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VIDEO - All videos of unarmed black citizens killed by police - Excessive force? You decide...

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posted on Jul, 26 2016 @ 06:03 AM
a reply to: Urantia1111

You missed my point. The video is just a slickly edited collection of the most notorious incidents from the last year. Anybody can find those videos on YouTube. I think the OP's intent would have been better served with lesser known incidents. But this video doesn't have anything in it that is going to change anybody's mind because it's all stuff people have seen countless times.

posted on Jul, 26 2016 @ 10:41 AM
I do think there is a problem over there, the only problem with compilations and such is that you only get a little of what actually happened
On a total different subject, I've seen football (soccer to some) 'stars' signed up because of youtube compilations that make them look like Pele but ended up more like me with more cardio.

There is no doubt an escalating fear between the police and the people they are supposed to protect, the more tha die on both sides, the more it will escalate.

posted on Jul, 26 2016 @ 02:45 PM

originally posted by: Taggart
...the more tha die on both sides, the more it will escalate.

This. ×1000

posted on Jul, 26 2016 @ 08:24 PM

originally posted by: Shamrock6
a reply to: one4all

I stopped reading your essay after the "police are paid to" bit.

No, police are not paid to "engage suspects non-lethally." Arguing from a position of ignorance is still ignorant.

Your ignorance of the catalyst of this issue is epic.......the Police are not paid to lethally engage the MASSIVE MAJORITY of the suspects they encounter......there must be a complete re-do of the PARAMETERS under which weapons can be unhlostered and fired...full stop.

The Trumpster is about to tune in this oppositionally defiant attitude you exude with your pre-emptive references to ignorance. sure you are snappy smart....but as shallow as look for a lot of Judges and lawyers and politicians and financieers to be sandbagged as soon as Trump is in power because he and Putin both took over deeply flawed and crooked Countries rife with extenal influences forcing puppet-like National impacts.


You can play the strawman all you like...tis ok with me.

Listen ,any fool who is willing to endorse an SOP procedure which dictates that a weapon is NEVER DRAWN unless it is going to be used AND WHEN A WEAPON IS USED IT IS TO BE USED ONLY UNDER CIRCUMSTANCES JUSTIFYING A LETHAL DEADLY OUTCOME...WHICH TRNSLATES SALPPY INTO AN ...IMMEDIATE ...not an "IMMINENT THREAT" to the Police or to the Public....just holding a knife and refusing to drop it then taking one or two steps forward DOES NOT JUSTIFY THE USE OF LETHAL FORCE.......just holding a gun is not justification for using lethal simply is a Cop is facing bigger person they will use the murder by Cop option...BECAUSE soon as they "feel they are under imminent threat" they may begin to escalate their application of force and BECAUSE a bigger suspect can tackle a Cop who isnt retreating .

They are PAID to retreat under most circumstances where we see them murdering people.....retreat and the name of public safety...THE POLICE AND THEIR UNION AND LAWYERS TRY TO TELL US that shooting to kill to end the threat ASAP is in the publics best interests

When I see 2 165lb Cops taking on a 340lb suspect alone I know they wish to kill him by playing the "esclation of justifiable force" game.....they KNOW they cannot handle him and he will present an imminent threat of harm to them because he cn use his immense size to take thei weapons if he wrestles with them......and....when I see 4-5-6 Cops working together to cuff and take into custody suspect I EXPECT WITH A 100% CERTAINTY THAT THE SUSPECT WILL NOT BE HARMED see SLAPPY there are MILLIONS of violent patients handled in Hospitals and Hospices and Nuthouses every year and we dont see their Caretakers SHOOTING THEM FOR DISOBEYING A VERBAL COMMAND OR FOR BEING TRUCULENT OR OPPOSITIONAL OR FEISTY OR MINIMALLY PHYSICAL IN THEIR RESISTANCE.Your ignorance is no excuse for your apathy.

When suspect tries to escape in an automobile in todays world they are signing their own death warrant even if they entered the vehicle unarmed....because the POLICE CHOOSE WILLINGLY to interpret ANY MOTION AT ALL TOWARDS AN OFFICER OR THE PUBLIC to

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