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We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos

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posted on Aug, 3 2016 @ 10:57 PM
a reply to: wtbengineer
There is so much in the remastered DELUXE editions. They all still blow my mind. Along with all my LZ boots also.
There is also another alternate version of " Everyone makes it through the light" (in the light) in the Coda remaster also.

This version is odd also. Enjoy!

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posted on Aug, 3 2016 @ 11:00 PM
just wanted to add some meat to this thread, and got in too deep I think.

to philosophically simplify: in potential dimensional bleedthrough, characteristics exist transdimensionally. For example, a rock on earth [3rd dimension] might be a star in the sky in the 4th dimension. But its the same object, just dimensionally different. This is the way shamans understand the world. you may see ants everywhere. a shaman speaks to the fourth dimensional spirit of the ANTS, and that spirit may look like a woman.

The leech creature attached to human consciousness is an inserted alien artifact that inherently drags-down human consciousness. It has octopus like consciousness in the 4th dimension. In the 3rd dimension [our dimension], it looks like a microscopic squid/spider, and it manifests as a genetically manipulated, microscopic foreign bacteria that has been inserted into, and coupled with, our biological systems for consciousness-manipulative purposes. this bacteria secretes an enzyme that manipulates consciousness in a less-than benign way for unknown purposes. Its spirit is a human-level intelligence, alien manipulated octopus [4th dimension]. all of this from a shamanic [remote viewing] perspective.

the point here is that an alien intelligence has manipulated a bacteria that finds home in our body and its secretions affect our consciousness in manipulative ways. when you realize that these alien entities use a primarily manipulated BIOLOGICAL [3rd dimension], or entity-based [4th dimension] technology, its not a far leap to see the alien control of our consciousness not only through genetics, but through inserted bacteria and other highly advanced means not suspected by human ants.

once you try to talk about DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS descriptions get whacky. Physicists can verify that. shamans can too. thankfully I am just a lifelong common warrior, and by choice will never be a shaman.

posted on Aug, 3 2016 @ 11:04 PM
anyone reading my comments above from the UFO forums should give my comments a careful lookover. I have introduced some new and significant UFO info in a secondhanded-way through this thread, some of the ALIEN info might be relevant to those interested in deeper UFO furrowing. cheers mates, thanks for the thread OP.

posted on Aug, 3 2016 @ 11:15 PM
Do you think this concept of the predator is releated to "shadow people" (as they are often refered to). The entities that are seen within sleep paralysis. Seen as a dark shadow form, either in the shade of a human or just a blob of darkness.

People claim that they feed off negative energy, as your predator theory insists.

Maybe "demons" are part of this too. Or everything is intertwined in a confusing web of dark secrets.

posted on Aug, 3 2016 @ 11:18 PM

originally posted by: blueman12
Do you think this concept of the predator is releated to "shadow people" (as they are often refered to). The entities that are seen within sleep paralysis. Seen as a dark shadow form, either in the shade of a human or just a blob of darkness.

People claim that they feed off negative energy, as your predator theory insists.

Maybe "demons" are part of this too. Or everything is intertwined in a confusing web of dark secrets.

On that note could they be associated with black eyed kids and slender-man?

posted on Aug, 4 2016 @ 04:01 AM
a reply to: jtignored

I bet you would enjoy the works of Lovecraft, he explains this in a fun way..

posted on Aug, 4 2016 @ 05:54 AM
Its just the next level after good and evil, which is a very cool story very fancy-full but it is a bit childish.

Now in the nature and in the real world both micro and macro things tend to feed of each other. Even the most dross can see that, and its only natural that eventually people may begin to question that and move on from the old wife's tale of good and evil to something that is more in there face, quite literally every day and has been for a long time...The food pyramid, and scheme of things, and were they stand in it.

All things that exist are energies of one order or another, and all collide both in the world of matter ie particles and well you know fleshy creatures, and all things feed of each other in one way or another, even humans feed of other humans, some in the very literal sense have also done that ie cannibals, and while others?...Well! Take for instance, and since it is the political season take for instance the landscape, humans feeding off the ignorance and ingrained habits of other humans all for the almighty buck and general self interest, and it to has been honed into a fine system of take and take and take some more.

So really who would be surprised that there are things out there which feed of the whole of the human race...Nah! As above and so bellow right? Pretty much every civilization out there had there own theories and believes on this.

In today's age however we be so enlightened and such we call these people crazy people and keep them at arms length least what they have is transmitted by air, and some are transmitted by air that is. While in the past we had shamans and such standing with incense and telling people what to do, today no l guy with a cross or leaches to suck out the bad blood need apply. For we have science. Right?

Basically now a days well we just drug people into a stupor and call it good, and it is good, especially for the pharmaceutical companies, but as of yet with all our sciences and pills we have yet to cure anybody of there inanities or insanities, but we sure as hell developed all kids of drugs to keep them doped up till whatever is wrong with them goes on hiatus. And life goes on, right?

Now as for the whole system and matrix thing or vibe the OP was talking about, that may be another thing all together.

posted on Aug, 4 2016 @ 09:24 AM
staring out into the cold darkness, man invents a monster staring back so that he feels less alone.

posted on Aug, 4 2016 @ 09:45 AM
Nope,'s a God thing and you are invincible
the thread, which is outstanding at plowing deep, goes from those three great books to aliens with an agenda which is exactly the Scripture jist.

you are invincible, go read all about it in the mother book. that book has every detail covered and tells of the future!!

rest assured you have been given authority, that's why I was proclaiming invincible!!!

posted on Aug, 4 2016 @ 10:07 AM
a reply to: jtignored

If you want to wallow in what others have created and then allow some to say oh no you guys and gals dont create sh-t it is god inspired then that's the whatever.

We all depend on all of this arising and passing... we have all made it and continue to make it what it is... support the nonsense that keeps people in slavery and bondage or create new things that allow everyone to co-exist in happiness, peace, tolerance and understanding?

Oh gee... yeah people will always feel around in the darkness yelling out nonsense like a blind person reading braille when it comes to the conceptual...

Carlos didn't FAKE anything he relayed some of his objective experience when relating objective experiences with conversations with Don Juan DeMarco.

If you've never tasted wine, or think you have how was it? That description will never be my nor anyone else's experience nor reality just your opinion.

We can appreciate such opinions or we can believe them as a reality when they are simply your reality and your experiences and no one else's although they can agree that hmm indeed it is similar or hmm I didnt thing so... in such a manner none of that is important and wine doesnt care, so why whine about it?

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 12:18 AM
I was once active on ATS. For a few years now, I have just watched/read everyday. I came back because of this thread, because it's important!

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posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 04:22 AM
a reply to: jtignored

So you have a strong digestive fire as crucial part of Ayurveda's path to healthiness of body and mind, you are basically immune so granted you keep an inner balance between your Consciousness and your Tonal/ego?
Ayurveda forever!

But i might add, you are talking hypothetically right? Although largely in the realm of possibilities, you should consider why now at this point of time is there such an explosion of these parasites gangrening the whole of humanity? What did create such an age of ignorance that humans would become unable to distinguish common and absolute Truths, from fake ones which help strenghtening further their influences over you? Did the parasites make it so themselves to ensure proper cattle like mind development inside the humans psyche?

It wouldnt be far fetched at all, to link these global mind infections to most past apocalypses always propelled by ignorance and deviation from the Way creating fake matrix lost in doubt and sins, depravity and amorality, insensitiveness bound to collapse like right now. Kali Yuga yet again comes to mind..... Ah Truth is such a genial perfection of a puzzle when one hold just a few right pieces!

From Juan's terms, we would say that the Tonals (or ego, identity you own from the moment of your birth to safely and sanely naviguate through your incarnation, which is related to the guts and animal instincts) have been compromised and lead mostly to become weak and easily manipulated by a too strong separation from one's divine spark, consciousness or Nagual, inner disharmony as well as the many diversions, subterfuges and confusions spread by the parasites directly and undirectly by way of emotional control, strong addictive and damagive habits as with food, entertainement, introversion, brainwashing, conditioning,...

Control a group of weak tonals by inserting constant suggestions within their mind to generate destructive behaviour and experiences towards all life even oneself if needs be (nihilism) on a scale of several millenias, make sure the group becomes worldwide spread and at the top of the pyramid hierarchy, affirming their control through various organizations and with boundless wealth, countering freedom fighters, erasing old traditions, deforming information, and you have...

This stays hypothetical of course.. but no as much as i'd wish!

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posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 05:31 AM
Thank you for this thread, it's what I've been looking for, it makes so much sense of the Great Sickness consuming us all over the planet. Somuch to read now, Thank You !!

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 08:02 AM
Very interesting thread and something which would make an excellent movie if done right. I've been thinkin about this for years. But I wasn't aware of Archon myths, I'll have to read more about that.

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 08:30 AM
a reply to: _damon

... it does indeed destroy equality and it is done by groups of various sorts trying to contain and convert and birth by various attachments of sentiment etc etc.

Of course this virus is something we spread ignorantly via the mouth to the ear... such a sad state of things.

The reason being is all of this can be of creativity of understanding and growth and tolerance when not used to control others by their drives, chosen belief etc etc.

That's why the world gets called a duality of self and other due to the various attachments of that monster called ego, that has to swallow pride when it is wrong... yet why feel the need to be right? It is a sense to deny experience and understanding and the sharing that could be another wisdom of that individual experience instead of grasping and controlling by groups in order to control the mass and the flow or direction of it.

The paradox is all of them think some positive change overall will develop over the entire mass... when it is not good for all of those that encompass and make up the entire world.

So group speak can be a movement towards that of creativity or destruction yet ignorance can't tell the difference when the enemy in such things requires a face or poster child to dehumanize another by whatever concept will rally others to that destruction instead of creativity harmony and understanding.

In such a manner we are all infected the the beast of chaos... yet all is chaos arising and passing coming and going... being an agent of it and not understanding how it arises how it passes the chain of causes and their effects is to be bound to it and not understand it. It is a force of nature itself the same as order in an infinite cycle of birth, death, and becoming... all that arises also passes, the becoming is open... moment to moment to moment, now happy, now sad, now this now that... will is the choice of this moment to moment to moment, and there difference is in the intent behind such things... are they for positive or negative intents and purposes... but remember that paradox? The one of unknowing, yet believing instead of simply experiencing.

I am what I am is the voice of ego. It is what it is until we make it something else? The power of such that we harness as an individual or as an entire group. Purpose? Many will be happy to give them, many will be happy to take yours away... in in such a manner where is personal thought and personal freedom to simply be?

The leading cause of death is life itself. Why make it unpleasant for anyone? Greed. Why justify making it unpleasant for anyone? Hate. Why do people continue in such a manner instead of in a positive direction in all intent as individuals or by groups in peace tolerance, understanding and wisdom? Ignorance.

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 12:06 PM
While an interesting topic, It is irresponsible and harmful to think/imagine that the major problems of our species are caused by an external and for most human beings an invisible adversary. It could be true that these things do exist(or yet another layer of deception) but from a honest self-enquiry perspective( all should aspire to get) it's still in the realm of imagination unless it becomes a living experience. It doesn't matter which source/person tells you their ''truth'' and how plausible or serious they sound/look, it's still not reality for you unless it enters your zone of perception/awereness. The Naguals of america would teach their students this as a first stepping stone, Yogis/Buddhas also do. In fact enlightened beings will seldom tell their students/people in general profound knowledge or more than they need to know unless it is of practical use to them on their path to self-knowledge, creating belief systems in people is pointless and potentially a very dangerous thing to do.

So, the problem i have with the internet in general is that a lot of information is presented, yet people have no idea what to do with this information or make any practical use of it other than imagining things and painting a reality according to their own thoughts and conclusions so far(''Resonated with me''). At best this would be equal to consuming entertainment and imagine ''what if'', tell a few friends/family about it further confusing them, at worst a way of messing yourself up causing confusion, frustration in life or even mental sickness/anxiety(Plenty of philosophers end up mental ill, please consider this for your own well being).

This is why serious Yogis/etc will teach you to silence the mind/observe thoughts/emotions as a first step, because the mind and intellect is not to be trusted and will always distort reality on some level unless supported by real awareness to guide it through. This is why the world should be worrying about enhancing perception and not thinking too much about philosophy or theories.

Anyways, if a''predator'' or parasite of this sort exist silence is the way to remedy it as explained by the ''Don Juan'' figure, ''starve it with silence''. That's about the only practical useful information in the OP and something every reader should seriously consider as daily practice. Thinking about space monsters and dimensional parasites is not in most peoples self-interest and will only lead to more desires to know and/or fear, depression, but never true satisfaction, a huge waste of time/energy is unfortunately the consequence and we all only have a a certain amount of heart beats before our existence here ends, ''a few winters'' like the native indians of north america would say.

Logically, knowledge that is only available outside of five senses reality can not be acquired with the help of the five senses unless you enhance perception(Meaning what we normally would call physical existance or reality) and for most people unfortunately five senses will be their only contact/interaction with reality/life from their cradle to their grave unless they develop the discipline and follow a solid tradition with the tools to expand awerness outside of the normal physical boundaries of the organs. The point is to open up a window and have a look, reading a book/text or listening to others will not lead to any expansion of consciousness about the things outside of the normal human perception.

Please be alert of the fact that there are authors/confused public people working to distort your view on reality and take away joy in life consciously or unconsciously(being confused themselves), that's why the only source that should be truly trusted is the one within yourself, you slowly gain access to it when the mind activity becomes tranquil and the fear goes away with it, slowly the energy levels peak in the right direction and more and more of reality becomes available for the inner sight.
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posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 03:05 PM
a reply to: Naturallywired

I always thought slender-man and black-eyed kids was some goosebumps-like lore.

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 03:08 PM
a reply to: Omnik

Sure delusion of something not oneself controlling them as another is a very common trope in existence.

Of course, that's psychology... what subconscious drives or attachments may be there that control you? Many think them-self under their own power and control... yet many also think them-self not under their own power or control.

Of course where does one person end and another begin when all are bound by ideas of conception that may be tangible and real in experience repeated over and over based on the conditions being similar to their arising as a statistical likelihood in science... where we can agree on a base reality... yet when it comes to that hidden drive that people want to blame as one not one-self as some unseen and unknown force? Then perhaps they should take to introspection.

Of course once someone has evicted that ego self... where the hell can it dwell? Once there is no more house for it then it is easily seen, and heard in the actions and voices of others as being the same sickness passed along in our ignorance due to past experiences, and oddity is many people hold past experiences of hate for others they have never even encountered as a whole conglomerate or group... individual by individual. Label by label... well who passed those labels out and who accepts them as a gift when that is wholly a transaction of consent. Instead of well, indeed that may be your opinion, and since it is your opinion then you are welcome to just keep it, but I appreciate the attempt at sharing it.

In such a way we don't keep spreading and are not affected by any of these silly labels many simply made up to divide by some statistic.

Of course society likes to know who the persons are screwing up society by doing things without others consent... nothing wrong with that, there are records of it... and if not then congratulations and I don't mean for not getting caught but for being someone good for society... use the system to change the system even though the system needs reform for the better as society moves on grows learns and adapts.

I am very happy with societies law... I don't want any religious law on top of it or creeping in and infecting it. Working and living together no matter ones chosen or accepted labels in peace and tolerance and understanding.

If anyone wants to add some religious law in their own life on top of what is already existing? Great but keep it out of the public where it doesn't belong... in such a manner equality is in the streets and not chaos of all of the various blah and bleh.

whether someone with 6 foot blue afro, a shaved headed yet very hairy woman elsewhere, walking ferrets down main street is none of my business, neither would be be if someone was in a 3 piece suit and a fedora, or someone in a ball gown... it's just people walking around coming from and going to where ever it is they were or want to go...

So how is any of that my business or place to judge? It isn't so more power to them and rock on your life. Live it.

Control is the freak.

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 03:27 PM
Thanks for all your comments
and sharing some intriguing ideas/experiences

I think one of the main teachings of don Juan that the world could work on the most (at this point) is working on reducing what don Juan called 'self importance', which is linked to the 'self reflection' mentioned in original post(s)

posted on Aug, 5 2016 @ 03:35 PM
Are we talking about a being similar to Cthulhu but in a more spiritual sense?

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