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Any Lesser Known Conspiracies or Unsolved Mysteries out there?

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posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 10:50 PM
a reply to: hubrisinxs


1) Never heard of Miranda so you've given me something entirely fresh.

2) Never heard of cicada 3301 (so thanks again).

3) I know about this kind of thing and it is interesting... but finding out the REAL reasons is more interesting-er.

4) I LOVE THE D.B. COOPER Legend!!! LOVE IT!!!

5) Didn't know HG had a site that was still responsive. Great potential there.

6) I thought they found the guy that started Bitcoin... no? (I have to be completely honest with you... this story never did much for me).

7) Street view pics are fun as heck. Although, my favorite Google picture ever is the one from Earth when you can pinpoint a coordinate and zoom in to see an actual (alleged actual) herd of elephants on their migration.

8) LOVE this one too. I personally believe it is much ado about nothing but it is something I love because it gives me something to think about, to wonder about.

9) I'm not saying there are aliens or UFO's but YES.... there are probably things that NASA looks at and, while scratching their heads say, "What the F was THAT?!?!?!" Love this stuff.

10) Not sure what to make about this one. I never heard of a GHW Bush - JFK JR link. (New stuff, at least to me, so THANK YOU).

11) Never heard of this on either. (New stuff so THANK YOU).

12) We know the answer to this already.... although further scrutiny is definitely warranted.

13) How much gold do we actually, physically have? My guess from reading about this is... not NEARLY enough as we claim.

Listen.... I have no delusions of being "the guy" that uncovers any mysteries or becomes a whistle blower. I do enjoy things like this though and I appreciate the time you took to give me a list with some new things to look into and ponder. I sincerely appreciate it.


posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 10:50 PM
a reply to: TheElectricPriest

This is COMPLETELY new to me. I have to test this one out and see where it goes.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 10:54 PM
I didn't get a chance to reply to everyone yet but I do want to express that I have TONS of new things to think about, look into and wonder about so I wanted to THANK ALL OF YOU that replied.

Didn't have a chance yet to reply to everyone but I will do so as soon as possible.

Thanks to all. Life is great but at the same time it lacks some magic. These theories, mysteries keep that magic alive. Thanks again.

posted on Jul, 24 2016 @ 09:33 AM
a reply to: eluryh22

Glad you liked the list, and glad I could add a little more fuel to the fire. If I am not working on school or math, then I am looking at crazy mysterious conspiracies. I blame Lenord Nimoy's hypnotic voice on the show Strange Mysteries, which I use to watch religiously on the history channel.

Anyway, a note on the BItcoin mystery: Yep it seems that there is an owner now, and he can move coins from the primary owner account into a separate account, but he still has not provided the technical data on the BItcoin system. We might not know who really invented the source code, but we do now know who controls the currency.

Last, I would like to note that I myself am not a whistle-blower and tend to take most info on the web with a nice grain of salt; still, the mystery lover in me can not help but find what they are saying and give it a little scrutiny. Being that I am constantly researching this stuff then, if you guys want, I could post more list in the future. Also, thanks for starting a thread like this it gives me new things to look up and dig into.

posted on Jul, 24 2016 @ 09:43 AM

originally posted by: TheElectricPriest
a reply to: eluryh22

One of the strangest conspiracies I ever heard was the fact that the Titanic did not in fact sink. It was fascinating, and the lecture I watched was an intellectual giving a lecture at a University in England (not sure where, I can't remember, it's been a while, but it wasn't fringe, it was academic). Anyway, it's an absolutely fascinating discourse that I actually do believe.

Oh, just a quick note...he's not saying no ship sank, but that the Titanic's sister ship (The Olympic) was replaced at the last second to scuttle that damaged boat for insurance reasons. No one was supposed to die but the staged rescue ship screwed up. Check it out...

That is a particularly interesting conspiracy for me and one that I looked into in depth as many years ago I worked for an antiques dealer here in the UK and we had a panneled room that was taken from the Olympic(or Titanic) in the show room and it was my job to try and sell it.

Even without the conspiracies both ships had very interesting stories behind them.

posted on Jul, 27 2016 @ 09:28 AM
Who knows anything about the stagnate/portal in the Aden gulf?

It is a fact That William Cooper was murdered by the Feds/police. But who believes the official version on that whole thing.

The junction portal to Mars. That someone (sorry I do not in my eyesremember who) claims to have traveled and met Obama as a young man, and was told he would be president.

Another Obama story, that he was cloned from King Tut.

The theory that 911, was actually a huge satanic ritual. Made more believable in my eyes by the changes in the world since then.

Or that Jesus" missing years were spent studying in Tibet.

The theory that we actually lost WWII, but it was kept a secret so that the true Nazi agenda could be carried out from here.

The latest one I have tried to reason out in my head has been the whole Mandela Theory.

posted on Jul, 27 2016 @ 10:07 AM

Found this one I never heard about...

A gang of Chernobyl survivor scientists escaped to a remote island to resurrect ancient Greek theories and live forever. It sounds good, doesn’t it?The official version of the story is that seven Russian scientists who survived Chernobyl migrated to a small God-forsaken island in the southern most point of Europe. They created an ecological house, helped the local people who loved the scientists from the very first moment. Their home is full of inventions. They built homes with whatever the land provided them. They have an underground shelter for relaxation and scientific research. That’s about all they claim. On the other hand, there are mainly British and American conspiracy theorists that accuse the specific scientists for a series of things, such as that Gavdos is the source of immortality, according to Pythagoras, and this is the main reason the former Soviets went there. There’s also a theory that the Lost City of Atlantis lies under Gavdos, while the most ridiculous of all these theories is the one that suggests Gavdos is the main source of life and natural resources of all planet Earth and the Russians are attempting to control it. The theory that sounds the most believable, and the only one Russian scientists never denied, is that four of them were in the last phase of cancer cause of radiation from Chernobyl and somehow they were all cured once they got to the island.

Documentary video on the Immortals

The Immortalitity Commune of Gavdos

Some things to get ya started if you haven't heard of them yet..hopefully it's something you never heard of before...

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posted on Jul, 27 2016 @ 01:36 PM
a reply to: blend57

Never heard of this before. I read the vice article.... I'm intrigued. Thanks.

posted on Jul, 27 2016 @ 10:56 PM
a reply to: eluryh22

Great thread. I never heard of some of these. I don't have any to add but I will be looking to learn more about these.

Thanks everyone, and keep em coming!

posted on Jul, 28 2016 @ 08:58 AM
The Cottingley Faeries

The Enfield Poltergeist

Hitler's alleged bunker suicide

Princess Diana's 'accident'

The Green Children of Woolpit

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