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The 7 Most Remarkable Innuagartions Speeches...

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posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 09:12 AM
A scholar of presidential inaugurations, Paul F. Boller Jr., wrote that of the 53 inaugural addresses from George Washington's first to Bill Clinton's second, only seven were truly distinguished. In his view, at least, the other 46 have receded into the mists of history, unremarkable and unremembered. One important reason why so few addresses have been memorable is probably because, like the presidency itself, the speeches are a product of the times. If that is so, then these troubled times call for a monumentally uplifting one.

History's Stage..

The gravest national crises, the Civil War and the Great Depression, conferred special gravity on Abraham Lincoln's two addresses and Franklin Roosevelt's first. The other four deemed great are a bit harder to explain in light of the context in which they were delivered.Washington's second, not his first, was distinguished for its brevity. The shortest of all inaugural speeches, it ran only two paragraphs, 135 words, and was a perfect expression of the man's dignity and modesty. He merely said that if he failed to live up to the oath that he was about to take, he would be "subject to the upbraidings of all who are now witnesses of the present solemn ceremony."

September 2001, the president — not a naturally eloquent speaker — showed himself to be stirring within his own idiom.
Bush should not aspire in his remarks to emulate Kennedy or Roosevelt. For him, such sonority would be false. But what he can do and what he needs to do is emulate not the words, but the spirit, of Jefferson in 1801 when he pleaded for national reconciliation.

2004 election might earn his address a historical stature beyond its mere words.

posted on Jan, 21 2005 @ 01:41 PM
" Freedom,God. Bless America,in it's Liberty To Rule the World !"...............

Bush called Sept. 11 ``the day of fire'' that helped make his mission clear. ``There is only one force of history that can break the reign of hatred and resentment, and expose the pretensions of tyrants, and reward the hopes of the decent and tolerant, and that is the force of human freedom,'' Bush said.
How Ironic can It All Be..

The line was one of 27 times that the president used the word ``freedom'' in his address.
In Numerolgical terms 2+7=9
Now being His 2'nd add 2 and you get 2+7+2=11.....and you now what ,11 does not add back into a 2 . As,Those who know something about numerology will tell you...So Liberty Or Freedom,in Bush's mind and acts through foreign policy = 9/11.........?
9. Humanitarian, giving nature, selflessness, obligations, creative expression.
11. High spiritual plane, intuitive, illumination, idealist, a dreamer.
These are the numerological Keywords of the two numbers...
Some Of The Challenges.
From now on, Bush said, relations with "every ruler and every nation" will be predicated on how they treat their own people, a profound break from traditional U.S. policy and from the Bush administration's practices in his first term, when it worked with repressive governments in the war against terrorism. In his doctrine for the next four years, Bush presented the United States as a beacon for the subjugated around the world and promised to confront the despots who enchain them.

I wonder if President Musharaf of Pakistan.Azarbaijan,Zimbabwe and Saudia Arabia will be in that list...These are some of the oppressive countries that just Happen to be US's allies...
Next week He's scedueled to come and 'fix' ties with Europe,I have listened to atleast five major E.U. nations and their conclusions of Mr.Bush's speech.Not impressed,they were..
Strange enough The BBC Showed the 3'rd episode of 'The Power Of Nightmares',the other two were shown the days befor....This three part series was shown before,so the 2'nd time they must have figured would fit the occasion..
I also wondered if the US citizens would have access to such a profound docu's or anything simmilar.
I garantee that even the most hard core of Republicans would scratch their heads after seeing this amazing peace of research that has no interest in Bush bashing,like you guys say,but just to inform you all..even those who might think that know it all...
In the last episode it explained how 'grateful the neocons were with the attack on the towers,it played into their whole new Straussian political ideology.Control Of the masses By fear..
Once the threat of the USSR was gone,the next best thing was the Middle east..scince they were already having their Islamic fundementalist movement attacking their own people,but all had been grinded to a hault,by Algeria's gov,Egypt & Saudia...they looked west,starting with Israel and on to the U.S. scince they were behind the Israelis.They had found their real reason for jihad ..and the turn fueled their conviction..
Al-Qaeda never wanted Bush to loose the ellection cause his policy towards them had encouraged thousands of new recruits.
As the French journalists ,who were held for four months in Iraq explained,recently on HardTalk' a BBC programm..they have been told that thanks to Bush,they have never been so large,spread over 60 countries,they are Now..
Wolfowitz is central to this ideaology......

Pledges Of Freedom.
Oh yeh..21min lasted speech,= 3 Expression, verbalization, socialization.
And that 'Deep Burning Fire'...I'd say this Child knows all about it !
Shock & Awe.

"Injustice is self-destructive."
"Terrorism is in the eyes of the beholder."
"Might does not make wrong right."
"Power of the wicked is weakness of the good."
"Freedom has no patent."
"'Milk & Honey' is neither milk, nor honey."
"Intellectual garbage is non-recycleable."
"Selective knowledge has another name: IGNORANCE."
"In the face of death, there is no political correctness."
"He who knows no peace can make no peace."
"It takes more than industrialization to build civilization."
"Ignorance is the mother of all ills."
"Oppressors are their own first victims."
"Fate of the people is written by their own will, NOT by pen of a bureaucrat."
"Ultimate judges do not sit on benches."
"Ignorance is the credential for every tyrant."
"A busy courtroom is a sign of a bankrupt culture."
"You only live once. Outlive your life." by Nidal Sakr.

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