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New Program To Help With The Cost of Meds

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posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 05:57 AM
I was reading about this in the newspaper yesterday. A group of drug companies have gotten together and started a discount drugcard plan...(part of the new medicare deal bush created?)

Well, anyways, you can get 25% or more discounts on some drugs (the site has a list of them) if you qualify...
but check out these guidelines...oh ye who claim people can live on $5.00/hr.

$30,000 for a single person
$40,000 for a couple
$60,000 for a family of four....

you must be under 65 and not eligable for medicare and be uninsured

The website is

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posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 06:24 AM
sorry, I missed a "c" in the word access, it was bringing you to the wrong site....sorry about that....


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