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Vladimir Putin and the Current Chess Scenario

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posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 01:55 PM
If you've missed to pay attention and examine closely the entire world political elite, I would not blame you. Who cares about them, like they do care very much about us. As every play-stage, politics has its essential rules: Look clean, Look decent, Work clean, Work for the electorate. Or this would be more like the overview rules. The hidden would go like this: Make dirt, Make mischief, Be corrupt, Be selfish.

I hope I wound not go too far, if I slide here the premise, that 8 out of 10 political officials would be rotten tomatoes, polished and ready for sale. The problem comes when you buy it. But here is a tragedy too... what if you do not have a big choice on the political market at all..?

Lets examine the world. Do you see Europe clean and philanthropic? Do you see USA clean and tidy? Do you see the Far East, The Middle East, Central Africa, South America, showing a new level of politics? Not at all... The people are (almost)everywhere unhappy of their corrupt official leaders, or worst - shadow leaders. We might agree it is not very much different than the Mafia model. Every country has its gang, being either self-sufficient survivor, or subjected to a grosser gang. Everybody keeps to his territory and does not back down, until bone and knife meet at dusk.

The world mafia-struggle is very neatly explained by this french saying: "avoir le beurre et l’argent du beurre"(to have one’s butter and the money for it). And we all know that if there are too many hungry dogs, we wont have quite sleep, lets keep it in mind.

I would like to put a good example here. A person. Vladimir, Shiny talk, Putin, personally who I suspect to be either a subjected toy of higher monetary gang, or a self-elected new-age gang leader. Both variants are highly dangerous, for the solely reason he is not turning his tail. And his barking is quiet, like of a dog prepared to bite. If is not Russia, China would have not a chance to stand its ground against US. At least on military level. Russia, with its bad economy however, finds a good companion in the face of China. Now Russia would like a bit more influence to EU countries, and Putin would feel quite stable to face the US "Chicago Bulls" in any terrain. Yet, NATO does not seem to give EU so easily.

So, here we have already a chess game in mittelspiel, with the forces at the board of EU/Middle East in combat. The rooks are yet not out, this ...Terrorists -vs- US/EU, this is all battle of the peons. Black and white. Mostly on the right flank, the King side. The Queen side is still under development. Alas, we wound guess that, like in most chess games, if one of the sides does not surrender prematurely, all the field's troops soon would fly into oblivion. Will the endspiel be Nuclear? I doubt. Yet I see from now, that one of the bishops is strategically developed, just like bobby fisher did in his games. This Bishop is Putin.

Here is why I point your attention to him. Examine the players, know the game, predict the results. Putin is quite Complex figure. Former KGB, he is sharp and on the point. Does he serve "somebody", Russia, or his own interests?? This I would like to ask your opinion of. But first brief introductory material to his figure and possible Mafia agendas.

Please, Visit this Article and take a look at the Video if you may:

posted on Jul, 17 2016 @ 07:18 PM

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