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Nostradamus: Encore...

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posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 02:09 PM
I recently bought a book on Nostradamus' predictions, which was printed in 1990...and all his predictions have been directly translated into english from the famed "quatrains"..

What I like about this book was that the author made no forced attempt to predict and decipher each and every quatrain..some he simply left as "I cannot decipher this quatrain" or "this quatrain does not make any sense"..hence the reader is left to do a little bit of deciphering on his own...

Moreover since this book was printed/published in 1990, it makes no reference(s) to events after that..Hence that left me with an amazing opportunity to try and back track through the last 15 years and do some deciphering/co-relating from the direct translated quatrains on my own..

Obviously the major events in the last 15 years are:

1999 Kosovo War
2001: WTC
2002: Indo-Pak build up (world closest to nuke exchange since cold war)
2003: War in Iraq
2004: Death of Yassr Arafat
2004: tsunami with death toll of over 250000

There may be more events/natural disasters which I've overlooked..ppl please add them.. that I can try and correlate more efficiently..
And oh yeah the author did make note of all the quatrains that he thought were futuristic(i.e. post 1990), sot that'll definitely help...

The closest i've come to a correlation, is a mention about "a disaster hitting the region where the streets wind through hollow mountains, and the disaster is in the form of underground water.."

hollow buildings the author said would be skyscrapers, and he envisioned a terrorist attack on the water systems of a big metropolis..There was also mention of "new world", hence New York??

unfortunately I cannot give you the direct quote ,because the book is not with me as of now, but I will get it back in a week or so..

The quatrains comically depict Gorbachev as the man with stain of red wine (or blood, I forget which one)..i.e. the red blotch on his forehead..

good deduction by the author aye??


posted on Jan, 28 2005 @ 12:36 AM

Nostradamus’ Poems of Prophecy: Centuries

2.1 The Climax in the Prophecy of Centuries – The Terrifying Month of July 1999

Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus), a Frenchman, was born in St. Remi, France on December 14, 1503. He was a renowned prophet. In his book of prophecy, Centuries, he predicted of many major events and figures presented worldwide throughout the past several hundred years. These include Napoleon, The Great Revolution in France, the World Wars, the downfall of Communism, the latest shocking Sept.11 terrorist attack in America, etc. Many of these were foretold with astonishing precision. For instance, he exactly described the name of Napoleon and of America . (Please refer to the appendix for his biography, prophecies and verification of major historical events.)

Whole article here:

Mod Edit: Trimmed quote. A quote should be no more than a paragaph or two.

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posted on Jan, 28 2005 @ 10:51 AM
Not to argue or anything, but try interpreting with the following translation instead. I still don't know where it's going, but someone else might....

Let us know what you think!

One possible literal translation might be:

'In the seventh month of 1999
From Heaven will come a great king, [to settle accounts],
To resurrect the king of [or from] Angoumois
And war to reign by chance [or haply] where it once did cease.'

* The translation of the word d'effraieur [of terror] or deffraieur (as in the original text [= 'defraying', 'settling' or even 'buying off']) is crucial to the meaning. In other words, the passage does not necessarily refer to terror at all. For a Frenchman in the sixteenth century, the king from the pays d'Angoumois was François d'Angoulême, king Francis I (ruled, 1515-47), known for his great victories (Marignano, 1515) and defeats (Pavia, 1525). There is no necessary allusion to a modern Genghis Khan.

Here's the link:

posted on Jan, 28 2005 @ 10:54 AM
From Wikipedia here are a few more Events over the last 15 years...

1990s... ( )

  • Computers, technology

    • Explosive growth of the Internet; decrease in the cost of computers and other technology
    • Reduction in size and cost of mobile phones leads to a massive surge in their popularity
    • Year 2000 problem (commonly known as Y2K)
    • Microsoft Windows operating system becomes virtually ubiquitous on IBM PCs
    • Development of free operating system Linux is started
    • Break through of Compact Disc technology - branching into DVDs

  • Science

    • Detection of planets orbiting stars other than the sun
    • Cloning (of Dolly, the sheep) achieved
    • Human Genome Project begun
    • DNA identification of individuals finds wide application in criminal law
    • Global human impact on the environment widely accepted

  • War, peace and politics

    • Reunification of Germany on October 3, 1990
    • Gulf War and United Nations embargo on Iraq in 1991
    • Break up of the Soviet Union in 1991 - the end of the Cold War, United States as sole world superpower
    • End of apartheid in South Africa and election of ANC government of Nelson Mandela
    • Genocide in Rwanda kills one million people, in 1994.
    • Peace process begins in Northern Ireland
    • Balkan war in former Yugoslavia
    • Eritrea gains independence from Ethiopia
    • North Yemen and South Yemen merge to form Yemen
    • A decade of women presidents in the Republic of Ireland
    • European Union is declared in 1992
    • Anti-globalization protests

  • Economics

    • Development of GATT, the World Trade Organization and other global economic institutions
    • After 1992 the booming of the US stock market, in reference to which Alan Greenspan coined the memorable phrase "irrational exuberance", which eventually stretched into the dot-com boom/dot-com bubble

  • Culture

    • Grunge music gains widespread mainstream acceptance in the early part of the decade
    • Rap music gains widespread mainstream acceptance in the late part of the decade gothic industrial gains popularity after Marilyn Manson introduces his "Sweet Dreams (are made of these)" video came out in 1995
    • Black becomes a dominant color in fashion, along with several dark colors (see Goth, the Matrix, and Regis Philbin).

2000s... ( )

  • Events and trends

    • Major controversy over U.S. presidential election, 2000.
    • Globalization.
    • September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack on New York's World Trade Center and Washington's Pentagon killing over 3000 people.
    • 2001 U.S. invasion of Afghanistan to depose the Taliban regime in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
    • December 2001 – July 18, 2003: The Convention on the Future of Europe proposing first European constitution (i.e., of the EU).
    • East Timor gains official independence from Indonesia on May 20, 2002.
    • International Criminal Court exists as of 1 July 2002, used for judging war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.
    • November 2002: SARS virus outbreak, most notably in Hong Kong and Toronto.
    • 2003 invasion of Iraq as a step in the American war on terrorism.
    • Darfur conflict in Sudan.
    • Same-sex marriage becomes a controversial issue in 2004. In the United States, the Supreme Court of Massachusetts declares that same-sex couples must be allowed to marry in that state, and President George W. Bush pushes for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.
    • November 2004: George W. Bush wins re-election to the presidency of the United States. The Republican Party increases its majorities in both houses of U.S. Congress.
    • Reality television becomes a well-established sector of the television programming industry.
    • A major earthquake and ensuing tsunami causes devastation in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, The Maldives and many other areas around the rim of the Indian Ocean. The death toll is currently estimated at around 175,000. Officials say the true toll may never be known, due to rapid burials.

posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 05:11 PM

'In the seventh month of 1999
From Heaven will come a great king, [to settle accounts],

When did GW start his election campaign and/or get the RNC nod?

To resurrect the king of [or from] Angoumois

The Bush legacy, son like father.

And war to reign by chance [or haply] where it once did cease.'

The war on Irag.

Just my .02 cents, but food for thought.


posted on Jul, 17 2005 @ 03:58 AM
Let our leader do his job > '

posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 04:48 PM
That's really a plausible interpretation ooops! I can't read Nostradamus' mind, but it all certainly seems to fit.

I know that there was a fair amount of speculation about the real intent for junior having plans to go to Iraq before 9/11. Revenge (to settle accounts) was spoken of a great deal, and many thought the first bush had been humiliated/embarrassed by the first Iraq fiasco. Seeing how the current admin sees itself as the authority on all things Christian, I can see how it would be interped as the king originating from Heaven.

I've seen this quatrain many times since 9/11, and it never entered my mind to look at it from your point of view! It's excellent food for thought! Good one!

posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 12:53 AM

Originally posted by wAtCh27LeO
Let our leader do his job > '

Your leader. I certainly did not choose to elect him.

posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 01:08 AM
The quatrains (like most prophecies) are so vague that you can play pick and choose and make them fit almost anything.

I'd like to point out that he predicted a major war in August of 1999, which didn't come to pass.

His predictions, like those of many others, are remarkably clear and accurate (with few exceptions) for things that he already knew about and remarkably murky and mystical for things in the far future.

You'd actually do better looking at the predictions of science fiction writers. There's some good stuff there, and a lot more detailed and accurate than prophets who spout stuff like "the grey cloud will descend on the orange sun. Twins will arise and call for peace."

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