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Poltergeist Investigation - EVPs Captured

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posted on Jul, 30 2016 @ 05:41 PM

April 2016 Steve and Don returned to my house for Part 2 of their investigation. Steve, Don and SSPR Nick Kyle[] (all men with UK and Scottish accents) are clearly heard. Everyone knows my voice. The men are setting up and putting down motion detect devices. THE TRIP WIRES. "No" EVP appears at 3:01. Thinking out loud, (trying to debunk) why the devices are going while we're in the room Steve says there(meaning the device might be sensitive to shadows) a whisper says "YES". at 5:20. "Yeah" at 5:23. LISTEN AT 5:29 us four men are talking, under our voice you hear a EVPs at 5:28,5:29, 5:30, 5:31. Mass whispers and mass murmuring. 7:25 "Yeah" .

At 11:50 a new device goes off in the bathroom. We've never used this device before. ONE OF THE BEST EVPS EVER CAPTURED is about to happen. 12:12 "Ray" ....word, words and at 12:14 "Cable" 12:16 "Image Detector" 12:18" "Its the only way it can be powered like that." 12:20 "Go and lift one of these."

When put together the conversation goes something like this.

Trip Wire Motion goes off. Ray or his "Superior" probably set it off by accident or on purpose to determine what exactly is it.

Voice One: Ray! unintelligible murmurs

Voice Two: Cable

Voice One: It's the only way it can be powered like that....go and lift one of these."

NOTE: It is possible Voice One aka the Superior(as he's called) is doing all the talking. Not enough info to determine for sure.

What is certain is they are talking. There are 1+ entities present. They admit to NOT being spirits in this video above based on one of the comments by Steve.

this resembles previous videos I've shared HERE where during the actual investigation. The setup of gear and equipment. With voice recorders carefully put down near by. The entities voice get captured. Not heard in real-time. But heard when reviewed later. As I mentioned before the EVP's are not words, or grunts or howls. These are sentences that speak in real-time and are speaking about the current events within the home i.e. the investigation taken place.

Extremely intelligent

Extremely curious

and this right here " "go and lift one these.." speaks volumes to mass amount of equipment I lost. Items gone missing in my home over 4 years. Whats new to them they will either sabotage or take out right. "Go and lift one of these."

Feel free to slice, and dice the audio in whatever audio software you got. There are more voices. Many I could not make out.

posted on Jul, 30 2016 @ 05:52 PM
Im not knocking you but have you read this,

posted on Jul, 30 2016 @ 06:01 PM
nothing. I heard absolutely nothing until the 12:12 mark as you highlighted.

What I heard in the earlier marks was literally just a bunch of chatting and annoying noises from detectors and you can I suppose force hearing things that aren't there via pareidolia I suppose...but even with time stamps and being guided, I still didn't hear jack nor poop.

12:12. I have no explanation..clearly there is whispering going on at the mic..but since there is no camera, no way to confirm if someone is actually whispering at the camera, then gonna say...someone was whispering and the camera picked it up...thats how that camera, gotta assume foul play.

However, if it isn't foul play..thats damn good..whatever it is. certainly would warrant more investigation.
...but no backup..nothing. if its legit, perhaps this group will put together some measures to authenticate the claims they make.

posted on Jul, 30 2016 @ 06:11 PM

originally posted by: imod02
Im not knocking you but have you read this,

To accept the ghost hypothesis, you have to also start accepting other potential supernatural possibilities
such as perhaps the reason a audio recording can pick up on a ghost voice where a human ear generally cant could be a purposeful blocking out of hearing on that specific frequency simply so we dont walk around all day every day hearing the voices of the dead distract us. selective deafness.

Hearing it played back on a recording alters the frequency a bit and we haven't learned to block that either (yet), so we can hear that.

that is one of many example speculations as to why there appears to be voices on tapes where voices werent in physical..or could just of course be pipes and floorboards creaking..but that isn't a one size fits all answer and should be considered.

I dont believe in "orbs"...those are almost definately just dust particles, pollen, etc..and most evps are just pareidolia, but every once in awhile something comes along that makes you think...

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