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Birth of the mother

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posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 05:23 PM
The shadowy figure entered the grand halls;" I see innocent children, bloody on the street and a monster on top of them which you have summoned. Why? You ask for enough time so you can build a higher wall, birds whispers, even among your own. I was asked to love all of Gods creation, but... What are you? "
The shadowy figure stood quiet for a while, and took a ironblade out, made a small cut in the hand and let drops of blood hit the floor.
" You see these drops, they are from Mother.. The veins running in yours is from Father.. She gave birth to your father and she gave birth to my kindred.."
The shadowy figure tried to keep calm;" You decide if you are one of Gods creation or refuse him. "

" I also heard a bird whisper that i been lied to, make wise decisions in the future, not because of ideals or secrets. "


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