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Forever and ever, like rainbows with no end...

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posted on Jul, 30 2016 @ 12:41 AM
All my jeans have holes in them, and all my socks do, too,
Come to think of it so do my shirts and most all of my shoes,
But I don't care cause I got you, your love gets me through,
The pain I feel has holes in it, that lets the tears flow,
Letting me release the weight and allowing me to grow;

The child in my head has fantasies that must be read,
Filling me with hope and disengaging the fears,
You help me see between the lines of despair,
Hope has not been forgotten, just misplaced,
Covered by a masqueraded masked face;

When I need you, unconditional love is there,
Never do you judge me or throw rocks at me,
Comfort is your mode of choice,
Soothing me with your calming voice,
Our love is our bond, nothing can tear us apart.

Heart and soul, blood and sweat, together as one,
Forever and ever, like rainbows with no end,
Eternal, maternal, fraternal. paternal,
In the course of all odds, turns and circles,
The oracles have spoken, the angels have danced.

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