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Hillary's Leaked e-Mails and the MISSING information - re: ~70 years of Alien/UFO cover ups.

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posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:02 PM
After spending a few nights now pouring through emails and searching keywords, I have to say I'm very disheartened, not by what I found but more so by what isn't there.

The emails are a supposedly an inside look at the inner workings of the most powerful nation in the world. A 'behind the scenes' of US inter-policy and foreign-policy. And while a few partisan tidbits might get smashed across the landscape with big claims and words attached to them, there is a very obviously lack of je ne said quoi in the overall presence of world altering efforts behind the scenes.

In plain English: all the real stuff seems to be missing.

I've said it a few times, but since Assange doesn't simply re-dump everything he finds/gets, he may as well be a state actor. Maybe they've made a deal with him, and said "as long as you run it by us first, you can stay in your haven (embassy)". Maybe he's also out there selling information, who knows(?) One thing that's obvious is he is not freely dumping information.

He is a censor. - aka: controlled influence.

What is lacking is the real meat and potatoes of running a nation. Even from a staffer point of view. It's not just that emails are missing, it goes beyond that. Every email that does exist, none of them lend credence to running a nation, or even helping run a nation. The majority are just high school level gossip and tit-for-tat rips on in-crowd dealings. There is a huge lack of getting $### done in them.

For example if you read the Stratfor leaks, you will see them running a company. A joke of a company, but mind you, they are still running a company. That's apparent.

The only real glimpses I saw of "stuff" going on (in HRC's emails), was laden in code. Making little sense, important topics being hinted at, or quoted, like "science" programs (in the arctic) or various "programs" or "themes" in "quotations" but most of it was so vague its impossible to decipher what they were talking about. There is also 'official' directives like Global Warming, which could have a complete alternate meaning to certain actors.

The most important document or email I felt I witnessed, was an email revising a speech being given to the CFR.

That should strike people a certain way. With how much has been lobbed at the CFR over the years. Also, keep in mind this email is 100% redacted in the message of the speech, BUT, the speech was revised a number of times, with insight from more than a few people. It was passed around I think 10-12 times before approval, and discussed after. (indicating how important engagement with CFR is).

This is a the key fingerprints of operation. In business, you are engaged in operations every day. Your company may be rebranding a product line, so that effort begins as an operation the minute you discuss it, to the minute it's complete. Hundreds of exchanges back and forth as it develops. I see a clear lack of many of these operations in the email leaks. (Similar in a sense to military OPERATIONS) And when I did find one, it's about giving a speech to the CFR.

It seemed like the CFR speech was more important than dozens of other topics being discussed in the media. (In fact, most of the correspondence seems to be about how the public is reacting to press reports. Complete junk IMO.)

The revisions speak more to the redacted message than most will realize. Notes in the side column, about how one line of speech is similar to Bush43 or how the way it describes current efforts or operations isn't accurate enough, or too similar to past powers or players and their approach on it. The body of the text is entirely redacted of course, but by the information that is not there, it tells us how important the message was given to the CFR in that speech.

Unfortunately the 'actors' don't -----yet--------- demand it, and need to be persuaded.

"Support" by itself suggests only the case where governments exist----adding "encourage" suggests promoting where they don't yet, or arent yet established.

We were too often acting on the principle of 'enemy of our enemy was our friend', even if that friend was dictatorial----'our son of a bitch

not sure they're "at the essence"

Bush43 mde this concept his own.put his own brand on it

point being, in fact, al queada is an NGO!

...gratuitous, gilding the lily, etc. Also, the Santayana quote as become the horiest cliche around.

"harnessing?" that doesn't sound good, or woundlt to them.

"Sovereignty" is a more complicated point.

Point being that those "dumb-power things weren't good or effective in the 20th century either. .... I'd suggest this line because it sets up "Smart Power" below.

Now, if anyone can get their hands on a copy of the actual speech given, it will give you an amazing insight into how important certain messages are, given to CFR members, and the influence the CFR plays or how much they are played to influence the game of global power plays. The fact we have very specific and detailed corrections and notations, on what should and shouldn't be said, how it should be presented, in words, delivered to this very powerful group, gives amazing insight. Unfortunately the actual speech is redacted, so of course they don't want that insight being widely disseminated.

Even with the full speech, I am not suggesting any ground breaking revelations will be in there, but very likely fingerprints which can be correlated to other efforts and events may very well be left behind. As it was important enough to redact, there must be some important info therein.

posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:02 PM


How does this relate to Aliens/UFOs and why bother even mentioning it?: There is a huge lack of 'stuff' not only the recent email leaks, but in many others as well. In years past we've seen largely unchanging or very minor-damaging leaks, across the world, which have a blowback of minimal effect in the public. In fact, one could even argue that each leak has only pushed the globalist agenda further, and made common people more accepting of total surveillance and authoritarian control over their lives.

We can learn more by what's MISSING than we can by what's there. The public is not privy to what's going on in the world. It actually appears not only is the public unaware, but even most of the government, businessmen & military are also clueless. Information is moulded and shaped not only for public, but all of these people. Many are kept outside of 'the loop'.

The major "leaks" in recent years has done nothing to shed light on actual efforts behind the scenes. If anything, it only pushes the global control framework further along and maintains the standard quid pro quo.

Just look at how accepting the public is with Pokemon Go - The company that made it, funded by a CIA VC company. And the entire design fits exactly within goals & directives of the NGA - which consolidated 3 agencies and took resources from 4 others when it was created.

One might even argue that the "leaks" we've seen were entirely within the sphere of controlled release, as they accomplished very little, and if anything, acclimated the public to 'that's just how it is' thinking.

What is incredibly troubling (or incredibly insightful/depending on how you view it) is the total lack of UFOs, Aliens and other topics within the 'leak' sphere. There is a lot of "background noise" missing. If you search EA Leaks, the Statfor Leaks, the Cablegate Leaks, etc-it's all apparent. Search 'UFO" or "Aliens" in all of the leak databases and it yields returns.

Background noise is missing completely from the modern government sources. Private company leaks, like Stratfor, EA, etc-they will have hundreds or thousands of instances of UFO/Alien/etc 'keywords' but as far as any recent government sources = 0. There are some hits on cablegate leaks, because Carter sought out a UFO answer for himself. And Kissinger & others were dealing with foreign interest in UFOs back in the 60s/70s. It was also raised as an issue in the UN back then. A science panel recommended serious investigation but it was ignored. Modern hits... modern 'background noise', is missing though.

We know the topic has been suppressed though. It's a 100% undeniable fact.

This is the history of UFOs/Aliens, it was controlled and removed as a serious subject back in the 50s. Mocked and disparaged in the media so people didn't take it seriously. Various professionals were attacked in their fields if they pursued answers. Overall it was a complete effort to remove the topic from serious discussion, and it worked.

It's all there. It's all 100% verifiable. The only question is 'why all the effort?'.

Part of that effort also included releasing disinfo, when a seemingly concrete example or smoking gun was released, or threatened to leak, coincidentally a flood of bad or conflicting information would come out at the same time. For instance, when MJ12 docs dropped, it just so happened an additional set released at the same time. And bad information seemingly dropped in the mix. All very convenient. Rochard Doty, of course was involved to some degree.

No prosaic explanation will ever be able to answer the history of the UFO/Alien subject. Not with how many fluid, natural incidents erupted over the years. Not with the thousands year old history of UFO sightings. Reports of 'beings', engagement, etc. The lack of reasonable explanations. The claims of "it was to cover classified projects" but they actually released classified information details to cover up the UFOs as in Roswell (project MOGUL).

Im not sure everyone needs a history but here's a quick overview:

-1940s acquisition of Nazi secret research via PAPERCLIP, secret programs, possible UFO/Alien data (The Bell - Die Glocken)

-1947 National Security Act

-1949 James Forrestal was found dead by "suicide" after he was comitted to a mental institution. Many details suggest it was not a suicide.

-1950s formation or development of the military industrial complex.

-1950s CIA infiltrates media, also exerts control over the newswire (Preventing UFO/Alien topics). Some evidence can be found in operation MOCKINGBIRD. Direct evidence uncovered by Terry Hansen - The Missing Times Author - WATCH: Conference

-1950s project MAGNET in Canada determines: Saucers are real - they are ETs - the US has a crashed saucer - Vannevar Bush is heading the research effort - it's the highest classified secret in the US, higher than Nuclear secrets. Rebuttal to character assassination on W. Smith - (V.Bush is important, because it corroborates the MJ12 docs)

-1962 Marilyn Monroe is found dead, a CIA memo would be discovered that suggested wiretaps on her and this was being passed back to top powers. She had been leaking info to a gossip columnist at the time, unhappy how the Kennedys and friends were shafting her.

-1963 JFK is assassinated - ~80 people related to the case would die in 10 years. A 1 in 100,000 Trillion chance of happening. Even more in additional years.

-1965 Doothy Killgallen dies from a heart attack. Widely attacked and "debunked", the CIA memo suggests Marilyn told Kilgallen about JFK visiting an AFB in a secret visit.

-1976-77 Jimmy Carter after witnessing a UFO himself, opens an investigation into the subject while in presidency. Daniel Sheehan would later testify to his part in the investigation Sheehan, of Harvard pedigree, well known lawyer of Pentagon Papers fame, was brought in to help in the investigation. At one point witnessing in the National Archives, a hidden room with various secret evidence, including pictures of USAF soldiers standing around a crashed saucer. When the Vatican was asked for their UFO files during this search - reportedly denied the President. Carter would go on to official deny or play down the subject.

The reason Carter and President after Carter are relevant, is because somewhere after JFK, it appears they stopped briefing presidents on UFOs. It became a need-to-know topic (and likely was always this way, just that it took time to move it away from the president's office, so POTUS required less need to know. Carter, was interested in UFOs because of personal experience, as were others after him. The major importance is that JFK seems to be a red flag, signifying where POTUS stopped getting its updates.

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posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:02 PM

Wrapping up the wrap up.

There are literally a seemingly endless number of files and investigations related to the subject. The briefing document from the Rockefeller Initiative is a good place, highlighting the number of strong cases and best case evidence, but beyond that there is even more. Understanding the topic is first to understand the cover-up.

The way the cover up worked, is officially, they would claim 'scientific' investigation of UFOs. And in a sense, it started out that way. Shortly after all strong evidence was classified or buried. The 'scientific' conclusions of Bluebook were false, as they ignored evidence, and also classified cases (misplaced data), therefore no actual scientific conclusion could be ascertained. No matter what anyone claims.

You cannot make scientific claims based on false or missing data sets. This is called fraud. The way the cover-up system works, is people cry "we need scientific data to be taken seriously" and then that data is classified, removed, or poisoned with disinformation. It's a con. This is a 100% undeniable con game. When I realized the full scope (which the actions are all documented but not readily apparent) it's so clear what transpired.

The Media and CIA/MIC Influence

While they were officially closing the book on scientific exploration of UFOs, the media was co-opted by the CIA to popularize it in fictional accounts, while mock and deride it in news/non-fiction accounts. There's also circumstantial evidence the National Enquirer & other tabloids, were likely funded by CIA operations.

It's no coincidence that years later, if you search keywords from legitimate UFO cases, that stories from Enquirer & other tabloids pop up, altered and turned into parodies of real stories, but still include the real data points. e.g. "100 Witnesses sighted 12 UFOs which circled a local city, accelerating at impossible speeds, after they were discovered in a field with dead cattle suffering unexplainable mutilations."

Turns into: "Alien Cows forming secret alliance to take over the US! -100 witnesses reported an army of Alien-bovine militants from the Cow Reticuli Star System, 12 Bovine-Alliance Armada ships were seen recruiting new Udder-ly frightening warriors in the fields of Wisconsin..."

(This is not an actual case, but Im explaining the function of this method. There were a few cases of this when the Rockefeller Initiative was going on, stories on Bill Clinton's "secret library" and "Alien has a baby with Hillary", stories which contained real numbers and factoids from real stories.)

There may be an even deeper influence in Hollywood, from Star Trek, to Star Wars, to every single piece of Sci-Fi that's come out since. Science Fiction or Science Fact?


Ignoring that and how murky it gets though, the clear evidence shows that

1. the Media was controlled to prevent UFO/Alien stories from leaking out as serious information.

2. Disinformation and parody media would mock and destroy personalities who would pursue the topic in a legitimate sense.

3. Actual scientific investigation was stifled or prevented outright.

The Official Cover-Up

Beginning of course with project SIGN, GRUDGE and BLUEBOOK. These projects were shifted and consolidated each time they were getting unintended conclusions. Mainstream historical records do not even deny this. Just look at the wiki pages on them, and read the "discussion" pages.

You will see that SIGN was pretty open and allowed scientific freedom. But it apparently was not what TPTB wanted. GRUDGE was indeed a grudge against anyone that gave testimony in favour of a UFO/Alien reality. Documents suggest Hynek admitted that during Grudge, if they could not disprove claims, they would attack witnesses professionally. Character assassination, federal investigations, etc-to simply discredit people. Robertson Panel would conclude:

They suggested debunkery through the mass media, including Walt Disney Productions, and using psychologists, astronomers, and celebrities to ridicule the phenomenon and put forward prosaic explanations.

Project Bluebook, would be more of the same. Each time UFOs became a national headline, the USAF and hired actors that would attack people who were speaking out or giving honest testimony. Carl Sagan, famed scientist was actually extremely interested in UFOs/Aliens, Condon would later say although skeptical, he was "too soft" on UFOs during Bluebook. Because of this Condon limited Sagan's attempts at professional development. Sagan then learned a valuable lesson, it's okay to talk about the possibilities of Aliens, but not an actual alien presence. I believe this ties in with the Robertson panel recommendations, and the very wall Sagan would engage the public in the future.

I bring this up because right around the time the official cover-up was going on, to prevent the topic from being investigated scientifically, there was also the birth of the modern 'skeptical science' movement. The 'debunker' complex. "Skeptic" once meant being skeptical of the establishment or established teachings. It was the opposite of the modern skeptic. They literally reversed the meaning, then popularized it. Now "skeptic" means to irrationally attack anything that doesn't fit into the mainstream.

Condon would end up firing two scientists on the panel, because 1 leaked a memo showing the Condon Committee was set out to discredit the topic before it was even investigated.

This was the end of the 'official cover-up' what happened from here on out would go on as unofficial. And people would go on to uncover reports on these efforts and prove unequivocally, the USAF, the Navy, NASA, CIA, and others were all involved in UFOs/Crash retrievals, and Aliens (as a subject bare minimum) for many years after "officially" they claimed they stopped entirely.

Since then we see very succinct patterns of disinformation arise over the years. We also see remnants of the tenth man strategy:

The Tenth Man Strategy works like this. Where 9 men on a council agree on a plan of action, it is the 10th man who is responsible to deliberately disagree with it and formulate a plan against it. It doesn't matter how unlikely the plan is to actually happen. The idea is that one man is appointed 'devil's advocate' and launches his opposing campaign against such plan.

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posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:02 PM
How is this relevant now?

We live in a world built on disinformation.

Will iam Casey CIA Director 1981: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false,”

We live in a world blind by cognitive dissonance.

If they decided the most important thing in the world was to cover up they then decided any truth related to that needs to be buried. To accomplish that, there's evidence of completely changing the very nature of thought. The 'skeptic' movement was born out of the need to make people accept only what is mainstream. Skeptical thought in all of history before 1950, meant: to be skeptical of all evidence, and most importantly, skeptical of what we think we know. It was basically a philosophy that humans are limited in their understanding. So we must never be so arrogant that we think we know everything, to always question our concrete belief systems. It now means the opposite, 'be so arrogantly steadfast in beliefs that nothing should warrant further or proper investigation'.

The very nature they managed to reverse 'skeptic' is so apparent in so many ways, and this truly hurt the worlds outlook and understanding. The openness of science and thought has been limited. Science has been replaced by beliefs and doctrines and establishment science. I wouldn't be surprised if efforts to discredit alternative ideas were not fostered or encouraged, subverted or co-opted. e.g. funding or pushing bogus 'free-energy' or 'alt-therapies' etc-so if someone does recognize the shortcomings they are immediately engaged by junk information/thought.

There is a current break in scientific establishment, where there is a reproducibility crisis, where politics, ideology and corporate interests control science more than truth and understanding (the very point of scientific discovery).

And I would argue this dates back to the origins of suppressing the UFO/Alien subject. Whether or not there is more at work, or more at play. Maybe it plays even a smaller role than it seems. But I doubt it. Because right now, either UFOs are real, and are ETs/Aliens/Dimensional Beings/Time Travellers/Angels-Demons OR The government went to unimaginable (physically impossible in some cases) lengths, to convince a very small % of the population that these things do exist. Which to be honest, doesn't make sense at all. Therein lies the rub. Either its real and its being ignored, and the entire scientific establishment has been co-opted, or it's not real, and a monumental illogical, irrational effort was made to convince a very small number of people it was - for no obvious explanation.

[But how does this correlate to the emails

Like everything, it's not about what is there, it's about what is missing. If anyone has ever been part of a news story (whether the subject of, creator of, participant of, witness of) you are well aware an "official" story is varies far more than the actual story. And its not just in News, it happens everywhere, in your home (what you tell your kids, parents, extended family) it happens in business (what you officially tell your workers, vs whats actually happening) it happens everywhere!

So if someone is going to look over the entire history of our world in the last 70s years, and try and put it all together what are you left with? You are left with a lot of missing information. Look at the world today, and we are left with a lot of missing information. None of it ties in together or makes complete sense, until you find the thread that stitches it all together.

I would argue, that the thread which is missing from our history very well may rest in the classified documents related to the UFO/Alien reality. For the most part, these documents are missing. Yes we have hundreds of thousands of documents around the world which have been declassified, but there is way too much missing from them. In fact, most of the strongest cases are missing

Given how important this subject is, how important it was recognized to be, back when it regionally happened, it makes no sense that there is so much missing data currently, on taking it as a seriously subject. (Which we know by other disclosures it is.)

The MJ12 docs will be contested, and have been since they came about. But if they were legitimate, or rather they are legitimate (even some of them not all) they corroborate just about every alien-related conspiracy that has come to date, and explain every effort of disinformation.

President's and their insight:

In the know: Truman - Eisenhower - JFK - George H.W. Bush
Bush is very likely aware of many things, because of the CIA past, and family connections. Obvious as to why Truman & Eisenhower would be in the need to know. It's right at JFK when we see the subject being handled differently in classified and official reports.

Need to know (no need to tell them) : Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerold Ford, Ronald Reagan
There is some lore behind Nixon and Jackie Gleason, and its possible that Nixon was aware. Im not sure that was part of any official briefings however (no matter how classified). After JFK, Johnson had almost no involvement in UFOs AT ALL, and that's saying something, since Kecksberg happened under his watch (though handled by a crash recovery program). None of the president's here showed any substantial effort to approach the subject in office, or does it seem there was any need to involve them officially. I think the timing re:JFK speaks volumes.

Want to know: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama (sort of)
Each made some effort looking into it, though Obama was likely the most lacklustre. Jimmy Carter not only made an effort, Sheehan implicates Carter got an affirmative answer. Clinton failed, and the bizarre Rockefeller Initiative can make one question whether or not various power brokers, or the information handlers were at odds.

Space Cadet: George W Bush

They would explain how in a time when there was no overarching, massively influential control structure over the people, a very threatening reality was witnessed. People (most likely from traditional power structures) came together and conspired to keep this a secret, away from the general public. And in doing this, they had to completely rewrite how society approaches a number of subjects. They had to change public opinion, change the very worldview and insulate it from reality. Not only this, but over time it would become apparent it was a much more difficult and complex topic than it first seemed, and further efforts would be needed to completely erase it from not only the public sphere, but even behind the scenes, preventing common governmental agents from gaining access to the knowledge.

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posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:02 PM
Where's the evidence? - Well, the evidence is missing, that's the whole point. Still, today, we do not have an answer for the strongest UFO cases over the years. We have all the declassified data, yet the most important cases were never fully declassified. There are cases where witnesses viewed a craft, saw hieroglyphics, witnessed beings, swore by affidavit they interacted with military officials - yet official files on these interactions would remain out of the public sphere.

Even after the Cold War, after the walls came down, after nuclear threats, etc-the information people had been waiting for to be declassified were not. No matter how much people want to 'debunk' the JFK assassination, we still have no answer for it. No answer to the ~80 deaths which are a mathematical impossibility. If this were all just Cold War activities, they should've been declassified after the Cold War.

Instead, while Rockefeller had pushed for Disclosure under Clinton, and failed (and Clinton coincidentally was investigated 6 times and impeached), the next president all but ignored the issue. Instead, we were given a new, manufactured "threat" = terrorism. A brilliant side-show to distract the publics attention, just like in the Cold War. Search "Cold War wasn't real" or "Terrorism Manufactured" and you will net dozens of books, written by Professors, reputable people explaining how much of a fabrication all these events are. It's not to say some didn't believe in it, or respond as it was real, of course, to 99% of people, involved or watching, it was real. To many power players, it was nothing more than a stage show (and continues to this day.)

Where's the rest of the evidence? Where isn't the rest of the evidence? - If you go over the entire history of UFOs/Aliens and how it relates to history, put in context to what we do know there is many instance of missing data, or data available which doesn't match what happened.

Much of it resides in various efforts to discredit or bury the topic over the years. The methods used to do this, disinformation campaigns, CIA media control, missing keywords, missing themes/actions/evidence, etc-all of this is obvious. The reason as to why it was done, that remains the mystery. But is it even that mysterious?

But there is other bits harder to see, hidden behind various "real" topics or events: the Tenth Man Strategy, Modified Limited Hangout, Official Policy etc. Basically you look at what did happen over the years. What events we know took place re:Alien/UFO topics, and look at the response therein. Right away there's a problem, because in the 70s they decided "UFOs are not important and we don't officially investigate them anymore." This right away is a lie. There were many FOIAs that had missing information, eventually someone FOIA'd or AIA'd the Canadian government. And VOILA, evidence that basic UFO sightings, we're sent to NORAD. Probably under a different name. This is important because it stated Bluebook #1 never handled cases of National Security Interest. #2, NORAD is not required to adhere to FOIA requests the same as other agencies, because their reporting was done under joint US/Canada program.

This is just one example. We know programs were in place to handle these threats. We know these incidents happened from witnesses, whistleblowers, mountains of evidence just short of everything classified related to the cases. But the actual meat & bones is always missing.

The debate is missing: whether or not some of these incidents are important, do not even make it into the sphere of most government agencies. The fact it's not even debated, or discussed, or analyzed, suggests the topic alone is so heavily buried it's not in the grasp of anyone besides the most loyal or trusted agents.

There is evidence not only Israel but others adhere to the 10th man doctrine. Popularized by WW-Z, a Zombie movie, it suggests that if 9 people agree on something, there is a 10th who's job is it to disagree. To prevent group think:

The Tenth Man Strategy works like this. Where 9 men on a council agree on a plan of action, it is the 10th man who is responsible to deliberately disagree with it and formulate a plan against it. It doesn't matter how unlikely the plan is to actually happen. The idea is that one man is appointed 'devil's advocate' and launches his opposing campaign against such plan.

You can find cases of the 10th man doctrine working in various governments and surrounding issues, though it remains mysteriously absent regarding certain subjects.

It also has another amazing quality, to complicate the issue so far beyond reasonable engagement or understanding that it has eliminated any attempt at the efforts of engaging or addressing the issue. In there words, the same type of idea is introduced into any issue or topic, to prevent a the full force of co-ordinated 'group think' or a coordinated effort to bring to justice, seek answer or make demands from the government.

Throughout the history of UFOs/Aliens there are plenty of disinformation campaigns. Many of the same actors involved in each one as well. The Aviary, Richard Doty, Bill Ryan & Project Camelot, & just about anything John Leer has touched, as well as Rochard Hoagland.

This is where Limited Hangout comes into play. When they know something is threatened to go public, they simply release it, but they do it how they want to do it. So it benefits those in control. Those running the operation. I would argue there is signs of this happening right across the board. From issues related directly to UFOs/Aliens, to Government Operations, to Intelligence Operations, etc

Every single UFO/Alien disinformation operation, or where a 'major story' was leaked, or broke, or disseminated, it appears there was a high risk of it being dumped, so they dumped it. They purposely released it, but also released bad intel, or something attached which could immediately be disproven. Once it went public, and was 'debunked' by the skeptical crowd (formed in the 50s during the shaping of this culture) it then stopped being a problem.

Just think back to 9/11 and how much was injected into the discussion.

Snowden & Assange, are also likely examples of this. Echelon (the original spying program) was not a mystery, leaks also came out on future programs. On the Keyhoe Satellite, and on Bush Administrations approval of various spying efforts. Eventually, Snowden would leak all there was to know (or was it?) about domestic spying.

Assange has leaked plenty since Wikileaks formed, but no actual leaks on UFOs/Aliens, and even if the topic were entirely manufactured, there'd still be background noise. In fact, it appears the leaks have done nothing but benefitted or legitimized the clandestine nature of government operations. If you contest government actions or object, if you fight efforts made against the public, you are a racist or ignorant, or mean, or focusing on the negative. The system they devised back in the 50s has bred into a complete worldview, where anything against anything mainstream is now comparable to the efforts to simply tell the truth back then.

Just like in the emails the real evidence is missing.
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posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:14 PM
Summary - Some of you might be hoping I write up a perfect summary and bring all my thoughts in a cohesive talking point. It's really hard to do that with such a complex topic. I tried to point out a few different cases that seem to corroborate each other. MJ-12 is in fact supported by statements of Wilbert Smith. Canada's head UFO agent in the 50s. He stated Vannevar Bush headed up the research into it. Most important is a lot of this wasn't fully realized until after dis-info had been pushed out. So in a sense some of it was like a past verification. Then you have the JFK assassination.

Internal documents from the CIA itself, suggest that the JFK hit was covered up. John McCone and Allen Dulles were involved in this. Dulles was involved in PAPERCLIP, and in many UFO related cases, as well as MKULTRA and various MK sub projects. Most important, is if the JFK hit is substantiated, it also substantiates ~80 mysterious deaths as possible cover up deaths.

THAT explains why no further presidents would be made fully aware of the subject. And partly why it was so important to remove it not only from the public sphere, but the superficial Military circles, and of course from most areas of Government as well. I would presume the topic was then buried into contractor companies, and Military-Private partnerships.

If you look at how hard some 'debunking' efforts were made against Jim Marrs and his look into JFK along with other UFO topics, it really does appear he was on to something. In short, it seems that a long history that verifies and supports itself may be sitting right in front of us, and we are just too unsure of ourselves, because of the incredible efforts to employ the Limited Hangout doctrine.

...And then, co-opt the people discussing it, by influencing the discussion using something similar to the 10th Man strategy. Not unlike when people were discussing very serious and reasonable themes behind 9/11, and a horde of idiots run in shouting "NO PLANES"...."Laser beams!!!"

We are unable to discuss any serious subject without getting 'debunked', destroyed or discombobulated by the shear amount of disinformation pumped into the subjects. And I would argue that is the evidence. How much has been put into controlling and contorting this topic, how much effort was made to completely rewrite how we all approached these subjects and deal with them to begin with, it's all fallout of efforts made in the 50s. And it gets the best of us. I too was wrapped into the pseudo-scientific effort of 'skeptic science' which is the most ironic factor, because it stole the term skeptic, made the term 'pseudo-science' and then proceeded to engage in 50 years of pseudoscience and pseudo-skepticism.

In short, William Casey's words are the most poignant that have ever come out of people involved in these efforts:

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

He was right. The program is complete. Game over. They won. The only thing that is going to right this wrong, or bring people back to the face of reality is declassifying all the files they have. It's the only way. I seriously doubt anyone would be able to spark a movement which could demand this successfully, but it needs to be done. No 'soft disclosure' or any other nonsense. There were dozens of conspiracies over the years, many are direct tie-ins to the subject of Aliens & UFOs. Until we are shown all the 'missing information' the missing data. Until we see what in the #### the government is actually doing (because it appears like they don't really do anything), we should just assume the reality.

There is only one answer: disclosure. Until they do that, nothing should be taken as fact from any branch of government.
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posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:19 PM
first rule about fight club, nobody talks about fight club (especially by Email)......

posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:23 PM
a reply to: boncho

I agree this reeks of controlled opposition.

Did you notice that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was the only DNC staff to be using a gmail account rather than a email address?

In other words, we aren't seeing all of Debbie's emails during this time period. Any emails she shared without involving other DNC staff are not among those hacked from the server.

That's so lucky for her, you have to wonder if she knew all along the server would be hacked.
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posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:26 PM
If an investigation is launched, the Debbie Schultz e-mails can be retrieved by G-Mail from their server. They do this with criminals and terrorists all the time.

posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:29 PM
a reply to: carewemust

Sadly, I cannot recall the last time I saw a controlled opposition scam investigated.

Wait, yes, I can...the last time I recall is when Karl Rove bugged his own office and tried to blame it on his opposition.
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posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:55 PM

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posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 07:48 PM
a reply to: boncho

First, thanks for taking the time to put this thread together.

Here is some info re: Eisenhower meeting with 'The Greys' back in 1954 at Edwards AFB iens/

Here is some links re: the $6B USD that "went missing" when Mrs. Clinton was the Head of State (no pun intended)


posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 08:50 PM
a reply to: boncho

Does not surprise me at all, great thread and very well illustrated.

There is still a lot that is unknown, but there are certain truths that at this point are evident beyond reasonable doubt.

posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 09:12 PM
Long, but good. Thanks for sharing.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Assange (and Snowden) were dis/misinformation stooges or controlled opposition. If investigative media sources are presented with supposed privvy information from guys like that, then their investigation and attention are re-directed to controllable topics that were wI thin those docs.


Jon Rappaport did a really good piece on Snowden, talking about how the MSM just out of the blue presents him as a CIA contractor that suddenly stole all this info, but never really asked who he was, where he came from, whom he was working for, etc.
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posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 09:27 PM

originally posted by: OneGoal
a reply to: boncho
Does not surprise me at all, great thread and very well illustrated.
There is still a lot that is unknown, but there are certain truths that at this point are evident beyond reasonable doubt.

Funny you mention 'reasonable doubt'. It was actually in part, working on a criminal case in wrongful convictions that made me reconsider almost everything I had decided in the field of UFOs/Aliens. I realized in the court of law, we easily condemn people on much less evidence than there is for making the case for ET visitation. Now, Im not saying the court should decide they exist, but certainly courts can decide we should be allowed to see the information that's blocked! But the courts would never touch that, simply because they are not allowed to.

I know everyone likes to rip on Hellyer but he gave a great speech lately:

The speech will also underscore the continuity between your speech and the National Security Strategy.

Secretary of State HRC Speech at the Council of Foreign Relations

The CFR speech is entirely redacted in Wikileaks. That says a lot when a speech given to a NGO, which is a world partnership, of rich influential and powerful groups, which are not nominated, hired, or appropriated by government. They also make a point to note her speech fits in with National Security Interests. Whatever that means.

I forgot to add in to the main timeline, the formation of the Bilderberg group. It's in there in the early 50s as the MIC was being built, and Eisenhower was warning the public about letting the MIC develop too much power, which he witnessed before getting out of office.

Probably also worth mentioning that politicians get briefed on "conspiracies" and "mental stuff" like any theories where super powerful organizations are pulling the strings to form a one world government. I wonder if it includes the junk that's probably injected on purpose to make people seem nuttier?

posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 10:07 PM
This is now in my top 10 best ATS threads EVER.....OP you are getting to the root of the problems.

This has to become a book of some sort,so thanks for posting this much of your work here for us all.

I think everyone external to the Global Cabal et al....will be let down by the banal reality of who made the call on the JFK murder and why and how it then morphed into a many-headed snake we see people trying to figure out .You can spend a great deal of time backtracking evidence in the JFK murder if you do not know who made the decision and why.

I am enjoying your work,thank you , please keep it coming.

posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 10:34 PM
I would imagine that hillary would be smart enough to know not to talk about UFOs or anything high classified in emails. If she had access to that level of knowledge.

Hillary may be corrupt , but I don't think she is dumb.

posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 11:52 PM
I very much doubt they 'll release a thing ,too dangerous,like the GEMSTONE files,we'll SEE if they open it aster Bush Sr's death but I doubt it.
THEY will wait for a conflict I think, so the tech can be hidden as long as possible.

posted on Jul, 30 2016 @ 07:15 AM
the corruption in this world is everywhere, my opinion on the HC Emails is that you wont find anything in them, i think the whole thing was set up by Hilary's people so that she would be vindicated of all the allegations against her before she enters the WH.

posted on Jul, 30 2016 @ 11:20 AM

originally posted by: cavtrooper7
I very much doubt they 'll release a thing ,too dangerous,like the GEMSTONE files,we'll SEE if they open it aster Bush Sr's death but I doubt it.
THEY will wait for a conflict I think, so the tech can be hidden as long as possible.

Good points.

The "tech" is out all over the internet and it comes with instructions because we now can easily find the HONEST UNCORRUPTED SCIENTISTS who were able to quite easily figure out how the "tech" works and whose work in detail is available in the Public Domain see now know how to backtrack and find the RESEARCH which was DEAD-ENDED and suppressed which in turn leads us to the decoy or misinformation and its sources .....the Global Cabal is FINISHED....these are death throes we are seeing......Trump and Putin and other World Leaders KNOW THAT CONSPIRACY THEORIES ARE REALLY SIMPLY ANTICIPATORY THINKING AND THEY DO NOT SO EASILY DISCOUNT a result they are more informed than their predecessors were.

Now people are beginning to ADD UP all of the THOUSANDS of innocent honest good people who have been murdered summarily....and the many thousands who have been victims of Gaslighting and keep these secrets....which we all know COULD NEVER HAVE BEEN KEPT.

There will be NO AMNESTY GIVEN......these MANY THOUSANDS of murders were NOT sanctionable...and the true National Security threat has been in SUPPRESSING THIS DATA FROM THE PEOPLE while other Superpowers have been HONEST with their populaions,effectively putting US-Can-England populations into an idiot-vacume.

Kids have to build these technologies in SCHOOLS and they must build Craft IN SCHOOLS......people need to keep building their devices and posting them online where everyone can find them...and people need to be COPYING these videos and this info and getting it onto HARD COPY AND OFFLINE for posterities sake .

If this OP focused upon Wilbert Smith and other pioneers like David Hamel and many others who had complete knowledge and understanding as well as people like Tesla and Hulda Clark and Viktor Grebbenikov and Searl and others with the passion and accurate reverse extrapolation we see in this OP ....well it would go a long way towards helping us all understand just how many of humanities BEST MINDS AND HEARTS WERE ABSOLUTELY AND MERCILESSLY CRUSHED over CENTURIES.......nope there will be no Amnesty available to those who sanctioned financed and actioned these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ...we have done this before....and judging by how things look Humanity is getting better at Amnestys.....and repatriation back to GLOBAL HUMANITY of the QUADRILLIONS of dollars earned by the Globl Cabals over these centuries of suppression.

Oh sure it sounds like these actions are impossible....but are they really impossible? are ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE....these people who have been as a FISCALLY DRIVEN Global Stakehholders Group committing CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY are EASILY FINDABLE TODAY as we are seeing....once people learn to use Google to support their REVERSE-EXTRAPOLATIONS more we will see faster change.....this OP is a perfect example of the perspective and type of multi-faceted 3-D focus which is now becoming more mainstream with todays youth.

IMHO Hillary is a Martyr.....always has been....a puppet who will do anything to protect herself and her life.

Bush-Obama-Hillary----everyone since the JFK Coup de tat has been an installed schill purposefully put in place by TPTB.Trump is the FIRST TRUE MAVERICK AMERICA HAS SEEN IN MANY YEARS.The Donald will serve us up JFKs killers...and Putin will help him.....The Donald will expose who attacked America on 9-11.

Olde money is being challenged Globally.....and olde money is going to lose in a big big way with no big bounce-backs like in the past.

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