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UKIP MEP Margot Parker's office windows smashed in the latest act of anti UKIP violence

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posted on Jul, 13 2016 @ 11:55 PM
The windows of the office of UKIP MEP Margot Parker located in Corby Old Village with in Northamptonshire County was found vandalized. According to a spokesman for the Northamptonshire Police authorities recovered the bottle they believe was used in the act. The crime took place while the MEP for East Midlands was at the Northwest UKIP conference in Liverpool.
Anti UKIP violence has become an increasingly common occurance through out the United Kingdom. Last month a Pro Brexit shop in London that had UKIP posters in the shop had its windows shattered and their campaign material trashed in an attack by anti Brexit thugs. Last year UKIP's Kidderminster office was vandalized in a similar attack to that of the attack against Margot Parker's office. The obviously far right International buisness times reported on 30 anti UKIP attacks in a nine week period, that is just what the media reports it is likely much more than that. Disgusting incidents range from a far left mob chasing Nigel Farage and his family out of a pub terrorizing his children to the point of going into hiding to avoid the mob of criminals, the gutter rats then jumped on his car . UKIP posters often were set on fire, just as disgusting assassination attempts have been made against Nigel Farage from the incident on the French railway to people sneaking in knives in hopes of assassinating the now former UKIP leader. The tolerant regressive left has only just begun and it is going to get much worse through out the west.

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 01:20 AM
a reply to: AndyAxelson

Like the spooks and idiots say,

The argument of the broken pane of glass is the most valuable
argument in modern politics.

Unless it's the spook's or idiot's window in which case it's suddenly wrong.
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