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This place is unique in its own way

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posted on Jul, 17 2016 @ 05:47 PM
I always loved a bit of mystery, a puzzle to solve.. I kinda figured my brain is wired differently, austism, asperger, ADD or whatever you wanna name a imaginary sickness... I dont think, my brain does the thinking for me.. Its hard to explain, its does it own thinking while i only feed it or give it some water.. We sorted out a symbiotic relationship that works for us both until well we no longer are a part of each other.. Im the Soul given somewhere to me during my upbringing by the father, but he is the creation from mother..And well together, we became something very strange..

Ive seen things in here that are amazing, sickening and disgusting, ive seen wonderful surprises and huge disapointments.. But foremost ive seen a lot of humans during my ( i believe its years? ).. Some have become mentors and some friends ( if you can call it that ) and a few have become, well i wouldnt take a beer with them..

But one thing i found out in a strange way, you are not allowed to draw a sword, its a sanctuary of magic creatures on every side.. This is probably what makes this place unique in its own way..

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