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USA, China, Russian, Euro Military Project Secrets: Sub-hunting, UAV, Nightvision, Forward-Wings!

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posted on Jul, 28 2016 @ 05:53 PM
New Saline Electro-Conductivity Thermo-Haline Bulge Detection
to Hunt Chinese, Russian and North Korean Submarines

My INSIDE SOURCES have been VERY busy these past few weeks
whacking away at USA, Chinese, Russian, UK, French, German
and Isreali militray project targets getting me the information
I so lovingly cherish and which is so coveted by the
very same above agencies!

So here is a TASTE of what I've got this week!

A recent mission-specific module was recently
added within the last 18 months to the
USS Jimmy Carter attack/minehunting submarine
to test a NEW METHOD pioneered at the US Navy's
AUTEC undersea vehicles test facility and by main
contractor RAYTHEON which uses a new method
of LONG-RANGE detection of attack or ballistic
missile submarines at unheard of depths!

USS Jimmy Carter Seawolf Class submarine:

The United States Navy's Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC):

SOSUS, an acronym for sound surveillance system:

Project Artemis - Long Range Acustic Detection of subs:

AN/AQS-22 Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS):

Raytheon delivers sonar for DARPA's unmanned ASW vehicle programme:

By dumping a trailing coil of highly conductive wire
and creating electrical pulses at frequencies ranging
from 60 HZ to 1200 HZ and and varying amperages ranging
from 30 amps up to 600 amps (or more!) an electrical
current is discharged into the water which EVENTUALLY
dissipates as the highly-conductive saline ocean distributes
the charge to both the surface (i.e. seawater meniscus/skin effect)
and to the surrounding ocean water at linear ranges as far as 200 km
(120 miles) and to ocean depths as much as 10km (30,000 feet+) deep!

Using the new specialty non-conductive coatings
added to the Jimmy Carter to prevent short-circuiting
between the exposed cable and the hull of the submarine,
an electrical charge is pulsed outwards which eventually hits
various thermo-haline and thermo-cline layers which then
changes the frequency and power of the electrical signal.

Underwater Sensors added to the ocean floor in
specific global areas have been recently allocated
funding within mission-specific budget allocations
which are electrically sensitive and detect specific
frequencies and amperages of signals that are
attenunated as they go through the thermo-haline
and thermo-cline water layers that are part and
parcel of the giant ocean current systems that
encircle the entire globe!

The USS Jimmy Carter and Various NEW underwater
drones will be sending these electrical signals to find
MOVING BULGES of thermocline/thermohaline layers
which are interpreted by DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
computers to find out HOW FAST and HOW FAR the bulging
of layers move as an enemy submarine moves into and out-of
or between such layers. Since the amount and time-period
of attenuation of an electrical signal for a NATURAL SOURCE
movement of water iS VERY DIFFERENT than what happens
when a submarine passes through the area, the sensory
computers can now PINPOINT a submarine's likely location
to within a few hundred cubic metres. And since the
thermocline/thermohaline bulges DO NOT DISSIPATE for
some time it is possible to BOTH predict the PREVIOUS
track of a sub and the possible FUTURE track of a sub
with some considerable accuracy.

The obvious question is regarding the SAFETY of use in
open ocean where PULSED 30 to 600+ amps of electrical
signals is output and ALL I can say is that the open
ocean dissipates the total energy to "Non-Lethal"
amounts within a few hundred meters BUT that the
lower energies can continue for some time and
distance. This of course makes the ORIGINATING
SUBMARINE a very visible target since it is
BROADCASTING a powerful electrical
signal into the ocean.

As per my contacts, this means of submarine detection
is currently theatre-specific (i.e. 200 km range)
but can be fitted to mine-and-sub-hunting surface
vessels and even mine/sub hunting aerial vehicles
i.e. Sea Stallion ASW helicopters! I suspect this
has been deployed to the usual choke points
such as the entrances to major seaways and
channels and approaches to continential areas.


This can be deployed onto surface drones for EVER greater range
and staying power! Should be interesting to see in the next few months!

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posted on Jul, 28 2016 @ 05:54 PM
a reply to: StargateSG7

Further information about France, Israel, UK Military projects:



The Berkut SU-47 Forward Swept Wing Fighter Jet

Sukhoi Su-47

Sukhoi has recently been allocated funds
of at least $150 Million US dollar equivalent
to look into allowing the wings of the SU-47
to become morphic so that CHANGING the
ANGLE of forward sweep AND attack from
as little as STRAIGHT SWEEP (for low and/or
slow flying) up to 42 degrees forward sweep
for air-to-air dogfight/air patrol/attack configurations.
The airfoil attack angle can ALSO be changed on-the-fly
for high maneuverability!

The recent funding allocation anticipates
that specific airfoil shaping using electrically
activated wing shape manipulation (i.e. Nitinol
shape memory metal like but NOT heat activated)
of ALL-COMPOSITE wings will bring the Russian fighter
to the 6th generation once applied to a
PAK-50-type stealthy configuration.

being used in this design and development
program. ONLY electrically activated airfoil
deformation of a composite wing is being studied.

A continuous R&D funding apparatus has been setup
of $150 million per year until Year 2021 whereupon
a higher-level fund for an operational test bed
using PAK-50 configuration is to be signed off
on for initial flight testing in year 2022/2023



China is secretly TESTING an in-house built FULL-COPY of
the Kamov KA-50 Shark attack helicopter in which ALL
components (even the Turbine Engines) have been slavishly
copied from materials testing and maintenance activities
that took place within non-Russian territory during the
years 2000-to-2004 Chechen war and "Some-Eastern-stan"
where Chinese agents were able to take DETAILED photos,
maintenance and design printouts and actual repair and
replacement components and portable 3D-laser-scanned
versions of same back to China.


CAIC Z-10:

Harbin Z-19

This attack chopper is to be introduced by the year 2018
in multiple single-pilot and two-pilot configurations
by the Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation (HAMC)
but initially developed by the Chinese 602nd Research Institute.

This is to be a successor to the CAIC Z-10 attack helicopter
with a MUCH MORE POWERFUL engine than even the current WZ-16
but with more sophisticated engine management software and
with much more field-replaceable components and built-in
digital diagnostic systems. High-intensity Carrier-based
all-weather operations were designed-in from the get-go!



Improvements to theatre missile defense using full multi-camera
VISION RECOGNITION software where multiple cameras are to be
deployed on the Patriot missile-based Arrow missile shootdown
system and on specialty cruise missiles where PURE VISION
RECOGNITION/EDGE DETECTION that counter-acts flares,
flak-metal foils deployment and pulsing lights which tend
to fool infra-red and radar-based flight control and target
aquisition systems. Differentiation between small flak-foils
and larger fast-moving missiles and non-missile-based bright
or flashing lighting was the PRIMARY GOAL of this upgrade.

Deployment is set for early 2017.



Thales has improved their nightvision gear with active
RGB-Pixel inversion and enhancement of ONLY edges using
realtime SOBEL edge detection and edges-only false colouring
for both starlight and infrared scopes on both binocular sets
AND their specialty WIDE-FIELD-OF-VIEW helmet mounted IR/optical scopes.
Onboard RIGGEDIZED realtime DSP chips have been added to all nightscopes!
By highglighting ONLY the edges, it makes it easier to see outlines of people,
vehicles, aircraft and objects in the dark and separate out natural feaures
from manmade ones.

Thales Nighvision:

The electronics upgrade will ALSO be applied as an in-field upgrade
to the larger fixed-mount currently France-only deployed aircraft
and land/water vehicle nightvision systems starting in March 2017.



Field deployable INFLATABLE fixed-body-and-wing drones able to carry
up to 10 KG of camera and wireless radios is being field tested in
the Stuttgart (Bavaria) area this summer. These UAV aircraft have cammoflaged
FAST INFLATABLE textile bodies with plastic fuel bladders, multiple electric motors
and thin-film Lithium batteries. Used for counter-terrorism, weather-related
emergencies and general surveillance, the drones come in kits of ten which
can be controlled in SWARM configuration or via individual GPS-enabled flight
path route following. Zoomable Cameras are weather-proof lightweight 1080p
with LIVE 25 fps video streaming linkages. CMOS chips are 1920x1080p attached
to ZOOMABLE ANAMORPHIC wide-field-of-view lenses which is reconstructed for
2.35:1 aspect ratio viewing by software at the portable laptop-based field
control station. The 2:35:1 aspect ratio output is split into multiple streams
for VR headset compatible viewing by multiple reconnaissance operators and
to advanced vision recognition and object/person highlighting software
which visually and audibly alerts operators to specific on-screen items.
Batteries drive the cameras and long-range fuel bladders power the
motors in a separated electrical system for reliability.
Propellors are slower-moving long-bladed and acoustically
modelled for quietness and long range.

The craft are inflated using high-PSI scuba diving-oriented cannisters
and make the body and wings rigid for flight. No wheels are on
the craft but rather a tough plastic on-body under-skid is used
for takeoff and landing. The cameras are weather protected
micro-gymbal stabilized and can be remotely moved in a large
vertical and horizontal arc steered and zoomed by on-ground personnel.


WOW !!!! That was a LOT intellegence material given to me by my usual nebulous,
ghostly sources in various aerospace industry-oriented companies and organizations.

READ-EM-AND-ENJOY (or Read-Em-And-Weep if you're a nation-specific Intel guy/gal!)


To get any any secrets outa me, Bucket-loads
of Benjamins, Many Cases of Sambucca,
Rum and Brandy and/or some 5'10"+ Blonde

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posted on Jul, 28 2016 @ 08:04 PM

originally posted by: StargateSG7
a reply to: StargateSG7

To get any any secrets outa me, Bucket-loads of Benjamins, Many Cases of Sambucca, Rum and Brandy and/or some 5'10"+ Blonde Double-D's DEFINITELY WORK ON ME !!!!

In your dreams maybe, Bubba.

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