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Why ‘white trash’ Americans are flocking to Donald Trump - NYP

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posted on Jul, 31 2016 @ 11:20 PM
Because YANKEES always talk S##T about the South it's a cultural bigotry we both enjoy. Kind of like the rest of the armed forces and the CAV having a rivalry... I think it's the Stetsons...
THEY are bereft of moral Character and we are back woods retarded people.
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posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 04:13 AM
a reply to: Jahari

I can answer all of these questions if you're willing to openly discuss this rationally and objectively without resorting to ad hominem attacks. The powers that be and their institutions have been exposed here on ATS thousands of times.

They would be the globalist elite. They are doing it because divide and conquer has been a powerful tactical stratagem of rulers for thousands of years. Why now? No, not only now: always. The cultural Marxist agenda as one side of a dual political dialectic process has simply reached a critical mass. The response is still taking shape but it will also be co-opted and controlled, if possible of course. You can see its beginnings in the so called "alternative right" and in the ascendant nationalism of Europe.

This war started long before you were born. And yes they are the same ones that did "the same thing" to minorities. Not the average white person that wasn't even born then. The minorities are not doing this, they are not behind this but they are certainly being used by these globalists for various reasons.

posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 12:03 PM

originally posted by: James1982

originally posted by: BubbaJoe

originally posted by: James1982

originally posted by: Tempter

"J.D. and his people are called rednecks, white trash, hillbillies. But Vance made it out of the holler, way out. The Marines led him to Ohio State, then Yale Law School and finally a job as a principal at a Silicon Valley investment firm. Looking back on his youth, and all he fled, yields a frank, unsentimental, harrowing memoir, “Hillbilly Elegy.” It’s a superb book given an extra layer of importance by its political reverberations: When Vance returns home these days, he sees yard after yard festooned with Trump signs."

Such begins an article published only yesterday by one, and only, Kyle Smith of the New York Post.

Well, to begin, this story does one thing and one thing only for me. It makes me mad. That the NYPost would publish something so blatantly racist is not the most surprising thing, no. To me it's that in this racist BLM-sponsoring MSM day in age, they also ACTIVELY tell WHITES they are bad, or trashy. We are busing INUNDATED with constant streams of anti-white culture and anti-white media non-stop throughout our day.

Wanna check Yahoo! to see if some funny animal video is worth wathcing, except blatant anti-white stories.

Flipping through channels on the telly? You just KNOW you're going to have to flip quickly so your children don't have to see some anti-white speaker from the DNC.

Oh, the children. Don't bother sending them to school unless you want them to be actively taught about how unbelievably bad they should feel to this day for being white and putting those lazy slaves to work.

I'm really getting pretty darned tired of saying this, [rolls eyes] If the roles were reversed, this wouldn't even make it to the editors desk. It's open-effing season on white people and I'm getting very defensive.

If this is what our world is coming to I should just go bush.

What do you think ATS, should I go bush? Wanna come?

I won't come with you because I don't know you, but I think it's in your best interest to do it. I relocated to a different state in a more rural area. My life has already improved in so many ways. I spend my free time shooting and trekking around on foot getting to know the environment, what it has to offer, and my abilities within it. I have dramatically increased my fitness level and my endurance. I talk openly and honestly about the situation (but not obsessively) with anyone who seems receptive, and it's almost scary how many people are receptive. I've learned a lot, but what I learned most was how much more is left to do.

Plan, practice, and be ready. There won't be any single point that stands out as being when "it" happened, it will be a slow process before everyone realizes what has happened. It's not about race, or gender, or money, it's about control. They want to have it over you. Refuse.

Can you hunt, can you fish, do your own electrical work, your own plumbing, grow a garden, preserve what you grow?

I have more questions, but when you are concerned about your fitness level and endurance, I question whether you truly are working on skills to survive.

I can't build a power station but my hobbies from a young age have included working with both AC and DC power system. I'm quite familiar with them (both in practice and in principle) and have built more than a few scrapped together generation and storage devices.

I am not nearly as knowledgeable when it comes to agriculture as I'd like to be, but I'll just be honest about this one, I've grown medical herbs in the past (legally in the state at the time) which, to grow right, is a lot more difficult than growing food crops, which I've also grown in a backyard plot. Agriculture requires a fixed location and security and this isn't something I'm convinced will be available. I've focused more on foraging, which I'm getting quite good at.

I've not hunted big game, but am a good varmit hunter. I see a lot more varmits around than big game, and I suspect that trend would intensify if anything were to happen. I know how to catch fish. A lot of fish. It's just not legal. A fishing rod is a poor way to get a fish. That's all I'm going to say.

Plumbing? What about gas? I've installed two hot water heaters and more toilets than I can remember. I've done the plumbing for sinks during a kitchen remodel. It all still works today. My last hot water install was checked over by an inspector before the house was sold, no issues.

Preservation? Absolutely. I brew beer, make sauerkraut, berry and fruit preserves, pickles, make cheese, and cure meat. That's as far as my hands-on experience goes but that knowledge can be applied to plenty of other foods.

I can fix cars too, the older the better. Not sure how many people will be driving though. Eventually I'd like to relocate to the coast (I'm in the Pacific NW) for a steady supply of salt

To specify, I'm not preparing to be transported through time to the stone age or disappear into the wilderness. I'm planning on a slow decay of society, and how to make myself more resilient in the face of it. I'd humbly suggest you don't assume everyone is as ignorant as your average American. To get ahead you don't have to know everything, just know more than most the people around you.

Please accept my humble apologies for my incorrect assumption. I have gotten so jaded as I have gotten older and am surrounded by people that would starve to death with a yard full of chickens.

I grew up in a small town with a huge garden in the back yard, so was "encouraged" to assist with the gardening, etc. Left that sort of life for 28 years, and now am getting back into as much as my physical limitations will allow me.

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