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Is there Any Doubt Ivanka Could Influence Trump Policy ?

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posted on Nov, 18 2016 @ 05:38 PM
Ok, I don't remember other POTUS's children being around their father as much as Ivanka has been. Right at his side, including his first meeting with a foreign dignitary. Look, I'm ok with her wearing her own brands; women have always worn items that other women would then go out and buy. Maybe she has political aspirations herself, and being with her father is like getting an education, although she needs to understand that she shouldn't always be around her father while he is involved in the work of governing, especially if she is to run his business and it looks like conflict of interest.

What I have is a suspicion of something related to either a psychological, emotional or physical need that she feels she must help her father with. Kellyanne Conway served that role during the campaign, as it was said she was hired to keep Trump on a "short leash". For ex, there is a video of Trump after I think it was the second debate, heading out to the car. Trump was visibly extremely angry at everyone around; it seemed that Ivanka intervened to calm down her father. She spoke and touched him as if to calm him down and hurry him up to get into the car.

That is something sometimes children do. Maybe she has always been the child who kept the parent calm and focused. "Now, Daddy!". As some have suspected, with Trump's father having died from Alzheimers, maybe Trump is experiencing the confusion and moods of the first stages of the disease. Ivanka knows she needs to protect her father. She needs to sit in with Daddy to keep him calm and focused. Maybe she knows that just being at meetings will send a signal to Trump to keep calm and focused. Otherwise, I can't explain why she would "need"' to be there. ?

posted on Nov, 18 2016 @ 05:50 PM
a reply to: carewemust

It's not only CNN. It's all over the media and current and former government officials are concerned about it, as they should be. Why would his daughter sit in on a meeting with a foreign leader? She is running her father's business. We don't know that they discussed security issues (she has no clearance) or economic issues (again, she is running his business), but there certainly are red flags here. Conflict of interest is a major concern.

Even Trump has realized this may have been a mistake:

A source close to the Trump family claimed the meeting was informal but acknowledged that the Trumps needed to develop new protocols now that Donald Trump was assuming the presidency.

posted on Nov, 19 2016 @ 07:24 AM
a reply to: JimSmith

haha Loved the headline.... "Ivanka Trump at Japanese Prime Minister Meeting Was 'Out of a Tin Pot Oligarchy' "

A "tin pot oligarchy". Indeed.

The fact that her husband, Jared, would like to also be literally close to his fil, like his wife, makes me seriously consider that there is something more than business going on. I think it was also Jared in that video I mentioned who soothed Donald's ruffled feathers.

Ivanka and Jared kept "Daddy" from going overboard further, embarrassing himself further it seems. They seem very comfortable at being his personal handlers and would like to continue this special relationship. They understand how bad it would look for Trump to get out of hand and do or say something regrettable. He needs to appear rock solid and steady, so they are there as his guides and cues to let Donald know everything will be ok.... calm down, Daddy, everything will be ok.

With both wanting to play this role in Donald's life, they can play tag team, making sure that at least one of them is around Daddy as much as possible.

To me, their presence just lends more credence to other people's observations that Trump has little self-control. Either that or we finally have arrived at a tin pot oligarchy. Either way is not good for America.

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