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The Feditary

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posted on Jul, 31 2016 @ 06:48 PM
The Feditary is a space-faring race of humans that forbids it's citizens to walk on planets without expressed consent from approved Feditary officials. The Feditary is a militarized form of federally officiated citizens. It has many levels of ranks with the top rank being "Executor". The Executor is the only official that can legally terminate human life outside of a combat situation.

The Feditary is at war with the Tripidions. The Tripidions are a race of beings consisting of three sexes. Each has three arms and three legs. Each foot has three toes and each hand has three fingers. Their faces consist of three eyes and three ears. Each ear and eye operates independent of the others. With it's brain divided into three parts, a Tripidion can comprehend three conversations at the same time, making their sensory comprehension capabilities far superior to that of human beings.

A Tripidion has three openings at the bottom of their egg shaped face. One is for communicating, one is for breathing and the last is for eating and drinking. A Tripidion can do all three things concurrently. Because of their biological design, a Tripidion does not have to pause to take a breath while talking, making their conversations far more long-winded then what most humans are adapted for.

A Tripidion can close two eyes and/or two ears to make the remaining one operate in a super-sensory mode. Their eyes have a biological telephoto lens. They are capable of hearing and seeing above and below the human spectrum.

According to historical records, the Tripidions destroyed Earth One in that planet's year of 3213. Conspiracy theorists suspect the Feditary carried out the deed due to Earth One refusing to recognize Feditary independence.

However, since the Tripdion race is far superior to the human Feditary, it is difficult to understand how the Feditary would benefit from a conflict with the Tripidions.

Tripidions do not recognize the Feditary as being an independent race from the governship of Earth One. The Tripidions insist the Feditary started the war, a claim the Feditary strongly denies.

Within the Feditary, it is illegal to discuss conspiracy theories against the Feditary. It is also illegal to attempt to escape the Feditary to exist independently. While the Feditary is fiercely loyal to it's citizens, Feditary justice is swift and violent against those who commit treason.

The Feditary's Executor lives in a coin that covers over 50,000 square feet of breathable space within the Feditry's only mothership. Compare that to a citizen on death row, the lowest class of citizen, whose breathable space is less then 50 square feet.

While the Executor leaves his coin at his convenience, a citizen on death row will only leave his coin after he is executed. Death row citizens only human contact is a brief moment with a guard to receive one of two meals per day.

As non-synthetic meat is difficult to come by in space, only the highest ranking leaders and their families enjoy such delicacies. Many middle waged families have access to synthetic meats. Beginning wage citizens prefer the ecological nutrient paste with synthetic water.

The primary reason Feditary citizens are banned from leaving the Feditary or living on planets are due to it's limited resources as a space faring race. Most planets of any value that are discovered by the Feditary are stripped of it's resources for the purposes of self-sufficiency. Discovered life forms are assimilated or terminated, whichever benefits the Feditary more.

While the Tripidions are superior, the Feditary possesses a faster fleet in general at non-warp speeds. The Tripdions have faster warp engines but neither race is capable of pursuing the other at warp speeds therefore, any warp speed is a beneficial speed to the Feditary.

The Feditary does posses a weapons ship called the Cannonizer. This ship is equipped with a massive laser cannon capable of penetrating a planet's core, thereby obliterating it. This technology was captured by the Feditary from a third race whose ship suffered a complete life support failure. The origin of the third race is unknown. The Feditary continues to reverse engineer it in efforts to derive additional technologies.

The Tripidions are extremely worried about this technological find and the Feditary's ability to replicate it into additional Feditary Cannonizer ships. The Tripidions believe the Feditary want to create a battalion of these ships to penetrate the Tripidion's home solar system and destroy their home planet.

Earth One survived five world wars, including two nuclear wars, all fought in a two hundred year span (by their measure of time). From the years 2100-3213, the planet lived in relative peace as it built a fleet of ships that would expand humanity amongst the stars. With little ability to govern the ships, the Feditary rebelled and refused to honor Earth One's policies.

The Tripidions come to this council insisting they did not start the war against the human race. While they continue to win the battles, their victories are in smaller measures. As the Feditary expands it's Cannonizers, the Tripidions fear they may be nearing their last battle victories.

The Tripidions are also unable to determine the origin of the Cannonizer ship. They have not been able to study it since they have never possessed it.

To date, we have made no effort to contact the Feditary. We do not intend to do so. We do not believe a peace can be negotiated with this race, even in a human form. The Feditary is amazingly easy to monitor on basic levels due to their support of an open communications society.

While we concur that most citizens of the Feditary are unable to change their leader's course, we feel their top leadership is demented in nature. While their reasons for strip mining planets is an understandable effort to survive, the turmoil they are creating is upsetting the balance of the entire system.

Planet based life forms have no chance of victory over the Feditary.

We do not know who destroyed Earth One. We do believe, given time, the Feditary will annihilate the Tripidion's home world. We believe if the Feditary discovers us and discovers our operations planet, all of our worlds will be pursued, one by one.

In time, we anticipate war with the Feditary. Our only objective at this time is to capture one of their cannonizer ships at any cost or to locate the origin of it's original creator.

As Glonan, we have over watch of this system. However, we have no weapon in our arsenal that can defeat the Feditary's cannonizer. The only beings who do not fear it are those that do not know of it's existence.

We must not be discovered and we must be successful. Any human locations on ships or planets should be reported to this council with the highest priority.

Do not allow the humans to become aware of you. Mainly, do not allow the Feditary to become aware of you.

With the cannonizer, the Feditary holds the most powerful weapon in the known universe. If we do not stop them, the human race will become the only race in this system. And possibly beyond.


posted on Jul, 31 2016 @ 06:54 PM
a reply to: Genfinity

Wow great thread. You are a great writer! Lots of work on this too!👍

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