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A cat that kicked a camel

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posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 02:02 PM
Little White fluffy cat, really a sensation before her marriage to the orange Tommy boy,
At one time was close with her cousin, another sensational being.
A very pissed scraggly Cat, Jealous over his girl, fluffy... broke the two kittens up and stole away with his precious prize in a satchel made of debt.
Enforcing rules here, rule there..scraggles was no more than a drunk fool, full of insults unto all kitty kind.
Where did scraggles get his booze? The unhappy slaves he took in, would grab bottles here and there, dragging them into their unkind masters lair.
Her cousin didn't make it, was tossed into the well, come hell or high water, intent upon nothing other than her return...
Luckily, a kind little girl... was unafraid of scooping the little dear out of the hell, well...
Off she went to the good Camel dealer with her sopping wet mess, clinging to life.
And so the story goes... what magic dear Camel dealer knows, nobody knows except as the sopping mess slipped passed the veil...
A baby Camel was born into the little girls hands, heart, mind and soul... to be loved for all eternity.
When fluffy met with the new lovely being, Luna the Camel... it was something else, love? No couldn't be! So she kicked her new family member and ran, pretending (or not) to be Koi.
And the two found a new (or old) song,

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