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Newt Gingrich Says We Should ‘Test Every Person’ Of Muslim Descent

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posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 09:56 AM
a reply to: AMPTAH

Before the last day, there must be a "FALLING AWAY" from the laws of the scriptures.

But the same christian countries have been at war with each other for the last 1000 years - its always the last days.

The god you worship is not mans' friend -

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 10:03 AM

originally posted by: TheConstruKctionofLight
Don't forget the Masons, they have a hierarchical pyramid structure as well

Except it changes every year via direct democratic election, so, not really.

And your local McDonalds has a 'pyramid' structure, so who cares?

edit on 23-7-2016 by AugustusMasonicus because: networkdude has no beer but at least he is not a religious nutter

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 10:15 AM
a reply to: LesMisanthrope

The reasons for the invasion were made explicit by the coalition, none of which included George Bush's supposed conversation with God.

Even the missing yellowcake notwithstanding, no WMDs,

your words...

The missing factor for Christians and Jews is the frequency to which terrorism is committed in their name throughout the world.

You're right its called Operation enduring freedom, or coalition of the willing....such noble nomenclature.

The millions dead and displaced Iraqis Libyans etc would dispute your choice of propaganda

posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:38 AM
AFRICAN AMERICAN MEN ARE UNDER SERIOUS ATTACK. BUT THE SAD THING IS THAT THE MEDIA TABLOIDS IS CLAIMING ITS WITH CAUCASIAN AMERICANS. This couldn't be further from the truth. The African American male's fight is with East Indians, Arabs, and other foreigners within the U.S. Its just these foreigners are more concerned with confusing the situations and, with the help of police, make it appear as if African Americans and caucasians. We received alot of emails, texts, and photos of a situation which erupted in Easton, Pennsylvania, at the Muslim Mosque on Lehigh street. A Muslim couple went to the mosque on July 22, 2016, in search of help of some sort. Immediately all East Indian Muslims said that they didn't help anyone other than those of their own race. The African American male who has access to the mosque after hours was instructed to gather documents together to rebut any racial discrimination claims. The caucasian female muslim overheard how all of the muslims stated how they hated her simply because of the color of her skin. Then wealthy muslims who, according to anonymous muslims, started secretly working with Easton Police, had conspired with the cops to have the couple contact the police department for help so that they could mark them, and keep them on their radar.
These same cops, according to sources, secretly work with the mosque, and uses their camera surveillance frequently to monitor activity within the local community. There is alot of deception going on against people living within the community, and as a matter of fact, African American muslims are more of a danger to other African American men than the foreigners. It was also revealed that many African American Muslims are so afraid of being targeted by police that they have become daily spies for police and foreigners against other African Americans. Police in Pennsylvania, especially Easton, make a point to know anyone within their city. But the sad thing is that there are hundreds of informants and spies working for police which is why their jobs are extremely easy for them. African American muslims in Pennsylvania is so indoctrinated by immigrant muslims that they also speak often of Jihad. They are protectors for the immigrant muslims and will protect the money at all costs. At the Muslim Mosque in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, any muslims who aren't immigrants are usually tossed out like dogs, and police are instructed to watch them closely. African American and caucasian muslims are then contacted from other mosques, briefed on the situation, create bogus documentation, connect with other African Americans who have sold their souls to immigrant muslims, and then lay out plans against the targeted one(s) thats ruthless. Remember, the Democrats approve of these type of muslims. As long as the haves go against the have nots, Islamic mosques all across America isn't considered a threat. Yet, many of these mosques are holding secret rallies against the U.S.
We were even sent video where the heads of those mosques in both Easton and Whitehall, Pennsylvania, spoke in Hindi and Urdu citing that they are helping police and the feds to get rid of certain muslims. They keep chanting "death to the American", and is taking us down race by race inside the U.S. Some of them are working with police to put a stop to the financial income of multiple muslims forcing them to turn to a life of crime. One muslim have recorded proof where police have been plotting against muslim travelers with mosques, and were trying to force them into homelessness. These same police plotted that once they get the travelers to spend a night on the streets, their carcase belongs to them. One muslim even had video where police was plotting the death of an African American muslim male, and was using other African Americans as ammunition to make sure the killing will be justified. African American muslim women can be more lethal that the men. Two such lethal African Americans who have caused harm to alot of other minorioties, but yet preach hate against Caucasian Americans, are: Fallaj 973-687-5738, and The thing is that those Aftrican Americans can't keep quiet.
There is also a plot to kill the African American muslim male traveler in Easton, which was revealed by another muslims that has connections to the feds. His wife have been focusing on alot of things and if a civil Judge hears it, the male will have a super lawsuit. And through all of this, some of the foreign muslims have even been overheard swearing that what they are doing has been authorized by the feds. The terror cells will erupt in parts of November of 2016, and in January of 2017. The U.S. will be a bloody battleground for the New World Order, and the feds know this is true. This is why NATO vehicles are being seen all across the east coast. Pennsylvania citizens have sold out to the New World Order, and even police are saying that Americans will be killing one another which have been masterminded by the East Indians, Arabs, and other foreigners. They claim Afghanistanians are the threat, which isn't true. As the symptoms of civil war plague our country, and the media is doing its best at damage control, we have a number of things happening in the world, and a conspiracy of silence has been issued because the quiet cold war is being held in stasis until the political conventions are over.
Since Turkey remains a NATO ally, war between Turkey and Russia could easily suck us in. And if Turkey and Russia went to war while NATO stayed on the sidelines, the NATO alliance would be weakened. We are seeing that predators are testing boundaries all over the world. Many of us have long forgotten the troubles happening in the Eastern Ukraine, headlines have literally buried stories about how shaky our treaties have become with Iran and there has been all sorts of war baiting activity happening in the South China Sea. Many of our fiercest rivals are modernizing their military forces, grabbing strategic positions, and threatening vulnerable U.S. allies. Their goal is not just to assert domination over their neighborhoods but to rearrange the global security order as we have known it since the end of the Second World War. Little by little, the world is entering the path to war. Not since the 1980s have the conditions been riper for a major international military crisis. Not since the 1930s has the world witnessed the emergence of multiple large, predatory states determined to revise the global order to their advantage if necessary by force. There have been so many times where the United States has been a hair trigger away from world war. Many people will look to the Cuban Missile Crisis as the close shave the world had with Russia.

There are now declassified documents and studies that you probably won’t see in the history books where we have hovered close to world war and at this moment we are uncomfortably doing it again. There are many people who don’t know that on January 25th, 1995, we came within minutes of a nuclear confrontation with Russia. Norway and the United States had launched a research rocket (for charting the Arctic) from a Norwegian island. Following standard protocol, Norway had alerted Russia in advance about the firing, but the message never made its way to the right people. In the middle of the night, Russian radar detected what looked like a nuclear missile launched toward Moscow from a U.S. submarine.

posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:40 AM
The military immediately called President Boris Yeltsin, awakening him with the news that the country appeared to be under attack). President, for the first time ever, activated the infamous black suitcase that contains the codes for launching nuclear missiles. He had just a few minutes to decide whether to launch any or all of the country’s 2,000 hair-trigger nukes at the U.S. Luckily for the entire world, while Yeltsin was conferring with his highest advisors, Russia’s radar showed that the missile was headed out to sea. The red alert was cancelled. World War III was averted.

Missile play has always been a risky thing and most certainly should be taken seriously all we need is one errant missile like in 1995 and someone not paying attention and a full scale nuclear war would ensue. China announced, not long ago, during U.S. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson’s trip to the country, it would begin regular air patrols over the South China Sea, and defiantly rejecting an international tribunal’s ruling last week that China held no territorial rights in the region. China’s official news agency said combat air patrols, including the full Chinese air arsenal, over the South China Sea would be “regular practice.” The air patrol announcements came shortly after a statement that China will militarily close off parts of the South China Sea to conduct war drills. The U.S. routinely exercises its right of freedom of navigation on the South China Sea, and conducts surveillance flights over Chinese military installations. Chinese confrontation with the U.S. in the South China Sea is not unprecedented. A Chinese aircraft was trying to harass a U.S. surveillance Navy EP-3 aircraft over the South China Sea back in 2001. The Chinese aircraft collided with the plane, forcing the EP-3 to land on Hainan island, sparking a tense diplomatic incident between the U.S. and China. The U.S. eventually issued a letter of apology to China, in return for the Navy crew of 10.

The U.S. called upon China to respect other countries’ sovereign claims in the South China Sea, which include the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The South China Sea is a vital trade juncture for the world economy. The Council on Foreign Relations noted in 2015 that 5.3 trillion dollars of world goods moved through the South China Sea, with 1.2 trillion of that bound for U.S. shores. Any disruption in this shipping channel would throw world markets into chaos. China has shown a willingness to curtail freedom of navigation in favor of its territorial claims in the South China Sea, worrying the U.S. and its allies. China is still in dispute over whether or not they can tell other countries to stay out of what they believe are their waters. Their warhawks are defiant and may even escalate the situation causing analysts to wonder if we are on the verge of major conflict in the nation. North Korea is also creating some world war howling as it was announced yesterday that the firing of three suspected Scud and Rodong ballistic missiles on July 19th, 2016 had been an exercise based on field guidance by leader Kim Jong-un to prepare to strike “South Korean ports.” Reports say that the process would most definitely prompt the United States into war with North Korea. North Korea also has revived the use of Numbers Stations an old Cold War tactic that can be heard on shortwave radio.

The North broadcast a series of seemingly random numbers on Pyongyang Radio twice recently, an eerie reminder of the days when the North encrypted messages to its spies in South Korea. In the latest episode last week, an announcer read what she described as “a mathematics review assignment for investigative agent No. 27,” engaged in a “distance learning” program. “Turn to Page 459, No. 35; Page 913, No. 55; Page 135, No. 86,” she said, continuing to cite numbers for 14 minutes. Decades ago, it was not unusual for late-night radio listeners in the South to hear mysterious numbers arriving on static-filled signals from the North. The South Korean government in Seoul tried to block the signals and barred its citizens from listening. The numbers stations are eerie. They have a paranormal nature about them. They play a signature music selection, a few beeps and then the monotone voice of a person counting. One of the most infamous Numbers Stations broadcast was recorded in 1993 during the Communist coup against Boris Yeltsin. It was an ominous repeating of the Number 5 or p’yat. The number had repeated for hours. I suppose it is not surprising that many of the Numbers stations heavy traffic broadcasts are coming from Korea. The traffic increase in numbers transmissions are now between Seoul and Pyongyang.

Although there are still a few that are worth seeking out — that is if you have the patience. The stations are hard to find and they are unlicensed. The biggest cover up of all is that no one ever admits to running one, or making the broadcasts. This lends credence to the idea that the stations themselves are automated and move from location to location to avoid detection. shudder to think that the return of the use of numbers stations are an indicator that war is at hand. when listening to the stations there is an eerie reminder that someone out there is listening and are decoding the messages that may be codes to active nukes, or an invitation to participate in a coup or an assassination attempt on a public figure. Now, this leads to something that Donald Trump said recently to the New York Times. Donald Trump said something that made a nuclear war between the United States and Russia more likely. With a few thoughtless words, many people are now alarmed that what he said could make World War III a plausible reality.

What Trump said is that he wouldn’t necessarily defend the United States’ allies in NATO if they were attacked by a foreign power. Trump went on to say that this would extend to the Baltic countries right on Russia’s border countries Russia might conceivably invade. The NATO alliance says that that an attack on one NATO country is an attack on all. The panic button now has been pushed and the mainstream is now freaking out over his statements. By equivocating on whether he would defend the Baltics, he creates a dangerous amount of uncertainty among Russians as to how seriously the US takes its NATO treaty commitments — the kind of uncertainty that could spark an actual conflict between the US and Russia.
The problem, however, is that the US is treaty-bound to defend its NATO allies. When NATO was created in 1949, it was built around a promise that an attack on one country would be considered an attack on all countries. You invade Poland, you start a war with the United States. Now, NATO doesn’t have the power to force the United States or any other power to defend anyone else. Article V, the provision in the NATO treaty that provides for collective self-defense, isn’t binding on America in the way the U.S. Constitution is. Instead, Article V works by credible commitment: If the United States signals that it is fundamentally committed to the NATO treaty, then it sends a signal to Russia and other hostile powers that the US will abide by the term of its agreements. This deters them from launching wars or any other kind of military adventurism in an American-aligned state.

posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 05:40 AM
This is most relevant in the Baltic NATO states: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. These countries were former Soviet republics, and Putin seemingly believes they still ought to be Russian possessions. The Russians are banking on the idea that U.S. power is on the decline and that the dollar will, sooner or later, gradually or suddenly, lose its role as the main reserve and exchange currency on the planet.

Unless the U.S. finds a way to dramatically change their current international dynamic and if they don’t dramatically change their current civil upheavals, world leaders are actually predicting a complete collapse here at home. The Russians believe that what the Americans are doing is, at best, to use tensions with Russia to revive a possible shooting war in Europe. Do we really think that shooting war will last? When Empires see their decline – they often stir up the war rhetoric or a major crisis that will turn Europe into a massive battlefield between East and West. It will then be convenient for the politicians here at home to create some messianic and rabidly Russia -phobic rhetoric as the background for an increase in military deployments on the Russian border. By the way, we are supposed to take all of this seriously — they want to say the Trump nearly caused and international incident and put us closer to world war.

The Russians know that the government and the people of this country are divided. Those who have declared war on the police are attending to immediate issues and prejudice that no one outside of this country care about. It indicates to other countries that we are now vulnerable and that we are becoming a threat to ourselves. The Russians also know Obama is being ‘advised’ on foreign policy by well-known puppet masters Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski has already detailed what he wants to see happen in his book. The Grand Chessboard, in which he wrote out his Bilderberg, Trilateralist, CFR plan for a ‘unipolar’ world, PNAC style, with the aforementioned puppet masters ruling it. Brzezinki and several other shadow government operatives have been dictating foreign policy for the last 15 years. It is these puppet masters that have orchestrated coups, destabilization, back room deals , and mass murder. They still have the mentality that the nurtured democracy in Russia has been a scam and have managed to push this agenda through their puppet Obama. Their goal has always been the Eastern expansion of NATO and as anyone can see that this expansion will include Gladio terrorist attacks, false flag maneuvers, destabilization, and assassinations of anyone that will thwart their hegemony.

People have always needed names and face put to the shadow government, and it has always been the same cast of characters that do not have to report to the people or stand responsible for crimes against humanity. We may see a nuclear war in our future, but keep in mind that nuclear war may not be the first option. As some Americans found out just after 9/11, weaponized anthrax or a chemical weapon or perhaps a manufactured ailment like Zika can kill you just as dead as thermonuclear radiation.

July 28, 2016

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