can use things like this to easily make ppl think they have a chance with a "star" and boom sales go up-up-up-up! $$$$$$$$$$$! But I love them, and I still don't why I read that and they still find some way to screw with my head. Oh and Nick Carter and BSB PR, I have you quoted as doing anything for your fans and WE DEMAND AJ tell us the story behind the song "The Call"!! If not, ppl will read this and then the PRESS will ask you again, again, again, again, etc. will you get the idea. Bad PR ppl, no BSB or PR can inturrupt AJ in a press confrence now either.

Nicer to the fans through aren't I?

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